by Kelsey Mullikin

Happy Friday! Stella York is one of our Twirl Brides’ favorites and I can definitely see why! So, this week I’m all about some of our new Stella York gowns that we just received in stock.

irst up is Stella York 6487, also known here at Twirl as the Tessa gown. Tessa, is a style that brings both the modern and feminine details together, to bring all your romantic wedding day dreams to life! With the modern aspect of the trendy high-neckline and the traditional lace and sweetheart neckline, give you the best of both worlds. Not the mention the sheer, lace cutouts and the open, sheer lace back, adding a hint of sexiness to this overall elegant gown.


Next, we have Stella York 6461, or as well call it Chrissy. Bring your fairytale princess dreams to life with this gorgeous ballgown! The subtle sweetheart neckline, the all-over lace bodice, and the tulle and Regency organza over a satin gown, adds an air or elegance to this princess style. This gown has the option of a lace-up back or zip up beneath fabric buttons. This dress is sure to make you feel like a princess on your wedding day! 

Lastly, is Stella York 6490, known here at Twirl as Season. This gown is laid-back, casual, and oh-so-chic! The breathtaking, lace bodice of this gown features the illusion of a sheer bodice, while providing a bit of coverage. The illusion-lace gives an off-the-shoulder look, which only enhances the elegant feeling. The back of this gown is highlighted with open, illusion tulle and lace detailing, giving it an effortlessly-romantic look. The light-as-air French tulle skirt extends effortlessly into a slight train. All of this making it the perfect gown for a beach wedding! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our new Stella York gowns! Check back next week for more of my favorite gowns!

XO, Kelsey


Happy Friday! My name is Kelsey and I am the newest addition to the Twirl family as this year’s summer intern! All summer long I’ll be featuring some of my favorite dresses on the blog every Friday!

So, to start things off, this week it’s all about Hayley Paige’s Signature Collection! From the first moment I walked into the store, this collection caught my eye. From the intricate beading, tulle skirts, and stunning colors, you will definitely make a statement at your wedding in a Hayley Paige gown!

My first favorite is the Teresa gown! This Ivory chiffon A-line gown, has a celestial beaded bodice with a V-neckline and T-strap back. The full circular chiffon skirt adds just a little extra fun to this flowy gown! It is so light and airy making it perfect for an outdoor or beach wedding! 

Check out our wedding inspiration board on Pinterest that goes along with this bridal look:

This next stunning gown is the Leighton gown! An Ivory strapless fit to flare perfect for brides who want to show off those curves! Not to mention the silk stretch satin ruched bodice with a sweetheart neckline that is just oh so flattering! Don’t forget about that dramatic, signature Hayley Paige silk organza textured skirt that it sure to wow even the toughest critics! 

Check out our wedding inspiration board on Pinterest that goes along with this bridal look:

This last Hayley Paige gown, Bijou, has my heart skipping beats. From the first moment I saw this dress, I knew I had to put it on. The lattice and rose cut bodice with a V-neckline and cutout corset detail immediately catches your eye. On top of that, the cascading tulle ball gown skirt with horsehair trim gives it an extra little pizazz. Not to mention the stunning Hummingbird Blue color! But don’t worry it also comes in Ivory. 

Check out our wedding inspiration board on Pinterest that goes along with this bridal look:

Do you see why these are my favorites now? They are so stunning and so fun to wear! One thing I know for sure, is Hayley Paige never disappoints! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to come back next week, when I feature my next set of favorite gowns!

XO, Kelsey


FRIENDS! We are so so so amazed & thankful that we have reached this milestone within our 7th year of business. SO FUN! Thank you, each & every one of you, for being along for the ride with us and being a part of our Twirl Family. We love you so much and are so grateful for all the love and support you give us on a daily basis!

Soooooo.... with all that to say.. who's ready to find out who our lucky winner is?!?!?! Check out the video below to find out who our winner is:

A big thanks to our sweet Clay Avenue besties at Peggy's for helping us pick our winner, Miss Katie Cox! Congratulations, Katie!! We will be in touch with you later today so that we can send you all your goodies ASAP! YAY!!

HAPPY FRIDAY, Y'ALL! Make it a good one. XOXO, The Twirl Girls


Hi there ladies, me again! Long time to no see!! Well I can definitely say I am in the thick of wedding planning these days, and I must tell you--I have loved it so far. I swear the hardest thing has been trying to plan a honeymoon, which sounds stupid right? HA! That is the only thing I have found stressful, stay tuned on that front. Actually does anyone just wanna plan it for me, that would be great.

I wanted to chat today about what I think is one of the most special things you will do while planning your wedding, and that is wedding dress shopping! I mean as girls we dream about this from the time we are little. Exhibit A: my first bridal experience. 

I mean, while this IS a good look, I am not sure it is the one I am going for precisely. 

I wanted to share with you other brides and brides-to-be some of the things I think are important to consider when shopping for your wedding dress.   

1. Choose a store that will make your experience unforgettable 

I have been part of many a wedding, I think one year I was in 8 weddings, but that is neither here nor there. The point is I have been with several friends to shop for their weddings dresses. Some experiences more pleasant than others. I knew I wanted a boutique environment, a more personal experience. I was anxious about trying on dresses anyway, so I knew I wanted to be calm, and laid back-I didn't want to be shuffled through a warehouse like a herd of cattle--been there done that and it is completely overwhelming, trust. So I chose the cutest little shop in Lexington, which is low and behold, Twirl! Who knew?! ;) 


Now, elephant in the room, yes I know the Twirl girls, and love them dearly. But even if I didn't this still would have been my top choice. They truly rolled out the red carpet, and made the day so so special for me. They had snacks and champagne, and personalized everything. 

That's me! The future Mrs. Jenks!! (still can't believe it!! My 17 year old heart is just bursting that I get to marry Tim Jenks!)

My friend Claire also sent flowers to make me feel like a princess, which was the sweetest thing ever. I could have cried, why is everyone so nice?!

Being in a small, more intimate setting just made the whole experience much more meaningful, which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you Twirl for making this day so amazing, and being so welcoming to us! It was perfect, and I wanna do it again. HA!  

