The Heart Behind: Pink LouLou Design Studio

We are excited to announce that we will be starting a new blog series entitled, “The Heart Behind.” This series is dedicated to some of Lexington’s most hardworking and caring wedding vendors and will spotlight the heart behind their business. This will include their goals, passions, and their love for people. We truly cherish these one-of-a-kind businesses and we are so honored to have them in our community. Each week our new intern, Chelsea, will interview these vendors and give you an exclusive look at who these amazing people are and the unique services they offer.

This week’s wedding vendor for “The Heart Behind” blog series are the lovely ladies of Pink LouLou Designs, Allison Johnson and Dana Peddicord. These women specialize in bridal hair and makeup, but also offer services for a variety of life events. No matter the situation, these extraordinary women can make every bride-to-be feel photo ready.  Continue reading to learn more about these amazing women!

Can you give the readers a little background about your business? How long have you been in business and what services do you offer your clients?

Allison: Dana and I have been friends since high school and have always loved doing hair and makeup for our friends and sorority sisters.

Dana: This is our 4th wedding season since we’ve started our business and we have loved every bit of it. We focus on bridal hair and makeup but we also offer services for an array of special events such as bridal showers and engagement photoshoots.

When did you know this was the business for you?

Dana: One day in June, Allison texted me during work and said, “Let’s quit our jobs and start our own hair and makeup business.” That was the beginning of one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Allison: It took us a year to build up our business and get things into action. Even though we didn’t receive instant gratification from our hard work during the first year or so, it definitely paid off over time and I am so proud of where our business is at today.

Where did the inspiration for your business come from?

Allison: The name for our business came from my blog.

Dana: We both have such a passion for hair and makeup so it was a no brainer that this was something we should turn into a business.

How do you contribute your passions into your daily work routine?

Allison: We are extremely passionate about what we do but it’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed from time to time and that is why we remind ourselves that we are unbelievably blessed to be doing what we love each and every day.

Dana: It’s all about balance. It’s so important to have a work/life balance so that I’m able to do what I love without feeling overwhelmed.

What is the best part of running your own business/ being your own boss?

Dana: I absolutely love being able to spend time with my daughter, Elliott Grace, and having the freedom to take care of her whenever I need to. I also love working with Allison, I cannot imagine doing this without her by my side.

Allison: I agree with Dana, I love having the freedom to make my own business decisions and dictate my work schedule. We only have one life to live and it’s important to do what makes us happy. I am so happy to have Dana as my friend and business partner and I’m so proud of our business.

What is the most rewarding part of your business?

Dana: I love when brides get their pictures back from the photographer and I’m able to see the grooms’ reaction to how beautiful his bride looks. I love helping brides feel their best on one of their most special days.

Allison: I agree. It’s so cool to say, hey we did that! We helped contribute to a bride’s most special day. I also love the strong connections that we make with our clients and their bridal parties. It’s so rewarding when I see them around town and they remember who I am and ask how we’re doing. We have made so many great friendships through our clients.

What is your favorite aspect of your business and how does that motivate you in your daily work?

Allison: My favorite part is having fun and laughing a lot. We’re always having a blast.

Dana: I agree with Allison, it never feels like work. It’s more like a puzzle that we’re piecing together.

How do you define “success”?

Dana: To me, success is simply being happy. If you’re happy with your life then you are a successful person.

Allison: We all define success differently but to me it’s all about doing what you love while also being able to make a living.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

Dana: I hope that we have the opportunity to be apart of more destination weddings.

Allison: I agree with Dana, destination weddings are so fun to be a part of. I also see our business adding more Pink LouLou girls in the future and potentially having interns as well.

The blog series is titled, “The Heart Behind,” you were chosen because of your love for people and your caring attitude. How do you pass your grace and love onto your customers?

Dana: We like to donate our services to people in need or to those who deserve something extra special. Once, we donated our services to a bride-to-be who wanted to have a bridal shoot before her mom passed away and we were so honored to be a part of that. It was incredibly special. We truly believe that in life, you get what you give, so we are always happy to pay it forward.

Allison: We also love working with different charities that allow us to offer our services for their events. We always want to pass grace, compassion, and patience onto our customers so that they are able to pass it onto others.

What advice would you give someone who was considering starting his or her own business?

Dana: Be ready to work harder than you’ve ever worked before, but if you’re passionate about what you’re doing than it will be worth it in the long run.

Allison: When you have a business, it’s not your typical 9-5. It’s a 24-hour commitment every day of the week. Sometimes it can be so tough but it is definitely worth it.  Also, don’t be afraid to dream big. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough and there is no dream that is inconceivable.

Aren't they the greatest?! How fun is it to get to know these ladies on this level? We adore them & we hope that you do too! If you're in need of fabulous gals to glam you up.. look no further! Dana & Allison are your girls. Thanks for joining us on our first edition of "The Heart Behind"! XOXO

Follow them along & get in touch with them here: WEBISTE | Allison's IG | Dana's IG

Marriage Matters | Brittany + Ryan

We are so thrilled to have Brittany & Ryan of Reel Special Productions be our next guest bloggers for our Marriage Matters series. These two exude joy and we love the way they love each other and the people around them. Enjoy reading about their love story & why they believe wholeheartedly that marriage truly does matter.

Tell us a little about yourself & your spouse.

Ryan is originally from Toledo, Ohio and moved to Kentucky to attend Asbury College (now Asbury University). He has worked for an insurance company for the last fourteen years and handles their corporate communications. Ryan also started two businesses in 2004: Reel Special Productions (wedding videos) and That One Company (creative design and consulting). He is SUPER creative and blows my mind with his talents and abilities.

I was raised in Knoxville, Tennessee and also attended Asbury (but not at the same time as Ryan). I've been an elementary teacher for the past eight years and for the last couple of years also taught for Asbury University. I fell in love with teaching higher education and decided to pursue my doctorate so I could be a professor. Little did I know my dream would happen so quickly; I start teaching full-time at Asbury this fall! I love cupcakes, especially if it’s a Sprinkles cupcake, and I’m a sucker for a good piece of wedding cake.

So, how'd Ryan and I meet? Well, it’s a pretty fun story! Ryan was filming a wedding back in 2008 when I just so happened to catch the bride's bouquet. He was too nervous to speak to me at the that wedding reception, but by the grace of God our paths intersected a few months later and the bride who threw that bouquet set us up on a double-date (we went to a University of Kentucky basketball game!).

We sealed the deal and said "I do!" in 2010. I joined in with Reel Special Productions after we tied the knot and since then we've been blessed to continue producing wedding videos together while also pursuing our full-time careers. We absolutely LOVE filming together and are honored to help capture the best day ever for our couples!

What's your favorite memory from your wedding? 

Ryan and I both agree on this one that it was the moment I walked down the aisle. My most favorite part of any wedding is the groom's face as his bride walks down the aisle. There's something absolutely so special about that moment and Ryan's reaction to me as I walked towards him was absolutely perfect. We shared a first look prior to the ceremony, but it didn't compare to that moment we first saw one another as the ceremony began. I get all teary-eyed just thinking about it!

