Friday Favorites: A Little White Dress

Posted by Twirl Lexington
10 October, 2014

It’s been a week and a half and the wedding of the year is still being talked about & swooned over! The images of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s wedding have been flooding our computer screens for days now and we’re still drooling over Amal’s bridal beauty!! 

While we adored Amal’s gorgeous Oscar de la Renta wedding dress, it was her amazing Giambattista Valli Couture day-after dress that us Twirl Girls are obsessed with! Can you blame us?!

27-george-clooney-amal-alamuddin-wedding-lede_w529_h352_2x George-Clooney-Amal-Alamuddin’s-Wedding-Album-Exclusive-Images-22 George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin To Get Married In Venice

This inspired us to post about some sweet “little white dresses” we have in the store that are absolutely perfect for rehearsal dinners, receptions, or your own day-after looks! So for our Friday Favorites this week, here are some of our favorite “little white dresses”!


Our first look resembles Amal’s with the long-sleeve laced look. This is from our Jenny Yoo collection. It’s super comfortable and looks adorable on everyone! The sleeves can work for any season and the sweet floral lace pattern still gives you a bridal feel.


Our second look is from our Donna Morgan line. It’s a really cute strapless option and is incredibly flattering. With a cute cut out in the sweetheart neckline, it gives a touch of personality to a classic lace option. We love this dress!


Our third look is one from our Dessy Collection. It’s also really comfortable and is just a really classic look. It’s great for any season and will make any girl look & feel like a million bucks! With an illusion lace neckline over a champagne colored dress, it’s a great option for still looking bridal without having to wear all white!
oliviawhitedress1So if you’re looking for that perfect “little white dress” come pop in & see what we’ve got for you! These are just three of our favorites, there are plenty more where they came from & they’re all just as fabulous! With lots of designers, and over 200 options in the store, we will be able to find you something for any look you’re going for!

We hope you guys have a wonderful Friday & enjoy your weekend! :)



The Twirl Girls


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Meet the Twirl Girls: Caraline Goodman

Posted by Twirl Lexington
01 October, 2014

Hi friends & happy Wednesday! IT’S ALREADY OCTOBER!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! We’ve been a little absent lately from this little corner of the internet but don’t worry, that just means lots of brainstorming has been going on about fun new ideas to share with our beloved Twirl brides & friends! One of those ideas was to start a little “get to know us” series where you get to know the Twirl Girls! We are all about making you feel right at home here at Twirl and what better way than getting to know the ladies that help you find your dream wedding dress or perfect bridesmaid dress for the big day?!

Kicking us off is our cute store manager, Miss Caraline Goodman! We love this girl so much and are so thankful for the way she loves not only our precious brides & bridesmaids but all of the consultants & interns as well. While Twirl’s owner, Ty, has been gone on her maternity leave (yay for baby Audrey!), Caraline has run the show and let us tell you, she is a rockstar! We are so grateful for this wonderful girl’s leadership, constant encouragement, and overflow of love to each of us every day.

So go ahead & cozy up with your Pumpkin Spice Latte (it’s October now so it’s completely acceptable to indulge all you want, ha!) and enjoy getting to know a little more about this fabulous lady!IMG_5661

IMG_5661What’s there to know about this Twirl Girl?: 

I had the great fortune of growing up in sunny San Diego California with my parents and my little brother (who is my favorite person in the world!) I am convinced that you cannot go to San Diego and not want to spend the rest of your life there. My world consisted of beach days, even in the winter, perfect 75 degree weather all year round and a southern California girl attitude.

I studied art history and museum studies at the University of Kentucky and in the winter of 2013 got the degrees to prove it. My passion for art history runs deeply. I got the best college experience because I was able to study what I love.

My favorite color is black. I only wear gold jewelry. I don’t believe in wearing white after Labor Day. I have an obsession with expensive shoes. I’ve never met office supplies that I didn’t love. Nothing Kate Spade creates doesn’t amaze me. I speak Italian (e penso che suona bello). I am a strong believer in statement necklaces. Polka-Dots are my pattern of choice. I like to sing Broadway classics and worship songs really loud in my car. I have seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother…twice. I am, and forever will be, a proud member of Pi Beta Phi – and I adore my angel sisters.  My planner goes everywhere that I go. I believe that you can never have enough throw pillows. I am the biggest Star Wars fan you will ever meet (thanks, dad)! You can always find fresh flowers in my house. Don’t even try to talk to me when Game of Thrones is on. I absolutely adore the snow. And if red wine didn’t exist…neither would I.

I have been a Twirl Girl since November of 2013 and I have loved every second of my job. I started out as a bridal consultant and in the spring of 2014, I became the manager. My job is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, the endless love I see at Twirl makes my heart so full and happy. I never intended to go in to fashion…especially not BRIDAL fashion but I wouldn’t trade my job for anything in the world. My buying trips to New York, personal relationships with designers and sales reps, watching girls say “yes”…it just never gets old. I truly do have the dream job and the best career I could have ever asked for.

Question #1: What is your favorite dress at Twirl & why do you love it so much?