2. Take a small group

This was SO important to me. I am definitely an introvert at heart (albeit outgoing at times!) and I feel most comfortable in a small group of people. Especially when the focus is on me. I took my mom, my sisters, my cousin Lucy and my best friend Chrissy! It was perfect. I value their input, and it was a small enough group that I never felt overwhelmed. You know what you want, so trust yourself! If that is 12 people, then go for it! But I do think a smaller group is a little easier to handle, and keep it stress free. There are no rules here, you do NOT have to take your entire bridal party. This is your special day so do what you feel in your heart! Look at these beauties, aren't they something? I feel pretty blessed for their friendship, and I must say they may just be the prettiest bridal party yet. 

3. Have your hair and makeup fixed 

Now I don't mean professionally (but hey I would love to do it for you, ha) but common girls, you're definitely going to be able to envision the whole look better if you have your hair and makeup done. I do not suggest rolling out of bed in sweatpants and two day old hair in a ponytail. You're just going to feel like a mess and in turn not like anything you put on. I want to wear my hair up for the wedding, so I wore my hair up when I went to try on dresses so I could get a better visual of what it might look like all together. I also did my makeup, so I would feel pretty and put together. I think it really makes a difference in how you are able to see yourself as a BRIDE!! 

See, makeup. LOL

4. Keep an open mind

I definitely suggest looking at dresses in magazines or on Pinterest beforehand. It can help you begin to think about what you like, and what styles might look good on you. You know your body well enough to start thinking along those lines. However, I would suggest also keeping an open mind. I mean I don't know about you, but it is not usually every day that I am trying on beautiful wedding dresses, ha. You may find yourself surprised to find that a certain style that you never imagined looks kinda-super-awesome on you. Listen to your consultants when they bring you things to try, they know what they are doing and you just never know, you could love it! Or you could hate it...but that could only help solidify your decision to go another way.  

Now let me tell you, I went in with my heart pretty hard set on the dress of my dreams. It's a sweet story really, you wanna hear it? Great! So, last winter Twirl was having a Hayley Paige trunk show at their store. So that means they have a lot of dresses in store that they may not carry samples of usually. I was in the store doing a hair and makeup trial for one of my bridal clients, and this one dress caught my eye. I never look at dresses, which is ironic since I work around them, but this one was different. I had just started dating Tim, and was all heart eyed and seeing butterflies all the time, and I was just mesmerized with this dress! I told Liz and Ty, "now girls, I know this is crazy but I think that is my dress!" They were probably like, yeah OK Allison, you nut. HA! Well, let me tell you what these girls did. They made sure that dress was at my fitting, a year later! They called the designer and had her send a sample, and it arrived the MORNING of my appointment! I tried it on last because I was nervous about it, and I think we were all just quiet for a minute. I am not sure who spoke first, but it may have been Liz saying, "wow" but I can't remember. It was perfect. It was the one. I couldn't believe it. They said that never happens, and they didn't even expect it to work. But let me tell you, it was a total God thing, just as my whole romance with Tim has been. It was so perfect, and such a special moment! When I walked in the other room to my tiny entourage, everyone was just blown away with how gorgeous the dress was. It was such an easy decision for me, I think I only put on like 6 dresses maybe?? 

Another fun fact about my dress, I actually got to meet the designer Hayley, while I was in NYC for Bridal Fashion Week this past October-how cool is that?! We went to her show room, it was a total "how is this my life" moment. I also met my veil designer Sarah Gabriel! Fate, fate, fate I say! 

Allll the Hayley Paige. Incredible. (PS duh, my dress is not pictured, I checked. HA!) All the real pretty pics by the amazing The Malicotes

5. Have fun and enjoy it

For real though, have fun!! This should not be stressful, it should be one of the most fun days of all the planning you do. For me it was. I would do it over and over again! I feel super blessed that it was so seamless for me, I know it is not always like that for a lot of people, but hopefully some of my tips will help you to have an amazing wedding dress shopping experience also! 

I will leave you with this adorable video that my talented sissy made for me of our time at Twirl. Gosh I wanna do it again!! I just have all the feels, and love my bridesmaids, and my Twirl fam, and Hayley Paige...and oh yeah Tim. I love Tim. A lot. I can't wait for him to see my wedding dress!! EEK!

Until next month girls!! 



Hi ladies! Is anyone else in disbelief that April is right around the corner?! The month FLEW BY!! But don't worry.. we have not forgotten to give you your monthly dose of Twirl Talk! It may be the end of the month but better late than never, right?! ;)

In this month's edition of Twirl Talk we're giving brides-to-be a little bit of "homework." We're giving three big ways each bride-to-be can prepare yourself for dress shopping! We believe wholeheartedly that if a bride comes in prepared by doing these 3 little "homework" assignments then her appointment will be that much more amazing.

So go grab yourself a cup of coffee, a little lunch, or maybe a glass of wine and tune in! Lots of good info that we truly hope is helpful to brides-to-be and even future brides-to-be.

If you've got any questions, suggestions, or comments PLEASE leave a comment below. We'd absolutely LOVE to hear from you!

XOXO - The Twirl Girls


Happy Wednesday, friends! If you haven't gathered already, we are over the moon excited to have our sweet friend Heidi Elnora back in Kentucky with us this weekend. It was such an amazing weekend last year. We are overjoyed that we're going to have even more brides this year get to experience the love & joy that is Heidi Elnora.

We had one of our precious brides from last year share with us about her experience shopping with Heidi last year and if you aren't excited already, you'll surely be excited now! Sweet Whitney, we adore you & are so thrilled you had such a magical experience with us. XOXO

On February 27th, 2016 I found the wedding dress of my dreams!!!! I was one of the lucky girls who had the amazing opportunity to book an appointment with the one and only Heidi Elnora during her trunk show event at Twirl! My experience with both Twirl and Heidi was something that I will never forget... the day I found my dress I truly felt beautiful and I was overwhelmed with emotions! A close friend of mine, Maria, who just so happens to model for Heidi was also there helping me and making the experience even more wonderful. 