What has been the greatest joy and the hardest challenge you've experienced as husband and wife? 

We love, love, love building relationships with young married couples in helping them to grow in their relationship with one another and with Christ. Our first year of marriage was incredibly challenging. We both struggled to realize things about ourselves that were less than attractive, and we had to face those things head on. But my goodness, did we grow closer than we could have ever realized at the time. Ryan and I help facilitate life groups for young married couples at Southland Christian Church and we also do pre-marriage counseling with engaged couples. To date, serving other couples has been one of our greatest joys since we've been married.

What surprised you most about marriage? 

The two words that come to mind first are “companionship” and “FUN!” Being married brings about a bond that you never could have imagined. Ryan is my very best friend; he knows me inside and out. Yes, you have your best friends, but the bond you share between husband and wife is like none other. Don't get me wrong, it's not always heart-eye emojis and butterflies. We do annoy each other at times and marriage really is hard work, but every part of it is completely and totally worth it. 1000%.

And the fun part? Wow! Ryan convinced me to jump out of a freaking plane at 10,000 feet while on vacation in Aruba and that is something I can say with certainty I would have NEVER done on my own. I am a very Type-A, organized and by-the-book kind of person, but Ryan has brought so much spontaneity into my life. Whether we go on dates around town or travel halfway across the world, we have SOOO much fun together!

What has been the best source of support and encouragement for you all? 

Godly community has been the key for us. We get our cups filled every time we are with life groups. It's a time to be vulnerable, to grow, to listen, and to just be real. I love knowing that we have a community of friends that love us, support us, pray for us and cheer us on. That’s exactly why we pour our hearts into connecting with other couples because we believe everyone needs that type of community.

Are there any books or other resources you would recommend to other couples? 

We bought a book a year or so after we married called The Five Love Languages Devotional for Couples. We wanted something we could read together each night before going to bed. It's a short daily devotional that talks about a wide variety of "real" stuff and always ends with a prayer. We also love The Marriage App, Love and Respect, The Five Love Languages and of course, The Bible

What are some hopes or dreams you have for your family's future? 

Ryan and I would love to start a family. I’m just going to be totally open and vulnerable here: We've been trying for a while now and it's not going how we thought it would. I have some medical issues that we're trying to get worked out and we're trying to seek the right doctors to help make this dream become a reality. Through all of this we know it's in God's hands. We trust Him and know when He's ready for us to be parents, it will happen. In the meantime, we would really LOVE and value your prayers in this journey.

If you could change anything about your all's story, would you? 

This isn't pretty to admit, but Ryan and I have both acted and said things to each other that were incredibly hurtful. I hate thinking about it actually, and yes, working through those things did make us stronger, but those are things that didn't have to happen. Think before you act. Don't ever do anything or say anything that you'd regret. Saying something out of hurt is not an excuse to say it. 

What's the best advice you've ever been given about marriage? 

Ryan would say the best advice he's heard is to always look for ways to “out-serve” your spouse and speak their love language. I echo this, but also want to add some advice I heard early on about learning how to fight fairly. Ryan’s parents and mine handled conflict very differently, and little did we know that as kids that would later influence how we deal with conflicts in our marriage. I tend to process conflict with an emotional heart (go figure!) but Ryan approaches it with a logical mind. In the heat of a disagreement, it is often difficult to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and think about how they are feeling, but we’re getting better at this and it has made a world of difference in our marriage. In fact, I’m writing this after a few hours of us working through an argument. Sometimes my insecurities can get the best of me, and they sure were fighting hard against me this weekend. Praise the Lord for new days and forgiveness. Can I get an amen?

Why does marriage matter? 

Marriage matters because it creates a bond intended to last a lifetime. Couples get married to fulfill a deeper sense of purpose in their relationship, and we believe this type of "covenant" is a reflection of how God loves us...for better or worse. Ryan completes me in ways where I fall short, and I am able to do the same for him (and find joy and purpose in the process!).

In the words of Jack Johnson, “It’s always better when we’re together.”

They're pretty amazing, right?! I love their honest hearts and the way that invites people into the rawest form of love. Britt & Ryan, thank you for sharing your story with all of us! I have no doubt that you have encouraged the hearts of many through your heartfelt words & vulnerability. We love you guys! XOXO

Twirl Bride Tuesdays: Shopping for THE DRESS

Hey there, y’all!  This is Mary Stallard again discussing my wedding planning process with the Twirl community!  This month the Twirl Girls asked me to share my wedding dress shopping experience which obviously took place at THE cutest bridal shop this side of the Mississippi, Twirl Bridal Boutique! 

I will start off by saying that I really did not know what to expect going into looking for my wedding dress.  My head was swirling with thoughts like, “this is the most important article of clothing I am ever going to purchase, how do I choose?” and “What if I don’t find anything that I look or feel pretty in?”  Luckily, for me, I did not have any problems when it came to either of these thoughts in my head and although I was still anxious about narrowing down my selections and choosing JUST ONE dress, I was put at peace as soon as I stepped foot into the doors of Twirl.  The atmosphere at Twirl is so hospitable and welcoming that everyone who finds their path leading them there, whether they are a bridesmaid, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, or the bride herself, they all feel at home.  I cannot recommend this place more for brides-to-be!          

There were a few things that I knew I wanted in this wedding dress experience:

1. I wanted to have an environment that my friends, mother, mother-in-law and myself felt comfortable in.  There are no words to explain how perfectly the girls at Twirl pulled this off!  The space at Twirl is so wonderful and private and that is exactly what I wanted when trying on dresses for my closest girlfriends. We had a private room with couches and champagne that was filled to the brim with the most beautiful dresses I had ever seen!  I was so nervous to start trying them on but as soon as we were in the room, I was automatically at peace and knew that I was in the best hands at Twirl!

2. The second thing I wanted during this experience was to be able to share it with my best gals and Twirl’s space is so accommodating for this!  I love my friends so deeply and I wanted them to be a part of this wedding planning process as they can be.  I also know that my bridesmaids will tell me the truth about what looks good on and what doesn’t look good on me, so I knew that I needed my girls with me to make such a big decision!   

3. Lastly, I knew that I wanted to go to Twirl as my first (and hopefully last) dress stop. I wanted to go not only because my bestie, Liz, works there but because of how many success stories of Twirl brides I have heard about.  The selection of dresses that Twirl has is unbelievable.  They are seriously some of the most unique and beautiful dresses that I have ever seen and knowing that Ty and Liz handpicked them to be sold at their little shop is the most precious detail of all!  Those two girls put so much work and love into their business that I was just so excited to support a local business in Lexington!

I was so fortunate to have all of my wedding dress dreams come true all thanks to Twirl!  Without going into much detail about my dress selection, I will say that I tried on a vast variety of dresses before I started narrowing down to the dress of my dreams.  It helped me a lot having already booked our venue before dress shopping. Our reception is in a barn so I didn’t want to purchase a dress that was too formal and looked out of place for that venue.  After narrowing down to a few dresses I grazed through the rack of dresses one last time and pulled one off and asked Liz if I could try it on.  Before I had even gotten the dress fully on, I said to Liz, “This is my wedding dress!”  And… IT WAS!  I can’t explain why I knew it was my dress; it was one of those moments in life where I just knew it! 

There are not enough nice things in the world to articulate how amazing of a business the girls at Twirl run.  They are rooted in what is most important: Christ’s love for us.  They are unashamed to proclaim that in an industry that is constantly changing in our society.  They create an atmosphere that is above reproach, hospitable, warm and straight up lovely!  I wish I could get engaged again just so I can become a Twirl bride all over again!

Marriage Matters | Ty + Brandon

Hi friends! We are SO SO SO excited to start this new blog series with you all. Our heart here at Twirl is to always inspire our brides to remember the bigger picture to help cultivate a community that really cheers one another on in making marriage matter and reminding each other that it is a beautiful commitment that is worth it, always. So we decided to interview different friends, vendors, and people in the industry that we know share this same heart and are always making their own marriages matter. Kicking us off is our very own Ty McBrayer! Her marriage to Brandon is one that encourages & inspires us on a daily basis. They are each other's best friend, amazing parents to their precious girls, and are an amazing support system to our Twirl family. They love each other so well and love others beautifully, both individually & together. So without further adieu, here's Ty with our first Marriage Matter post for this fun new series!

1. Tell us a little about yourself & your spouse. Give us a brief history of your all’s story and how long you’ve been together.

Brandon and I met while working together. Our desks were literally about 10 feet apart!  Our department was young and liked to hang out together, so we were friends first, but it didn’t take long to figure out we had a little bit of a spark.  At that point we had both gotten out of long-term relationships and were hesitant to take the next step.  There was no denying the connection we had and I pretty much knew he was the one after just a few months.  As cheesy as it sounds that was truly the case.  Once you’ve had so many broken relationships you start losing hope that “the one” is out there, but there he was sitting 10 feet from me.  The Lord had bigger plans for us than just the mediocre relationships that we had experienced in the past.  We dated a little over a year and a half and then got engaged one month before I opened Twirl. 

Brandon is a very calm, laid back soul…which helps offset my anxiety- ridden soul quite nicely.  He’s always been my voice of reason and calms me down on the most stressful days.   Somehow he can always put things in perspective in a way no one else has ever been able to do for me.  We are complete opposites in many ways, but exactly the same in so many more. 

2. What’s your favorite memory from your wedding?

We were married in an outdoor ceremony at The Carrick House in Lexington.  My dad and I had a short little walk around the back of the ceremony to get to the aisle.  As we walked we got to soak in all of the beauty of the day and see the whole wedding come together just as we had imagined it.  Standing there with my dad, wearing my mom’s wedding gown, seeing my future husband waiting for me surrounded by my closest friends and family and hearing “Here Comes the Sun” on acoustic guitar…it makes me want to do it all over again right now!

3. What has been the greatest joy and the hardest challenge you’ve experienced as husband and wife?

The greatest joy and the hardest challenge both have the same answer…our children.  We are truly blessed to have two beautiful little girls, ages 4 and 19 months, and they take every bit of energy out of us on a daily basis.  Ha! 

Sitting on our back porch swing watching our girls actually play together and laugh is the closest thing to heaven on earth that we will ever experience.  Then in that same scene they will fight and hit and you begin to question what you are doing wrong and why the wheels flew off so quickly.  It is in those moments that you HAVE to be able to lean on your spouse for reassurance that you aren’t screwing up.  You’re in this together and have to fight the battle to make those two lives that you have been entrusted with the best you possibly can.  It is not easy.  When the day is over and the kids are in bed the last thing you want to do is to care for another person.  There I said it.  I am selfish sometimes after the girls go to bed…but my husband needs me, too, and I have to remember that.  The days are so long and hard sometimes, but the years are short and oh so sweet.

4. What’s surprised you most about marriage?

That we still like and enjoy each other after all of these years!!  I know that sounds strange…but when you’re with someone day after day facing battle after battle sometimes you get weary.  Even after all these years I can say I look forward to having a date night alone or snuggling up on the couch having a movie night after a long week!

5. What has been the best source of support and encouragement for you all?

The best source of support and encouragement has been to surround ourselves with friends and family in strong marriages with the same values that we believe in.  My parents and one of my cousins who is like a sister to me have been our role models for marriage.  The more you share and are honest to people fighting the same battles you are the more encouragement you can share when you both hit a rough spot.

6. Are there any books or other resources you would recommend to other couples?

1.  In the early months of our relationship we started a devotional together about having a fresh start.  It helped us have conversations about how we wanted our relationship to progress and helped us build a healthy relationship from the beginning.

2.  I also recommend using date night as a resource.  Even if it is having a drink together on the back porch after the kids go to bed…continue dating each other!

7. What are some hopes or dreams you have for your family’s future?

We want to live a life a life that our girls can be proud of and hope we give them the love they need to grow up to be strong, kind, fun-loving and faithful women that love the Lord and the people around them.  I also hope and pray that our girls will be the best of friends when they grow up and get so excited to be a part of each other’s lives.

8. If you could change anything about your all’s story, would you?

No…if we had met at a younger age or anything would have been different we would not have been the people that we became through all the challenges life had thrown at us.  Those challenges made us thankful and ready to accept who we were meant to be with all along.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given about marriage?

I know I said it before, but DATE NIGHT!!!  Continue to date even when the time doesn’t seem possible with life happening so quickly.  You NEED time alone together.  Don’t take it for granted.  You don’t want to end up with an empty nest and an empty marriage someday when your kids are grown up and moved away. 

10. Why does marriage matter?

Marriage matters because you get to spend a lifetime and eternity doing life with your best friend.  The type of friend that knows your mean side, what you look like when you wake up in the morning, knows your silliest dance moves…and still chooses to love you unconditionally.  It is a bond that cannot be broken.  A love that fills your soul so much that you know it was created by the Lord. 

Because when it comes down to it… at 2:00 am when your youngest child is awake and screaming after a very long day and your husband comes in with no complaint and rocks her back to sleep…that is the kind of special bond it takes to make a marriage work.  Marriage matters.  It is hard and messy, but beautiful and sweet all at the same time. 

Inspired & encouraged yet? I know we are. Marriage matters, sweet friends, and we mean it when we say that is our heart above all other things is to point y'all to that truth. Fight for your marriages and love fiercely. It is worth it, we promise.