My breath taking wedding dress came from Heidi's build-a-bride collection... a collection where you can piece together different silhouettes and add-ons to create the wedding dress you have always envisioned! I went in that day knowing I wanted something with long sleeves for my November 26th wedding and I also wanted to look and feel like a princess! After trying only three dresses on I had found the dress I always knew I would wear on my wedding day! 

The silhouette of my dress was the Coco Marie, a trumpet style gown with a low back and a chapel train. On top of that I added the Sumerlin Skirt, a see through tulle over skirt (which I was able to remove at the reception for dancing and a sexy fitted silhouette) that gave my dress the "Disney princess" feel! To get the long sleeves that I wanted I added the Catherine Cover up, which had my long beautiful lace sleeves and stunning buttons down the center of my back. The day of the trunk show Heidi only had this cover up in a cap sleeve but was so willing to meet my request of making it come all the way to my wrist! To complete my look, my "something borrowed" came from my friend Maria, a gorgeous full length veil which was also from Heidi's collection. 

Finding my dress that day with the help of the wonderful Twirl family, the talented Heidi Elnora, and my own amazing family was like something you see in a movie... it was beyond exciting and extremely emotional (I don't believe there was a dry eye in the shop! Haha) I love that I have the sketch that Heidi drew of my wedding gown that day, it's a special piece of art that I will treasure forever! 

To any girl thinking about attending the 2017 trunk show at Twirl with Heidi Elnora, I strongly recommend that you jump on this amazing opportunity of a lifetime!!!!  

My wedding was absolutely everything that I have ever dreamed it would be! My amazing husband, Justin, who touched my heart with tears in his eyes as I walked down in aisle, was taken away with how beautiful my dress was, all the little details on it, and the fabulous story that goes along with it... I am so thankful that Twirl and Heidi Elnora played such a big part in making my wedding dress shopping experience so spectacular and in making my wedding the most amazing day of my life! 

Whitney Beth Mason

Sounds like a pretty amazing experience, right?! As of 2/15 at 11:00am we only have one appointment available for Friday with Heidi at 6:00pm and our Saturday is completely booked on Saturday. So if you want this incredible experience for yourself, call us ASAP! And for those of you that are already booked for this fun weekend, we hope you are crazy excited!! We're going to have a blast. We can't wait to see you & help you find the dress of your dreams. XOXO



Friends! Hi!! We have been talking about doing this video series for what feels like FOREVER and it's finally happening. All the praise hands! The hope is that this series is educational, encouraging, and inspiring for brides to be, hopeful brides to be, and just fabulous women in general. We wanted to create a resource for people to have that informs them about the important things to know when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress and then sprinkling in some tidbits about being boss ladies & things of that nature. It'll be fun (or so we hope) and we're excited for you all to be along for the ride with us.

This month we're chatting about when to start the wedding dress shopping process and what to know before your appointment! We thought this was as good a time as ever since it's the heat of engagement season which means tis the season to shop for your dream dress. So grab yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, snuggle in, and enjoy!

Thanks for tuning in, gals! If you've got any topics you'd love to have featured or have any questions, feel free to drop us a line in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

Have an amazing weekend & we can't wait to share more next month. XOXO


FRIENDS!! We are SO SO SO excited to bring back our Bride Blogger series! It was so much fun having Mary Stallard (now Rouse, ahh!) last time and we knew we didn't want this fun series to come to an end. When our sweet Allie girl got engaged we KNEW she would be the perfect fit to be our next Bride Blogger. We are over the moon excited for you all to get know her and follow along on her journey to the aisle. It has been such a joy to witness her falling in love with her precious man and we have no doubt y'all are going to absolutely adore them as well!

Without further audieu, Twirl Family, meet our newest Bride Blogger -- Miss Allison Johnson of PinkLouLou Design Studio!!

Hi everyone!! My name is Allison, and I could not be more excited to be blogging for Twirl!! 

Photo by The Malicotes

Photo by The Malicotes

When Twirl first asked me to be their bridal blogger, I thought two things: “who, what, me?!” But then, I remembered, “hey girl, you used to do this all the time, remember?" and secondly “wait...ME the BRIDAL blogger??” oh that’s right…cause I am ENGAGED!!! I found him y'all, and he is WONDERFUL! I am marrying the smartest, sweetest, most handsome and caring, funniest one there is. More on this in a minute, but first a little bit more about moi.  

I am a hair and makeup artist, specializing in (you guessed it) BRIDES! So color me excited to finally be on the other side of things! I own PinkLouLou Design Studio with my uber talented friend and poof partner Dana, you may have seen us around if you have been in a wedding in the past five years-we've probably done your hair and makeup-ha! 

Photo by The Malicotes

Photo by The Malicotes

Aww, isn't she cute? Love that little Dana! 

But anyways, I digress. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted this first post to be like, and believe me there were many drafts. I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude. I am so incredibly happy, and I feel blessed that Twirl has given me an opportunity to document my wedding planning process! Nothing like somebody giving you a gentle shove back into something you used to love right?!

So you wanna hear about the fiancé? He's pretty adorable. Seeeeee....

His name is Tim, and I have been in love with him since I was 17. Ok so I had a big crush on him when I was 17, and he had that same big 'ol crush on me too, it just took us 15 years to reconnect in a Kroger parking lot. 

True story. 

Here's how it went down.  

Me (in pajamas, not sure if I'd brushed my hair that day): "Tim! Oh my gosh, HI! How are you?!What have you been up to? How is life?"

Tim: "Umm hi, I gotta go!" (walks IN the OUT door.) 

Bless it, he was nervous! Fast forward three months, and he gets my number from our mutual friend, and we never looked back.  

Let me just show you how sweet he is. The day of our first date, I had a hair appointment with my hairdresser of 11 (yes eleven) years, and he sent me flowers! I will never forget that moment, I was so overwhelmed with that grade school "a boy likes me" feeling. Isn't that the best?? 

I promise you, I knew I was going to love him on that first date. I just knew it. I always wanted to smack people who said that, ya know? Like, no you didn't...but YES I truly did! Tim proposed 9 months later in the Baths at Virgin Gorda. People always ask me if I knew he was gonna do it then, and my answer is no way!! It was my cousin's wedding week, so I just didn't even think about it. But he did, and it was the most amazing moment. I remember every little detail of that day. I was shaking so much I got down on my knees with him and just hugged and kissed him and cried. After a few minutes he said "so do you wanna see the ring?!" LOL!! 

Photo credit  Keni Parks Photography

Photo credit  Keni Parks Photography

We celebrated at lunch afterwards, and luckily there was wi-fi so I was able to FaceTime my sisters and parents!

We legit got engaged in paradise, I mean look at this place!!

 Best. Vacation. EVER. Can you believe that little sneakster had the ring in his backpack the whole time?! No clue over here. Ha! 

This past year has been incredible. The best year of my life so far, hands down. I feel like the absolute luckiest girl in the world to have found my best friend, and my husband. God has truly been faithful, and blessed me so much more than I deserve! I am marrying the man of my dreams on October 14, 2017!! I am so excited to document this whole process, and share with you all the tips I have for ya along the way. I will let you know that I did find my dress, and I am thinking that may be the subject for the next post!! 

Any questions, suggestions for future post content, send 'em my way! I want to help you other brides in the planning process, so let me know what YOU want to know!!  

I feel like "a TWIRL girl" getting to post for them, its a dream!! ha!!! 

Until next time ladies!!

To know Allison is to love her. We are seriously over the moon for her & Tim. What a fun journey it's been and will continue to be. So grateful she's letting us all follow along through this sweet little series of ours! Can't wait for next time. Stay tuned, lovelies! XOXO



Hey gang! It's been a while since we've done one of these but we're excited to be back and bragging on the sweet & wonderful, DaRae Marcum with DaRae & Friends Catering! We adore this woman and the business she's built. Not only is SHE wonderful but her food is also SO WONDERFUL! Win/win in our books!

It's also wonderful timing because they are doing an incredible giveaway that you should absolutely check out if you're need of a caterer! It's their 10th Annual $10,000 Wedding Reception Giveaway!

The drawing is March 15, 2017 and there are just three steps you need to take to enter to win:

1. Book your reception with DaRae & Friends

2.  Set a date for a tasting or finalize your personalized menu

3. Pay your 40% deposit before March 13, 2017

Once you've done those three things you'll be entered to win this incredible giveaway!! You can call their office for more details or to set up your tasting - 859.272.8003

Can you give the readers a little background about your business? How long have you been in business and what services do you offer your clients? My name is DaRae Marcum and I am the proud owner/partner of DaRae & Friends Catering. We’ve been in business now for the past 23 years and we often cater from anywhere between 2-17,000 people per event. Our most popular catering events include weddings, holidays, corporate events, and cocktail parties.

When did you know that this was the business for you? I truly believe becoming a caterer was all part of God’s plan for me. I loved learning how to cook and serve others from my grandmother and aunts growing up, but it wasn’t until I was 30 years old that I decided to turn my passion into a business.

Where did the inspiration for your business come from? My friends always asked if I would cater for their parties and I think that was when I realized that people truly enjoyed the services that I had to offer. Back then, I would call other friends to help me prepare the food, but now with the help of DaRae & Friends’ 20 full time employees and 150 part-time employees, I’m never left short-handed.

How do you contribute your passions into your daily work routine? I’m extremely passionate about cooking and entertaining so being able to do it on a daily basis is incredible. I’m constantly studying the menu, reading cookbooks, and exploring Pinterest for new inspiration.

What’s the best part of running your own business/ being your own boss? I’ve learned that owning a business as large as DaRae & Friends requires more than just my expertise so I’m incredibly grateful to have someone help advise. But to answer your question, my favorite part is looking after our employees. They mean so much to me and I love being able to watch them grow and become even more knowledgeable.

What is your favorite part about working within the wedding industry? Weddings are my favorite catered event because they’re a wonderful time for family and friends to get together and celebrate. We’ve developed several strong connections through wedding catering and I know those connections will last a lifetime. Many years ago, we catered a wedding and we recently catered to their son’s wedding as well. If the tradition continues, then maybe we’ll be lucky enough to cater the grandchildren’s wedding too.

What’s your favorite aspect of your business and how does that motivate you in your daily work? I love that catering allows me to be a servant for people and that I’m able to give back to the community that I cherish so much. Here at DaRae & Friends, we’re all about giving back, whether it’s through donations or free catering services. Once a year, we provide free wedding catering to a deserving couple and that’s always such a rewarding experience for us.

What is the most rewarding part of your business? One of the best things about cooking is the instant gratification. I’m able to cook something and give it away on the same day and I love being able to have that immediate satisfaction of making someone happy. It’s incredibly rewarding.

How do you define “success”? To me, success is the happiness that you bring to other people.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years? I love where our business is today so I would be perfectly happy if our business remained how it is in the next 5 years.

This blog series is entitled, “The Heart Behind”. You were chosen because of your love for people and your caring attitude. How do you pass your grace and love onto your customers? Growing up, my grandmother and aunts taught me that you could express your love for people by feeding them. I’m blessed that I get to feed people everyday, but I also want to spread love and grace through comfort. That’s why I read the obituaries every day and bring food to those who are mourning a loved one. My hope is that they’re able to find comfort through the food that I provide in order to help them get through their difficult time.

What advice would you give someone who was considering starting his or her own business? Make a business plan for everything. Businesses have many moving parts so it’s important to make sure that each aspect is getting tended to. Having your own business is extremely rewarding so remember to enjoy the experience and give back to your community however you see fit.

Isn't it just so fun getting to know Kentucky's wonderful wedding vendors a little more? We certainly think so! We adore DaRae and it doesn't surprise us one bit at the success her business has had because of the heart she's put into it.

Don't forget to check out their amazing giveaway they're doing! Good luck if you enter to win!!

GIVE LOVE. GET LOVE. | Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge

How'd the first week go, friends?! We've heard stories of leaving big tips, giving free babysitting, bringing friends in need a warm meal, and the list goes on. You all are rockstars & we're so thankful to hear about how you're giving this holiday season!