Nouvelle Amsale Coming To Twirl

Happy Thursday, ladies! We have some very excited news to share with you all today!! So as many of you all know we (Ty & Liz) were at Bridal Market a couple weekends ago and got sneak peeks at lots of beautiful dresses that our designers have worked hard to create for you all. Well, we explored a couple different new designers and we made the leap to pick up another new line after seeing the irresistible gowns from this incredible designer. We are so thrilled to announce that NOUVELLE BY AMSALE  is going to be coming to Twirl!!

Friends, we are IN LOVE with this collection! Amsale Aberra designed them herself and we feel like she perfectly captured the heart of what a Kentucky, Southern belle bride is after -- timeless, elegant, soft, sweet, and classic. We saw these dresses and knew immediately we HAD to have them for our brides. Warning, you WILL drool over these beauties when you see them in the store. Get excited!

We thought it'd be fun to give you a little introduction to the collection & give you sneak peek of what's to come! First up, check out this video of Amsale Aberra & get to know the sweet, kindhearted woman behind these gorgeous designs. Plus get a insider look at the behind the scenes that goes on during bridal market!

Check out the beauties that are coming our way this fall:


Corded lace wedding dress with spaghetti strap bodice and ballgown skirt with pockets.


Slim crepe bridal gown with sheer lace bodice front and back and long lace sleeves.


Illusion lace bodice and back with tiered tulle ballgown skirt.


Tulle bridal ballgown with lace V- neckline and natural waist. Full skirt with tulle layers and narrow horsehair trim. Sheer lace back and detachable train.

"Noelle with Kelsey Skirt"

Full tulle overskirt with grograin ribbon belt. Worn here with the Noelle Crepe bridal gown.

Can you see why we're so excited?! They're AMAZING! Mark your calendars ladies, we've already got a trunk show in the books! Our Nouvelle Amsale trunk show will be September 30th - October 1st, 2016. It's never too early to book an appointment for that so don't feel crazy if you want to go ahead & schedule for this amazing event! Request an appointment online or give us a call at 859.309.2493.

We can't wait for you all to fall in love with this incredibly beautiful collection like we have! Hooray!! Feel free to spread the word if you know a sweet bride-to-be that would love this look. :)


Twirl Bride Tuesdays: The Future Mrs. Rouse

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday!! We are so excited to start up a new series on our blog. For the next several months we will be featuring one of our Twirl Brides as a guest writer on our blog as she journeys through engagement & marriage. Our hope is that this series can be a place that brides-to-be can come & feel like they're not alone in this adventure. We are firm believers of the importance of pointing one another to the bigger picture of all this wedding stuff -- YOUR MARRIAGE. Your wedding is one day but your marriage is forever. We want to inspire you, encourage you, and cheer you on as you walk through the journey of becoming a Mrs. And for those of you who aren't a bride-to-be quite yet, this is still for you too! You may not be in this season yet but it's still so important to continually direct yourself into a healthy mindset of what being a wife truly means. So, without further adieu, please say hello to Miss Mary Stallard who is the soon to be Mrs. Daniel Rouse!! We adore this girl and are so honored that she is not only one of our brides but also agreed to let us into her life and share with us all in the up's, down's, in's & out's of becoming a wife. Enjoy!!

Hey y’all!  I am so excited to share with you this treasured season of my life.  When the lovely ladies at Twirl asked me to share about my life as an engaged, wedding planning, Kentucky gal, I jumped on the opportunity like Marcus Lee on a good night of rebounding that basketball! 

I guess for starters I should introduce myself. Hi, I’m Mary Stallard! By day, I am an Assistant Preschool Teacher/aspiring Etsy Shop Owner and I am engaged to the best man I’ve ever known, Daniel Matthew Rouse (he may kill me for including his middle name but I like it, so that’s that!)  Daniel is in his last year of Physical Therapy school at the University of Kentucky working his booty off to earn his Doctorate of Physical Therapy.  We call the beautiful city of Lexington, Kentucky home and cannot wait to sink our roots down deep into the bluegrass after we are married!  For fun, I can be found making pretty things by doodling words down on paper, watching Gilmore Girls, or playing with my goldendoodle, Blue. Daniel can be found running the streets of downtown Lexington, studying, reading, and my favorite, laughing (I think he’s really funny). 

We met at a bonfire that our church hosted for the “20-Somethings” within our congregation in October of 2014.  Fun fact: Liz Cox (Twirl’s manager) actually introduced us at this bonfire! Liz and Daniel had been good friends through YoungLife in high school and college and she and I had just met and instantly became best friends.  On our first date, Daniel took me to a local spot called Josie’s for dinner and afterwards we took his parents’ minivan filled with our friends to see the Southern Lights at the Kentucky Horse Park (we both had grown up going to see the Southern Lights so it was fun to do this together and with people that we love!)  Eight months later, Daniel was down on one knee at the esteemed Henry Clay Estate asking me to be his wife with my best friends photographing and videoing the whole thing!  After the proposal Daniel had planned a surprise engagement party at our dear friend’s house complete with about 50 close family and friends and tacos. That day has gone down in my heart as one of the most special days of my life and luckily, it was all documented for us to enjoy for the rest of our lives!

Daniel and I are simple people.  We love tacos and watching Netflix on a Saturday night.  We also love people and incorporating them into our lives.  It has been so much fun being in a relationship with someone who loves people so much and so well.  You can find us drinking beer on a Friday while eating the impeccable tacos at Local Taco with friends (have I mentioned yet that I love tacos? Ha!) or cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats during football and (mainly) basketball season.  We love our state and the people in it!  We are so grateful and fortunate to be surrounded by such an extraordinary community.  I can’t wait to share more about this process of being engaged and planning a wedding with you all!  So far, I haven’t turned into a bridezilla (I think) and I haven’t been very stressed (yet)!  Here’s to hoping that continues for the next five months!

See why we love her?! She's a bundle of joy. We are so excited to continually have her share with y'all in the months to come. Thanks for letting us get to know you a little bit, Mary! We're looking forward to hearing what you have to share about your dress shopping experience next month. :) Stay tuned! XOXO

Photos + Video by Elizabeth Meriwether Photography



by Kristina Rosen

Aprils showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring stellar weddings. Though rain is given a bad reputation, the stormy weather could actually complement your big day. Not only is rain during weddings symbolic in some ways, but it’s also a sign of good luck. Instead of being bitter towards the rain, choose to embrace it because it may not be all that bad.

If the rain is good for one thing, it’s the ability to enhance the lighting and make colors pop in photographs. A gloomy sky makes for a unique backdrop and can produce better quality pictures.

With a great wedding comes equally as great wedding photographs. Take advantage of the rain and the photo opportunities it creates. Nothing screams epic love story like romantic moments captured in the rain. Dancing and playing in the rain is blissful, but kissing in the rain is on another level. Whether it’s a torrential down pour or a light drizzle, no one will forget a wedding where the bride and groom share their first kiss the rain.

How To Be Prepared If It Does Rain:

  • Choose your shoes wisely. Why not be the first of your friends to start the rain boot and wedding dress trend? Heels may be your top choice, but you’ll want to opt for a pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. If you’re worried that it’ll look tacky, have your bridesmaids also wear water proof shoes that fit your wedding theme.  