Here are three new ideas for some Random Acts of Kindness for this week:

1. Pay for the person behind you in the drive through.

2. Take hot cocoa to the Salvation Army bell ringers.

3. Leave the biggest tip you can to an unsuspecting waiter/waitress.

Sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest impacts. Go spread some love, y'all, and have a great weekend! XOXO

GIVE LOVE. GET LOVE. | Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Happy Friday, folks! We hope you've got a fun weekend ahead of holiday fun or just snuggling in for the night and keeping warm with the ones you love. Whatever you're doing, we hope it's lovely and makes you happy.

We are firm believers that kindness is one of the greatest love languages of all time. It is such a small thing but can make the world of difference in someone's life. There is not enough kindness in the world and we would love to see that change.

This month we want to challenge ourselves to spread kindness around like wildfire. We would also love to challenge YOU to do the same. So every Friday we're going to share a couple Random Acts Of Kindness challenges to inspire y'all.

Kindness is the greatest gift we can give one another because the root is love. Kindness doesn't cost you anything. And we'll let you in on a little secret.. when you GIVE love, you GET love in return. Loving people fills up your soul in a way nothing else can. So go on gang, spread kindness like wildfire! We believe in you and are excited for you to experience the joy that comes from giving such love & kindness to an unsuspecting soul. :)

Ideas for some Random Acts of Kindness fun you can have this week:

1. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line.

2. Write a hand written letter to someone and send it in the mail.

3. Take treats to the fire station.

We would love to hear about your RAK adventures! If you do any, please share with us by telling us about it in the comments. GIVE LOVE. GET LOVE. xoxoxo, the Twirl Girls

Twirl Gives Back: DanceBlue

Friends! We are SO excited to share with you what will be going on tomorrow (December 3rd). One of our consultants and our current intern are heavily involved in DanceBlue at the University of Kentucky. Hearing their hearts for this causes has only made our hearts explode more & more. We are overjoyed to share that we will having a "Twirl Gives Back" Saturday tomorrow to help raise funds for DanceBlue! We had our sweet consultant, Kaylee Hobbs, who is the PR chair for DB share her heart with y'all and give some info all about this incredible event & fundraiser. Hear all about it below!

This Saturday, December 3rd, Twirl is supporting the mission of DanceBlue by donating 10% of the profit made from dresses sold to DanceBlue. I, Kaylee Hobbs, am a senior at UK and currently serve as the Public Relations Chair for DanceBlue and have been involved with the organization since I was a freshman at the University of Kentucky.

DanceBlue is a University of Kentucky student run organization that fundraises year-round and culminates in a 24-hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon. All the money that is raised through DanceBlue is donated to the Golden Matrix Fund, which then works to support the kids of the DanceBlue Kentucky Children's Hospital Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic, as well as support of research at the UK Markey Cancer Center.

Through my chair position, I have had the opportunity to volunteer in the DanceBlue clinic to help alleviate the burdens of cancer placed on the kids and their families. Normally I spend my time playing with kids during their chemo treatments, making crafts, and offering a helping hand wherever needed. One of my most special memories in the clinic was when a young girl was telling me her dreams of opening her own boutique and selling “clothes with sparkles”. Of course, I told her all about Twirl. Whether it be laughing together at YouTube videos, playing monopoly, or having a warhead eating contest on Halloween (I totally lost), I am honored to be let in to such an intimate part of these kids’ lives.

Childhood cancer not only affects the child physically, but it also creates many emotional and financial difficulties for the entire family. The goal of the Golden Matrix Fund is to provide care and support for the kids through giving them and their parent's comfort.

Through 11 years of DanceBlue, more than $9.8 million has been raised to support this cause. This fund has been able to allow the hiring of vital staff in the clinic such as a Child life Specialist who provides encouragement and distraction to help the child emotionally handle their diagnosis and the treatments. Additionally, a school intervention specialist has been brought on as an advocate for the patients within schools to ensure they do not fall behind in classes as a result of their treatment.

Finally, the support of the Golden Matrix Fund has recently allowed for the construction of a new pediatric hematology oncology clinic that will expand the capacity of the clinic as well as provide a more convenient and comfortable experience for the families.

The DanceBlue 2017 marathon is February 25th to 26th, 8p to 8pm in Memorial Coliseum. All community members are welcome and encouraged to attend and get a glimpse of the magic that is DanceBlue.

To learn more about DanceBlue visit, or follow them on Instagram, @UK_DanceBlue, Facebook, @DanceBlue, or Twitter, @UKDanceBlue. 

So if you're shopping with us tomorrow, know that your lovely dollars are going to an amazing cause! And if you want to just swing by the shop & drop off a donation, please know it will joyfully welcomed & appreciated! XOXO

Cheers to Seven Years

As I sit here and write this blog it is hard to believe I just typed the number SEVEN!  When I started out on this little dream journey seven years ago it all seemed quite daunting and scary.  I was 29 years old, not married (yet), and ready for a new challenge in life.  This blog may be a bit long, but I want to truly share my journey with you and hope it inspires others to take the leap of faith and follow your dreams.

The year 2007 was one of the worst of my life...I had gone through a broken engagement and ended my career in politics with a heartbreaking loss for my former boss.  Truth talk here... it felt like I was hitting rock bottom and I did not know what my next step would be.  I was truly a lost soul.  At the beginning of 2008, I started a job in the corporate world and bought a new townhouse by myself.  I was bound and determined to get on a better path.  Little did I know, God had BIG plans for me in 2008.  At that new corporate job I was seated about 10 feet away from a much younger guy that caught my eye.  His name was Brandon McBrayer.  We did not start dating for a few months, but once we did my life changed.  We started going to church together and were pretty much inseparable after just a few months.  We had so much fun together and began to feel comfortable enough to share our dreams after a while.  ALL of my friends were getting married that year (I was in four weddings that year alone).  We were ordering dresses from all over the place and none of them seemed to be from local places.  During that time I became a bit inspired by an old college dream I'd had about owning a business in the wedding industry.  A few months later I literally woke up one morning in early 2009 and decided I wanted to open a small bridal shop in Lexington.  No big deal, right?!

Everyone seriously thought I had lost my mind and thought it was just going to be a little phase.  I was becoming more and more displeased with my corporate job and that fueled my fire to make this dream come true.  I had a bit of money in savings, but no where near what I needed to open a business.  My sweet boyfriend was more than supportive and kept believing in me the whole time.  I started writing my business plan, researching online and plugging away at Small Business classes to figure it all out. 

One day I happened upon a cute website for a store in Scottsdale, Arizona called Twirl.  They were strictly a bridesmaid boutique and had the cutest vibe.  I reached out to them on a whim and they were looking to expand and open more stores as licensees.  Since I had no business-owning experience I thought this would be the best route for me!  We chatted on the phone and I knew I had to make it happen.  A lot of sleepless nights and a ton of leaps of faith later...we opened Twirl Lexington on November 27, 2009.  I will forever be indebted to those ladies for helping me start my dream.  A couple of years after I opened, they decided to close the Arizona stores, leaving me on my own.  While I was completely freaked out at the time it turned out to be a huge blessing, as I could grow Twirl as I wanted to do and add in bridal gowns to the mix. 

Opening Day at Twirl in 2009.  Newly engaged and SO young!

Opening Day at Twirl in 2009.  Newly engaged and SO young!

My very first appointment and customers at Twirl.  Thankful for such a supportive friend group!

My very first appointment and customers at Twirl.  Thankful for such a supportive friend group!

When I sit back today and think about the transformations that have taken place in this store over the past seven years it literally blows my mind.  I have personally gone from a single 29 year old to a married woman with two little Twirl Girls of my own.  My little yellow store has gone from opening with maybe 20 bridesmaid dresses on the racks to having over 150 wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.  I have gone from working by myself every day to having a staff with 2 fabulous full time employees and 6 part-time employees.  The growth and comfort these pink walls have provided to the young women we have employed and had the opportunity to get to know is something that makes my heart swell with joy.  Each one of my former Twirl Girls have brought their own sense of style and way of loving my store that has forever changed the way I think and operate.  Once a Twirl Girl...always a Twirl Girl...and I am so grateful for each you!


I realize I am getting a bit sappy and rambling, so I will wrap it up.  These seven years have been a journey with lots of hard days, but even more amazing days.  Shopping for your wedding dress is so much more than just shopping.  We pour our hearts and souls into selecting dresses and creating a loving environment to have those special moments remembered forever.  I pray that comes across to everyone that has ever set foot in our door and thank each of our customers from the very bottom of my heart.  Without you none of this would be possible.  THANK YOU!

Ok, now I seriously feel like I'm at the Oscars and being told to wrap it up.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for everything!  Cheers to SEVEN years and many more to come!




Hey hey friends! Welcome back to another round of Thankful Thursdays! We're so excited to brag on some crazy talented gals today. Prepare yourself to fall in love with some major beauty!

Five Dot and Melody Joy are two of the most talented designers we know and every wedding we see that they've been a part of we always are having pick our jaws up off the floor. Kristen Becker with Five Dot is based out of Northern Kentucky and Melody McMunn with Melody Joy is based out of Lexington, Kentucky. They both create some of the most gorgeous invitation suites imaginable. Their styles are very different but equally amazing. They've both been featured in some of the top wedding publications in the nation like Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, Wedding Chicks, and Baubles & Bowties. Well deserved, ladies, well deserved.

Aside from being rockstars at their craft, they are also incredibly dear friends of ours. We're telling you, these gals are GOOD PEOPLE. They can back up their fabulous designs with personalities that make you love them even more.

Kristen has been a long time friend of ours and has been one of our biggest cheerleaders in the industry. Not only is she killer graphic designer but she is the co-founder of Baubles & Bowties and Wedding Row Kentucky. We cannot express to you what a gift it is to have people like Kristen on our home team. This girl is a rockstar and constant support to us and we are crazy thankful for her. She is going to spoil some lucky follower with an awesome custom wedding hanger! It'll be the perfect way to display your gorgeous gown on your big day!

And then there's this sweet thang.. Miss Melody McMunn. Mel has been a precious friend of ours for a couple years now and has brought so much joy to every project we've collaborated together on. If she looks familiar, it's probably because she's been the face of Twirl in multiple advertisements for us (Brides Magazine + Southern Weddings Magazine). Yep, she's a jack of all trades around these parts. ;) We love this girl. Her heart is pure gold and blesses anyone that walks through her path. She is generously blessing our giveaway winner with a custom vows print. That's right, she will calligraphy your wedding vows and it will no doubt become one of your most prized possessions. Frame that baby & treasure it forever!

So friends, if you haven't already, ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! These are just some of the many goodies you could potentially win and these two prizes alone are enough of a reason to enter. We are so grateful for these wonderful women, their talents, and the gift they are to our lives and many many others. Big hugs to Kristen & Melody!!

What or who are you thankful for today? Tell them, we guarantee it'll brighten their day. XO


Happy Tuesday folks! I know we said last week that we were going to do "Thankful Thursdays" but we're also going to do "Thankful Tuesdays" because 1) alliteration is kinda our jam and 2) we have A LOT to be thankful for so why not?!

Today is as good as any to remind ourselves what & who we are thankful for. On this 2016 election day, let's be thankful for our rights and freedom. Regardless of who you voted for, let's be thankful that we even have a voice around here and that our votes, every single one of them, MATTER.

For today's "Thankful Tuesday" we are sharing our love for Angie Poston of Thirsty Hearts Design. Angie is a part of our amazing anniversary giveaway and is giving away two of her awesome prints. Y'all, we are so thankful for this gal. She has such a passion for speaking boldly about what her heart believes to be true and raising up all things good to remind us that we have a hope that is beautiful. This girl is cut from the same cloth we are and we just love her so much.

Ang, we are so thankful for you. We will forever & always cheer you on as you continue to speak truth with zeal, compassion, and a healthy dose of sass. ;) Keep doing you! We are proud of you and again, are so crazy grateful for you and your friendship!


Look for something to be thankful for today, friends. It'll do your hearts good.