Accessorize with umbrellas. Make your wedding more colorful and keep your guests dry with umbrella favors. The umbrellas can be matched to your color scheme and given to guests as they arrive to keep them dry. Umbrellas also make for great props in photographs, especially if you customize matching “Mr. & Mrs.” ones for the groom and yourself. 


  • Leave extra time to touch up. Even if it ends up not raining, you’ll be thankful that you blocked out time between the pictures, ceremony and reception to freshen up.

  • Have a back up plan. Whether it’s an alternate hairstyle or a different venue, make sure to have multiple options. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding or reception, you might consider having tents in addition to booking a nearby indoor location incase the rain becomes too much.

Relax. You’re getting married, so a little, or even a lot of rain can’t ruin this special day!

Sweet Emily: Sharing Her Love for the World in Africa

If any of you have been blessed enough to work with our sweet consultant Emily, you know she has the biggest heart and has a desire to share her love with the world.  Not many college students want to spend their summer helping others, but that is exactly what Emily is going to do.  She just needs a little bit of help to fund her trip to get there!

Here are a few words from Emily:

"The desire to educate others on health and nutrition and my calling to spread the love of Jesus has lead me to a calling to serve an under-privileged country for the summer between my junior and senior year of college.  God has called me to spread His love and further His kingdom while taking care of His children close to home and in far away countries.

I am so excited to say that I will be serving as a missionary through Adventures in Missions in their Passport Program!  The Passport program is a two month long mission trip to a specific country with a group of college age women.  While in Swaziland, Africa, we will partner with a ministry that is already active in the community.  Our ministry will work alongside the Adventures Swaziland Base; we will be feeding thousands of adults and children at Carepoints every day.  I will have the opportunity to spend quality time with the community building relationships and helping to meet practical needs.  Other ministry projects include construction on new and existing structures, helping plant, grow and harvest community gardens; teaching at local preschools; helping with administrative tasks; building relationships and connecting with people in hospitals and homes through conversation, prayer and encouragement. 

I am so excited to see how God will move in my life and the lives of others in the coming year.  I hope not only to be a blessing to those I serve, but also to you.  I want to thank you in advance for your prayers and financial support.  May God bless you as you prayerfully consider partnering with me in this ministry."  -Emily

If you want to join us in supporting Emily you can visit and clicking "donate" on the right side of the page.  A drop down menu will appear and you will want to click mission trip participant "Emily Rhoads". After clicking on that the next screen that will pop up will be the one where you can enter the amount you wish to give. Please make sure that you choose the Passport program in the drop down menu.

Twirl will be donating a portion of all dress purchases to Emily's mission trip the weekend of April 23, but she needs a big bump in fundraising to purchase her plane ticket by April 1!  If you have any questions please email us at and we will direct the questions to Emily!

Thank you for continuing to support our Twirl Family!


The Twirl Girls


The Joy of Heidi Elnora // Guest Post by Maria Montgomery

Hi Ladies! We have such a treat for you all today! Maria Montgomery, former Miss Kentucky, is guest blogging for us about her experience with Heidi Elnora. Maria was not only a Heidi bride herself but she's also the face of Heidi Elnora Build-a-Bride. We are so excited to have her share with you all the joy of working with Heidi and being friends with the amazing woman as well. Enjoy!! XOXO, The Twirl Girls

Photo by Angela Karen

Photo by Angela Karen

As soon as I got engaged, my best friend Ashley Booth immediately suggested that she would take me to meet Heidi Elnora to get my wedding gown designed. I was SO excited! Heidi had designed some amazing pieces for Ashley to wear when she competed at Miss USA as Miss TN.  They had become close over the years, so I was honored to meet this little southern bell Ashley had spoken so highly about. I had watched Heidi on Project Runway, so I was thinking I was also going to be a bit star struck!

I never dreamed I would be able to wear a custom gown for my wedding, so I was just blown away at even thinking about the process! I had worn several different gowns through my year as Miss KY and while modeling, and so I had learned a lot about what I wanted. However I was unsure of what to do to make it look right without it going over the top. That’s where Heidi came in. I love SO many different aspects of several very different gowns, that it came to the point that I literally said…”Heidi… how can I keep from making this look like a gown that’s just way over the top, with too much going?” It was a bit overwhelming to have an endless amount of options and I was so relieved she was such an expert to help through the process. She wanted to know all the details of my wedding and to really get to know me so she can make a dress that was 100% Maria. Taking the time to do that really showed that she cared about each and every bride’s big day, even though she does this day after day.

Instantly when I walked into Heidi’s Atelier in Birmingham, I could feel the southern hospitality. Heidi’s warm heart just completely filled the room! I felt at home even though I just met her! After lots of laughter and immediately feeling like I had known Heidi for my whole life, I tried on several different body styles from her Build a Bride collection. I instantly knew I wanted a trumpet skirt. I wanted something fitted, but not tight all the way to my knees like a mermaid style - but something that was still body shaping with a flowy bottom. So we had decided on the bodice, called The Mary Margaret dress (all of Heidi’s dresses have doubles names to stay true to her Southern brand). We then moved onto lace. Here is when I began getting amazed at just how much Heidi listens and truly reads bride’s minds. She knew the exact lace I would want for my whimsical outdoor wedding. I LOVED the lace she showed me, The Mary Lace. I have never seen lace look so soft and not-over the top formal, just as I wanted. Even after looking through the other lace options I realized she was right! That was the perfect choice!

Lastly, I wanted to add a little bit of natural, organic looking texture to the bottom of the dress because I LOVE texture on gowns. Once again – she knew EXACTLY what I meant. She had a skirt named the Sophie skirt which had bits and pieces of lace and organza organically hand sewn on it. This gives the skirt natural movement and beautiful texture. However, it was made to sit on a transparent, flowy A-line skirt. I instead was picturing these pieces attached to the form-fitting bodice. When I brought this up to her, she responded “Oh absolutely!” She was thrilled at my idea of changing one of her pieces from the Build a Bride line! I loved her enthusiasm! Even though it was going to require more hard work, she wanted to do it because it was ultimately my dream gown. The whole ‘designing’ process literally took about 5 minutes. I’ll never forget Heidi saying “I really wish I could make it more of a process for you, but I think we are done!” Haha! And she was right! That’s the benefit of the Build a Bride Collection. I had the pieces to choose from right in front of me, which took out the guess work of designing my gown because I could see them! That’s why I fell in love with the Build a Bride line! And plus, when a designer just knows how to design so well and listens to the bride as she does, it makes designing your gown so much easier!