XOXO, The Twirl Girls


Happy Thursday friends! We are overwhelmed & overjoyed by the responses to the giveaway we've had so far, you all are AWESOME!!

We thought it'd be a fun idea to do "Thankful Thursdays" throughout the month of November as we lead up to Thanksgiving. What better way to kick it off than to show off the amazing vendors/brands that are a part of our giveaway all month long. We love these businesses & the people who run them with our whole hearts and we can't wait to brag on each of them to you guys.

First up, we're bragging on Matt and Kelsey Malicote of Malicote Photography! They are generously donating a FREE PHOTO SESSION for the giveaway and we are just blown away by that gift. At the same time though, we're not shocked at all because that is just who they are. Generosity spews out of this couple and blesses the people around like constantly. Their hearts of gold inspire us daily. So not only are they some of the best people we know but they are also crazy talented photographers. Their ability to capture a moment is truly something so special. We have been so blessed by the way they have loved so many of our brides but also by blessing us personally with some of the sweetest photographs of our own lives. Simply put, WE ADORE THE MALICOTES and are over the moon that one of you lucky folks are going to get to spend time with them and be blessed by their gifts & talents too!

So today we are thankful for the Malicotes and all that they contribute to this industry, this community, and our lives. We are immeasurably blessed by them and you will be too if you ever get the opportunity to work with them or get to befriend them. Cheers to Matt, Kelsey, and their little lady Myla too!





Cheers to these amazing friends of ours and the way they flood our hearts with thankfulness!

WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR TODAY?! Don't ever be scared to share it with the ones you love. Thankfulness is a powerful force, be careful.. it could change the world. ;)



FRIENDS!! Happy Wednesday! We are SO excited to finally share with you guys what our big announcement is... eeeeeek!! It's been so fun to hear from many of you about the anticipation of the announcement, we love the sweet support from this community of ours. Y'all are THE BEST! And as a huge "THANK YOU!!!" for all the love you've shown us over the years (7 to be exact) we are celebrating with a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY!!

Our 7th anniversary is this month (we can hardly even believe we're typing those words) and to celebrate the fun, growth, and joy we've experienced over the last seven years we are doing it big and scratching that seven-year-itch by spoiling our Twirl Family with what we believe to be one of the best giveaways imaginable!

We have teamed up with some awesome local vendors & some of our favorite national brands to create a bundle of goodies that get our hearts really excited but hopefully YOURS too!!

Our hope for our 7th anniversary is to reach 7,000 followers on Instagram! We are at 6,068 as of today (11/2/16 at 5pm EST) so we have full confidence that we can reach (at least) 7,000 by our anniversary on November 27th. Totally possible, right?! Well, we need YOUR HELP to get there! Once we reach 7,000 on IG, we will randomly select a follower who followed the giveaway entry rules and that lucky winner will receive the following GOLDMINE OF GOODIES:

- A PHOTO SESSION WITH MALICOTE PHOTOGRAPHY (We're still squealing that we get to spoil someone with this!! Amazing! Such a blessing, Kelsey & Matt are THE BEST!)


- And a yummy bottle of champagne because we're celebrating, duh!

Sooooo want to know how you can win all of that fabulousness?!?

Check out the GIVEAWAY RULES below:

1. Follow us on Instagram @twirllex

2. Tag 3 friends in our post about the giveaway that might want in on all this goodness too!


1. Comment on our blog announcing the giveaway (surprise.. you're half way there because you're already here!) and tell us something you're thankful for! Easy enough right?!

2. Repost our image about the giveaway (FOUND BELOW) on your own Instagram account and tag us (@twirllex) and use the hashtag #twirlturnsseven.

We seriously cannot wait to see who wins this amazing giveaway!! If we're being honest, we are real bummed we can't enter it ourselves... from a photo session with Kelsey to tons of Southern Weddings goodies and fabulous lash extensions.. it's a girl's dream!

So let's get going & make it to 7,000 so we can spoil one of you rotten!

Most of all, please know, WE LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH!! We couldn't be doing any of this if it weren't for y'all and for that we are eternally grateful. We get to do what we love because of this Twirl family and that makes our hearts truly burst with joy.

Cheers to seven years & a million more to come!! Thanks for being along for the ride with us.

XOXOXO, The Twirl Girls

Nouvelle Amsale Trunkshow | 9/30 - 10/1

This weekend (September 30th - October 1st) is an exciting weekend for us! We are hosting our first Nouvelle Amsale trunkshow. Nouvelle Amsale bridal is our newest collection here at Twirl Boutique and we are thrilled to introduce it to all of our lovely brides. The collection is full of classic styles with bits of modern twists. We can absolutely see Kentucky brides flaunting these gorgeous gowns on their big days! So come see us this weekend and "Feel Lovely, Be Lovely."

While you're at it, check out the designer behind this amazing collection, Amsale Aberra. When she gets choked up talking about brides wearing her designs, she melted us. So sweet!

Could you be one of the brides that rocks this amazing woman's designs? We sure hope so! Can't wait to see you all this weekend. If you haven't already, call & book your appointment ASAP! 859.309.2493

The Heart Behind: Hide & Seek Design

Happy Wednesday y'all! It's been a little while since we've shared a "Heart Behind" post but today we are changing that! Today you're going to get to know one of the most talented florists we know, Miss Erica Svec with Hide And Seek Designs. Erica not only has crazy amazing skills when it comes to floral design but she also has one of the best hearts we know. We love having her as a friend and in our wedding vendor family.

Can you give the readers a little background about your business? How long have you been in business and what services do you offer your clients?

My name is Erika Svec and I am the owner and head designer of Hide and Seek Design.  I’ve been in business here in Lexington for the past 5 years and specialize in one-of-a-kind, detail-oriented floral arrangements.

When did you know that this was the business for you?

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture, I found my way into floral design after providing flower arrangements for several of my friends’ weddings. Five years later, I’m able to continue pursuing my passions with the help of visionary planters, creative brides, and inspiration from all avenues of life.

Where did the inspiration for your business come from?

The inspiration came to me during the preparation of my own wedding in Wisconsin. After meeting with different florists, I couldn’t help but think the designs lacked some of the unique qualities that I was looking for. It made me want to do the arrangements myself and that’s when I realized I could bring something new to the table that was unlike anything I had been seeing.

How do you contribute your passions into your daily work routine?

I’m passionate about connecting with my clients so I really enjoy meeting the soon-to-be bride and groom. I’m also passionate about new ideas and designs, so each year I try to focus on something completely different and bring it to life.

What’s the best part of running your own business/ being your own boss?

My favorite part is being able to make my own schedule. Sometimes it can feel like there’s a lot on my shoulders but at the end of the day everything works out and I wouldn’t trade it for a desk job.

What is your favorite part about working within the wedding industry?

I love the community of wedding vendors here in Lexington. There’s so much creativity that goes into wedding planning and I really enjoy seeing everything come together.

What’s your favorite aspect of your business and how does that motivate you in your daily work?

My favorite aspect is the friendships that I make with my clients and with fellow vendors. Staying motivated can be difficult but when the venue is ready it totally becomes worth it – the arrangements are kind of like the finishing stamp and they really help complete the overall design of the wedding.

What is the most rewarding part of your business?

The most rewarding part is being able to see the couple’s design ideas come together better than they could have ever imagined.

How do you define “success”?

I used to think that success was all about money, but I’ve learned that it’s the result of having a balance between work and life. Being a good mom and a good wife brings me more joy than anything in the world.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

In terms of design, I believe my business will continue to grow and change based on style. In terms of business, I want to continue to focus on what I have and not take on too much work so that I can continue to give my clients one-of-a-kind designs without feeling overwhelmed.

This blog series is titled, “The Heart Behind”. You were chosen because of your love for people and your caring attitude. How do you pass your grace and love onto your customers?

I try to pass grace and love onto my customers by maintaining a positive attitude and expressing my sincerest gratitude for being chosen for their special day. I also try to build friendships with each of my clients so that I’m able to capture their personality as best as possible with my designs.

What advice would you give someone who was considering starting his or her own business?

Have patience. You will want to see the progress quicker than it comes but good things take time so remain patient. Also, find a mentor who knows the business really well and learn as much as you can from them.

See why we love her so much?! We hope you walk away inspired and encouraged by Erica! We look forward to sharing another wonderful post with y'all very soon. Have a wonderful day, friends! XOXO


We're switching it up from our normal Twirl Bride TUESDAYS to Thursday because our sweet bride blogger, Mary, is tying the knot THIS WEEKEND! Ahhh so crazy the day is finally here! We asked her to share some last minute tips/advice and to share with us what she's most excited about for this weekend + her marriage. Enjoy hearing from this giddy bride-to-be and be sure to take to heart her little nuggets of wisdom! She's a wise one. ;)

It’s wedding week for me, y’all!  I can’t even begin to describe how fast this last year of my life has gone!  Ever since I met Daniel, my soon-to-be husband, time has seemed to go SO very fast.  It’s like we met, I blinked, and here we are, 3 days away from our wedding!!  This is such an exciting time for Daniel and me.  Two weeks ago Daniel graduated from Physical Therapy school and this week he has started his job at Central Baptist Hospital.  In the meantime, I have been attempting to keep the wedding train on track and moving! 

It all seems pretty unreal that our wedding is this weekend!  We’ve had a whole year to plan and prepare and we have been waiting with anticipation for this time to come.  We’ve been patient sometimes and impatient most of the time.  I’m here today to give some last minute tips and to share what I am most excited about.  So, here is my first bit of advice: take a deep breath!

If I had a dollar for every time someone has told me or I have told myself to just take a breath during this whole wedding planning process, I would be a billionaire!  Seriously, the best advice I can give is that at the end of your big day, you get to ride off with your husband, whom you’ve been waiting your whole life for.  When I get stressed out over wrong orders or rude people on customer service or the weather forecast, all I think about is how far God has brought me in life and the fact that at the end of September 10th, 2016, I get to be married to the best man I know.  If that’s not motivation to stay calm, I don’t know what is!

Some practical things that have helped keep the wedding jitters at bay are: waking up slow in the mornings and drinking coffee in bed.  I’ve been so fortunate this week to not have to work and I don’t feel bad for not setting an alarm in the morning.  I rest when I can, mainly in the morning, and when I’m up for the day, I get to work checking off my to-do list or running errands.  But the morning time has been so peaceful and relaxing.  Take advantage of those moments before your wedding week gets too crazy!  You’ll miss the peace and quiet when you have a lot to do.

Secondly, I tried really hard to have the majority of everything planned a week before the wedding.  I had a two-day schedule made so that my bridal party didn’t have to guess what the plan is.  As plans have changed, I’ve simply made the changes to the wedding schedule document and updated my wedding party too.  My thinking behind this was that I knew the week of the wedding would be a whirlwind of emotions and surprise tasks needing to be done.  So, in planning a week before, I made room for these speed bumps to occur and to be honest, it’s worked pretty well! 

Lastly, plan a “last” date with your fiancé!  If you have planned your wedding well and in a timely manner, you should be able to have a seemingly normal life the week of your wedding.  Last night, Daniel and I went on our last date as an engaged couple.  We recreated our first date and we were able to just talk and enjoy each other’s company.  Because most of our time is spent talking over word documents, work orientations, last minute planning, it was so nice to just put that all down for a while and spend some one-on-one time with the man I’m about to commit my life to.  It was nice to be reminded that our relationship is much more important than a perfect wedding.

I could go on and on with advice but I believe those are the three things that have really kept me sane during this process.  That and the people who have surrounded us during this time offering helping hands and prayer; even a simple text saying that someone is thinking of me has gone a long way!  We couldn’t do this without our people!  The next time I write a blog, I’ll be writing as Mrs. Rouse!

Mary, from all of us to you, HAPPY WEDDING WEEK!! We are so excited for you to become a wife on Saturday! We are doing all the celebratory dancing for you over here and cannot wait to see all the gorgeous images of you in your amazing Twirl gown! You're going to be a vision. We love you deeply!! XOXOXO, The Twirl Girls