When it came time to do my fitting I was blown away by how much of ‘the most important dress of my life’ was made before my eyes. I watched two of the sweetest ladies ever, Karen and Elizabeth, hand sew each tiny piece from the Sophia skirt onto my dress. I even got to help a little! (which is not mandatory for all brides of course! But I had grown close with the Heidi Elnora family and was excited to jump in for sewing one tiny triangle…which I’m sure Karen had to re-stitch after I left). It was coming together beautifully. I really loved the fact that yes, although the Sophie Skirt was hand made in Paris, the bodice was made in Alabama, and they were sewn together before my eyes. That is just an example of how pure hearted Heidi is. She wants to take care of Birmingham, her hometown, by keeping as much instate as possible while adding exquisite quality from Paris. She also never left Birmingham, even after being on Project Runway & having her own TV show, Bride by Design, on TLC.

I’m usually a pretty introverted person, but when I finally got to put on the dress of my dreams…. I was brought to tears! So unlike me! As I stared at myself in the mirror, Heidi put a dreamy, cathedral length, simple veil in my hair and then she literally hoped to sit on the floor to continue fidgeting with the pieces that hung off the skirt herself. She wanted each one placed non symmetrical on both sides, so that it had the outdoorsy, whimsical look I wanted. She really contemplated the placement of each one and started repining a few of them. I just loved how much she poured her heart and soul into making it just right, even after it was ‘done’!

The strapless, sweetheart cut dress fit like a glove! But yet the fabric was so light weight, and ultimately proved to stay light weight in the 85 degree weather we had at our Danville, KY outdoor wedding! The gown even completely stood in place, although it was strapless. Again, I have probably worn thousands of strapless gowns through my years of modeling and many of them eventually fall down and need pulled up on top. Not mine! I danced the night away with it secure as can be thanks to the boning Heidi places in each gown for ultimate shaping and security.

Photos by Mango Photography

I got to know Heidi better as time went on as I joined her and my friend Ashely modeling in photo shoots. They are without a doubt some of my favorite pictures of my whole career! Brittany Massey is amazing with hair and makeup, and Angela Karen just takes the prettiest pictures! Not to mention the gowns are of course…to die for! The Heidi Elnora family is truly one of my favorite blessings of my life. But at the end of the day, I’m still just amazed that Heidi stays as humble as can be despite the fact that when we walk around in AL, New York, or anywhere else that people never stop requesting photos with Heidi and being star struck themselves. She is without a doubt one of the most down to Earth girls I know, and will make you feel like she is your big sister. I couldn’t have received a more beautiful, comfortable, custom-gown, at a great price, for the biggest day of my life. Thank you Heidi & all your team!

Photos by Angela Karen

Meant To Be Boutique | Coming Soon!

Ladies! We have some very exciting news to share with you all!! In just a few short months we will be welcoming a sister store into our community and we are over the moon excited about it. The new boutique is called Meant To Be Boutique - Bridal Consignment & Sample Shoppe. We're going to house consigned wedding gowns as well as our discontinued bridal & bridesmaid samples! To learn more visit MTB's website -

If you or someone you know is interested in selling their wedding dress, please email us at . We are looking forward to this new adventure and are so thankful for all of you who have already cheered us on as we chase this dream of ours!

Wedding Veils & Barbells

Attention Twirl girls! Planning a wedding is hard, right?  There are so many things to take into consideration.  Who are your bridesmaids going to be? How will you find that perfect dress, venue or cake?  You have to think about the ceremony, the pictures, reception, decorations, food, hair, makeup…and the list goes on and on.  One thing that most brides have in the back of their mind is that they want to lose a few pounds to look their best on their “Big Day.”  Well, lucky for you, Twirl is now offering a service to help brides reach their fitness/wellness goals.  Whether you want to tone up or lose weight, take advantage of a free consultation with “Wedding Veils and Barbells” and see what this is about.

Hello, my name is Hannah Slone.  I am a graduate from Georgetown College and have obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology.  My passion is to help women see their full potential and achieve their fitness goals.  I view losing weight not just as a “fad” or “crash” diet, but as a change of lifestyle to becoming a healthier and happier individual.  For most ladies, our wedding day is something we have played out in our mind and daydreamed about since we were little girls—It’s a “Big Day.”  Possibly the biggest day of our lives, or at least in the top five.  No one wants to look back 5, 10 or 15 years down the road at wedding pictures and think, “Wow…I should have toned up that arm flab,” or “I remember not being able to eat one bite at the reception because if I would have, the buttons on the back of my dress would have popped off.”  To avoid these regrets, let me introduce you to a few options that are now being offered through Twirl.

Congratulations…Since you are a Twirl bride, you are entitled to a free wellness consultation and a discount on a wellness/fitness-consulting package by me.

Here’s how it works and what it includes:

Once you have contacted me, we will schedule a time to meet that works with your schedule to discuss the best package for you, as well as your personal health goals. After we meet, you will begin to receive detailed meal plans and exercise routines that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Listed below are several packages to choose from to make this experience more enjoyable for you:

-  Bride Only: Customized weight loss plans just for you!

- Bride and Guest of Choice: It’s not easy losing weight alone, right? This package allows the bride and guest of her choice to enjoy this weight loss journey together.

- Bride and Groom: Think of this as a bonding experience between you and your future husband.

- Bride and Mother of the Bride: What better person to walk along side a weight loss journey with—your mom

- Bride & Bridal Party: This is our special package upon request!  Have fun losing weight with all your best friends and encouraging one another.  This makes a great bridesmaid gift.

Lastly, I can’t wait to start this journey with you.  I strive to be more than just a fitness consultant but a friend and accountability partner along the way.  I care about your goals and wishes for your “Big Day”, as well as a lasting lifestyle change.  Call or email me at 606-922-2780, to discuss this in more detail and find out how and when to get started.

Sweat today, smile tomorrow!

Hannah Slone | Wellness Consultant

Designer of the Month: Tara Keely by Lazaro


If you follow us along on social media you might have noticed that we've been getting some beautiful deliveries lately from Tara Keely! We are over the moon excited about our new arrivals from this amazing designer and it inspired us to encourage our future brides to fall in love too! Walking into the bridal suite can be an overwhelming experience. You walk into a sea of white and are blinded by all things pretty. Designers & dress designs all start to blend together and it's hard to distinguish one from the other at times. Well, let us help you get to know Tara Keely and perhaps you'll fall in love at first sight when you spot it in the bridal suite when you come to shop with us!

Tara Keely has been described as, "inspired by feminine silhouettes and soft alluring fabrics. With a mix of detailed laces, lush tulles, and accents of shimmering sparkle, this collection offers brides the ideal romantic vision. For the graceful and elegant bride who embodies an effortless beauty and timeless sophistication."

Doesn't that sound lovely?! We sure think so!

Photography by The Malicotes

Tara Keely is my (Liz) personal favorite collection here at Twirl. Each dress is timeless, elegant, and has a sophisticated yet chic feel to it. One of my dearest friends got married in one of my all time favorite Tara Keely's, style 2357, and I thought she looked like the embodiment of grace & beauty as she walked down the aisle to her groom and danced the night away with all her closest family & friends.

Photography by Whitney Knutson Photography

Our brides that choose a Tara Keely gown as their wedding dress are never disappointed. They will look back on their wedding day photos when they're old & gray and still be so happy with how timeless and beautiful their dress was. These gowns are ones, that, I believe, can be passed down as heirlooms for generations.

Photography by: (Top Images) Nina & Wes Photography and (Bottom Images) Whitney Neal Photography

We're offering a special deal for future Twirl brides that purchase a Tara Keely gown from now (September 18th) until October 17th! Tara Keely is officially our "featured designer" for the next month and we'll be offering $200 off their dress to any new Tara Keely bride within that time!

How exciting, right?! Call us to book your appointment to come & shop this beautiful collection! We hope you love it as much as we do! 859.309.2493


Liz Cox + the Twirl Girls

Hayley Paige Trunk Show | August 28 & 29

Clear your calendars ladies because we have a HUGE trunk show coming to Twirl! The weekend of August 28th and 29th we are hosting one of our favorite designer’s trunk show -- the one and only, Hayley Paige! For those of you that aren’t familiar with her, Hayley is a young and fresh bridal gown designer that has taken gowns to another level. While her dresses still can keep a traditional feel, she has really put a unique and lovely spin on wedding gowns. If you ask us, she is owning the bridal world right now! Make sure to give us call and set up your appointment for that weekend and hurry because they’re filling up fast! Call us at 859-309-2493.

Here is a link to her website, go check it out!

Ty & Liz with Hayley during April 2015 Bridal Market

While we have your attention, we want to explain what exactly a trunk show is so you all are well informed & all the more excited about it! A trunk show is when a designer sends us a collection of their best bridal gowns for just one weekend! That is what makes the weekend so special! For one weekend, Twirl will have a much bigger line of Hayley Paige dresses for you ladies to look through and try on aside from our dresses that we always carry in the boutique. We will have around 30 of Hayley’s dresses and we are SO excited about them! We’ll have the “Best Of” collection, Spring 2015 collection, and a limited amount of her most recent Fall 2015 collection. Twirl will be busting at the seams with all things fabulous & Hayley the weekend of August 28th & 29th! So, once again, the spots are filling up fast so call and get your appointment today! The 29th is pretty much booked up and there are only a few spots left on the 28th. We so look forward to shopping with you!


The Twirl Girls

Trending at Twirl: New Dress!

Hello ladies! We have some very exciting news to share with you this week! Here at the boutique, the Twirl girls are happy to announce that we have a brand new tea length wedding gown! It’s from one of our favorite designers, Justin Alexander. It has an adorable strapless, satin top with a full tulle skirt. It is detailed with satin buttons down the back and a satin trim around the bottom of the skirt. It is absolutely the perfect dress for any bride that is going for a more vintage look that takes them back to the 1950’s and 1960’s. It is simple but elegant all at the same time!

As classic as this dress is on its own, I have some different looks put together to give it an extra special touch so every bride can make it her own. Everyone knows how much we love our lace boleros here at Twirl, so I’m showing how each bolero jacket looks on the dress to give you brides different options if this gown is something you may be interested in. The three different boleros we have are a cap sleeve, sleeveless, and an off the shoulder sleeve.

First, of course here is the dress on its own. It’s simply stunning, isn’t it!

Second, I put the sleeveless lace bolero on the gown to give it more of a summer spring time feel.

Next,  I added our off the shoulder lace bolero that I think would be perfect for any late summer, early fall wedding.

The last bolero I added was our cap sleeve lace bolero to show the gown with more of a 1950s and 1960s look.

I hope you ladies enjoyed this weeks featured gown and how to make it your own with our different lace bolero jacket options. As always, please contact us with any questions or comments on the wedding gown that was featured today!



Trending at Twirl

I have a treat for you ladies today! This week we are featuring a dress by Hayley Paige from her Blush line. This wedding gown is called River and we love it here at Twirl! It has a great shape that looks fantastic on everyone. So once again we will give a ceremony and reception look to give you brides some ideas for your special day.

The Twirl girls may be a little obsessed with our lace boleros! For this particular dress, we have chosen the off the shoulder lace bolero. This look really gives this dress a more romantic feel to the gown. The bolero has satin buttons that go down the back of the gown, which gives it a special touch. It really makes this dress stand out during the ceremony!

Now, for the reception look I decided to remove the lace bolero. I tried some different belts on the gown to add some fun sparkle. The first belt is for our glamour girls out there. This belt is made by Justin Alexander and it is nothing short of a statement piece! With this belt all eyes will be on you on your special day.

For you brides that want something more simple and elegant, I added this smaller belt made by Kelly Faetanini. It adds just the right amount of sparkle and shine without overpowering the dress or you!

The Twirl girls hope you ladies are enjoying these simple tips that can give you different looks on your special day. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have about any of the accessories shown today!



Out with the Old, In with the New! | Twirl Reno

If you've been following along with us on social media you've probably noticed that Twirl got a little facelift recently! We'd been wanting to do this for a long time but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that we finally bit the bullet and went for it. Oh goodness, it is a DREAM! We absolutely LOVE the new look of the store and we hope y'all do too! Here's a peek into the renovation of our sweet little shop.


AFTER (Yay!!):

 Our amazing custom desk/shelving unit was created by Mulberry Builders and we're absolutely IN LOVE with it! They do incredible work. We couldn't be more pleased!

Gold desk & shelf decorations are from Hobby Lobby. We're a littttle obsessed with gold.

Gold vinyl monograms (TSM is Ty & EMC is Liz) from Dixieland Monogram. We were inspired by our favorite Southern Weddings ladies when it came to our desk chairs!

"The South" print is from The Southern Weddings shop. Go get yourself one, we love it!

Our new Twirl mantra is beautifully framed on our wall. Design/Print by Thirsty Hearts Design, she's oh so wonderful!

We're are OBSESSED with those gold stripes on the walls! Kate Spade would be proud, or so we hope. Ha!

 Southern Belle Glitz is selling her bridal collection here at Twirl & we are in love!

 Reupholstered cushions can make a world of difference! Fabric from Rag Peddler here in Lexington.

And there you have it! Please come by & see it in real life sometime, we'd love that!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!


Trending at Twirl: Accessories Edition

Good news ladies! The Twirl girls have come together to bring an interesting twist on your wedding dress! We have realized that there is one thing better than having one look on your wedding day and that is having two different looks. We know you’re probably thinking that there is no way you’re buying two wedding dresses but that’s where we come in. We have played around with our gowns and accessories to come up with a new series of entries to show you special brides to be, how to transform a wedding dress in a few easy steps. During appointments, we notice a lot of brides would like to be more modest during their ceremony but then have a little more fun with their gown at their reception.

This week we are putting a fun twist on one of our most classic dresses. On this gown we have added a cap sleeve lace bolero jacket and an ivory sash to really bring that classic bride feel to this amazing dress. We know that many of our brides out their like to be able to dance the night away with their new husband. To make this dress more dance friendly, we removed the lace bolero jacket and the ivory sash, but added a fun Kelly Faetanini belt to bring a little sparkle to the dress.


This is the dress before we added any accessories.

We then added the Kelly Faetanini belt to give some sparkle to the gown for the reception.


Finally we added the lace bolero jacket and a ivory sash to bring that classic wedding look to this wedding gown.


Look how sweet!

We hope that you ladies are going to love these fun tips to really bring a fresh look to your wedding gown but at the same time keeping the classic bridal look that we all know and love. Stay tuned for next week’s post!



Happy Five to Ty & Brandon! | Marriage Advice Five Years In

Five and half years ago I began the journey of opening Twirl.  My little pink dream store.  I was 29 years old and embarking on what would be the most rewarding {and hard} five years of my life.  Little do some know that one month prior to opening the doors of Twirl, my husband proposed.  Our marriage has grown right along with the business we work so hard to make successful.  Both require lots of attention, nurturing and thought.  If you let either one run on auto-pilot for too long you risk losing it.  Some days are sometimes long, but the sweet years are oh too short.  It is a requirement to put your heart and soul into loving your husband and we have worked hard to keep life interesting.  So far we have survived the loss of a job while starting a new business, buying our first home together, moving four weeks before our first daughter was born, added a second daughter to our family and grown our little business to be pretty darn successful and rewarding!  I am by no means an expert...but here are a few words of wisdom from me.

Wedding Day Advice

Our wedding day was magical.  I broke down in tears of joy when it was all over because I was so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love we felt that day.  I wish for that feeling for each of our brides that come through the doors of Twirl.  It did not run perfectly smooth...and here is what I would do differently if I had to do it all over again {to the same man, of course}!

  • Do a first look.  I understand it is tradition to not see one another before the big moment, but I cannot stress enough how special that time was for us.  It was just the two of us {and our photographer}.  We had time to share our thoughts and take it all in together.  It made the ceremony much more relaxing.

  • DO. NOT. run late for photos!!!  Our hair/makeup schedule got a little thrown off and that pushed us later for photos.  We were all stressed and did not get the shots that I ideally wanted.  All in all we have gorgeous pictures from our day, but it would have been much better had we planned a little better.

  • Hire a professional to run your day for you!  If you cannot afford a full service planner at the very least find someone to do your day-of coordinating.  Ours was a lifesaver!

  • Before you leave the reception ask your coordinator to pull your parents into a separate room so you can spend some time thanking them for all of their love and support.  We had about ten minutes with our parents and it was priceless.  My dad also handed me a little video camera of short videos he'd captured throughout the day.  We took it with us on our honeymoon and laughed and cried at the special memories.

  • Have your coordinator/caterer pack food for your getaway car!  We were starving when we got home!!

  • Enjoy. Every. Second.  It truly flies by.

Advice for Married Life and Life with Children

We are still figuring it out day by day...but here is what we have learned:

  • Surround yourselves with great examples of love and learn from them.

  • Laugh with each other and relax.  My husband keeps me grounded and knows when to tell me I am taking myself too seriously.

  • Go on dates.  This gets harder with children, but those days or nights out with just the two of you remind you that it all began with just you all.  Keeping each other happy is all that matters.

  • Pray together.  I included one of my favorite verses in the picture collage.  Proverbs 31: The Wife of Noble Character. If you have not read it.  Take the time to do so.  I am in constant prayer that I can be all of the things it mentions.


Remember to celebrate your anniversary every year.  It doesn't have to be elaborate.  Our tradition has been to order a new cake topper and enjoy LOTS of cake with champagne in our toasting flutes from the wedding.  This year is a little more special, being our Happy Five and all! So, we are heading out to Asheville, North Carolina for a weekend away with no responsibilities...and we couldn't be more excited!  Did I mention that my super thoughtful husband gave me a package of anniversary cards to open on our wedding day?  I can't wait to open our Five Year card and see where he thought we would be at this point...

Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported us the past five years.  We look forward to MANY more!!

Tara Keely Trunk Show at Twirl!

We are so excited for the weekend ahead here at Twirl! The Tara Keely trunk show is coming our way and we know that our store is about to be flooded with beauty!! It's May 15th & 16th so be sure to call and set up your appointment ASAP! 859.309.2493

Feel free to check out Tara Keely's line here:


The Twirl Girls

Twirl Gives Back

Lately we have felt overwhelmed with gratitude for the work we get to do and the lives we get to be a part of here at Twirl. They say that giving comes from a grateful heart and we couldn't agree more. Starting this month, we want to make it a point to have a weekend at least once a month where a percentage of our profit goes to those in need or to a charity that we believe in. Kicking off our new "Twirl Gives Back" tradition, a portion of our profit this weekend is going to help send one of our very own, Miss Emily Rhoads, to Costa Rica for a mission trip this summer. We are so excited to support Emily and help make this trip happen for her! We thought it'd be sweet to have her share her heart with you all about why she's going to Costa Rica and what you'll be a part of this weekend if you're one of our special brides or bridesmaids!

“I’ll go.”

Who knew two words could open up a desire that rested deep in my heart, those two words have shaped my year, those two words are the start of a journey that will begin its first chapter with a trip to Costa Rica. In the last year I’ve had this thirst to go wherever the Lord wants, to leave the comfort zone that is Lexington is to me. Nothing can quench this thirst other than going and doing.

It all began while sitting in a church service and the pastor said that a person in the congregation would get to serve on a mission trip and their funds were already taken care of. As soon as I heard this I started to pray, ‘PLEASE BE ME.’ I just couldn’t stop thinking about how I wanted to be that person. Until that day the desire to serve in a developing country had never shown itself in full force, but it was buried in my heart and brought to life that day in church. Unfortunately I did not get to go on that trip, but every day since I though about going somewhere but I just didn’t want to go completely alone.

Fast forward about six months, I’m talking to a friend and she mentions that she wants to go a mission trip to Costa Rica but doesn’t want to go by herself. And then those two words slipped out of my mouth without even thinking; “I’ll go.” That’s all it took to get the wheels in motion to begin planning our trip. We did a lot of research and decided to travel with a group called Experience Mission for one week in July to a remote village called Shiroles, Costa Rica. We will be serving the community by helping to build homes and an education center for the village and the surrounding communities. We will also be working with local churches and leaders and helping with a children’s day camp. But what I am most excited about it getting to love on everyone I meet. There is nothing more that I want to do than share the love of Christ and be a light for him in a place that hasn’t gotten to see much of that light.

We are so excited about this weekend and supporting our sweet Em! Thank you in advance for being a part of this with us! If you feel compelled to support Emily but aren't in need of a bridal gown or bridesmaid dress you're more than welcome to come by and donate to help Emily raise money for her mission trip, we certainly wouldn't turn anyone away that wants to give!


The Twirl Girls