My favorite dress at Twirl is the La Sposa big Pink Ballgown. This dress is truly incredible. I love all the crystal and rhinestone detail and the metallic thread-work in the bodice. In my opinion, you can never have enough bling! The fact that it is pink just makes it all the more perfect. I really don’t like wearing white because I feel like it just makes me look pale, so this color is perfect because it gives my skin tone more of a glow. The light pink color of this dress combines my love for high fashion trends and my constant need to be different from everyone. I am a ballgown girl through and through. The bigger the better. So my favorite part about this is how giantly poofy it is! Tulle and I have a never-ending love affair.

Question #2: When you’re not working at Twirl, what do you enjoy doing?

I am such a big nerd! So when I’m not at Twirl you can find me at the library or Joseph Beth Book Store. Those are my two favorite places in Lexington! I cannot get enough of books and could spend hours in either of these places.

I have an American Eskimo puppy named Aurora and she and I can usually be found walking and playing fetch in Shillito Park! She is so fluffy white, has the cutest little ears and she is an absolute diva. I wish I could bring her everywhere with me.

I am also extremely addicted to coffee and every worker at the Starbucks down the street from Twirl knows my name and drink order.! (If you were wondering…grande dark roast with hazelnut and half and half)

Question #3: Favorite bridal moment as a Twirl Girl?

In the early spring of 2014, I had a bride who will forever be one of my all-time favorite appointments as well as one of the sweetest people I have ever known. Kayla came in to the store about an hour before closing. She was by herself and very sweet. When I took her upstairs she told me what she liked and then she dropped a bomb on me, her wedding date was a mere 8 weeks away…a blink of an eye in wedding time. She told me they had to move the wedding up because her best friend, and maid-of-honor, had been diagnosed with severe brain cancer and would not make it past April. My heart immediately went out to her. So her fiancé and her were scrambling to get it planned and paying for the wedding themselves all while they both attended medical school at UK and had a stack of student loans to deal with! Then Kayla told me the budget she would like to stick to because her foster mother from many years before had graciously offered to pay for Kayla’s wedding dress. Again, my heart was just so full for Kayla.

I was so touched and became determined to find this girl the dress of her dreams. And that is exactly what happened. Kayla found the most gorgeous Justin Alexander dress that she absolutely loved, and even shed a few tears over. So I rushed downstairs for Ty to get the designer on the phone and see if they had ANY they could get to us in time….they had exactly ONE. ONE dress that they could get to us in four weeks. And it was a size 6. So we did Kayla’s measurements and she was a size 8. Normally, there is NO WAY I would let a bride buy a size down from what she measured. It is just too risky. But with Kayla, we had no other choice. So we placed the order and all said a little prayer.

Four weeks later, I called Kayla to let her know her dress was in. She made an appointment immediately for that weekend to pick it up. She brought her foster mother and we both waited anxiously outside Kayla’s dressing room. When she called me in to zip her up, I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath until it was completely zipped and I let out a sigh of relief. All the worrying had been for nothing and all our prayers had been answered. IT FIT HER PERFECTLY. Literally, like a glove. No alterations necessary ANYWHERE. (I mean seriously, that NEVER happens.) It was like God was saying, this was the perfect dress for Kayla and she was absolutely meant to marry this boy in this dress. When we came out of the dressing room to show her foster mother, they both burst in to tears.

It for sure was my happiest moment as a Twirl Girl and I will never forget how happy it made Kayla.

Question #4: If you could get married anywhere in the world where would it be & why?

I lived in Florence Italy when I was in college. I have never loved a singular place as much as I love Florence. Everything about it. The cobblestone streets, the art, the churches and of course, the gelato! My best memories and some of my favorite people all come from my time in Florence. That city is my safe-haven and my true home. So if I could get married anywhere, it would absolutely be Florence. I have always wanted a winter wedding and I cannot think of anything more romantic than Florence in the winter. Cold and beautiful.

I have a classic, simplistic style and I want my wedding to reflect that; with black and gold as my colors and all white flowers to complete the look. I want elegant and I want fancy. Black tie will absolutely be the attire. Florence is gorgeous and graceful and I think a wedding that is anything but that, wouldn’t do the city justice.


Question #5: What are words that most inspire you? 

“She left pieces of her life behind her everywhere she went. It’s easier to feel the sunlight without them, she said.” –Brian Andreas


Isn’t she great?! We sure think so & hope you do too!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!


The Twirl Girls

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Twirling in Tara Keely

Posted by Twirl Lexington
16 September, 2014
tkbylazaroThere are a few bridal designers that everyone knows. They are the ones we see on TV and we “oooh” and we “ahhh” over their fabulous creations. And we, as girls often do, imagine ourselves marrying our Prince Charming in one of these gorgeous creations.
Well, us Twirl Girls believe in making that dream a reality. Which is why we are hosting a 2 weekend long Tara Keely by Lazaro Trunk Show.
Designed by Lazaro Perez, Tara Keely represents the bridal industry’s hottest styles and enchanting details. The gowns are ultra chic with stunning fabrics and alluring silhouettes. Tara Keely offers the bride options from a hint of sparkle on a signature jeweled belt to the refined grace of tiered lace. The Tara Keely collection combines glamour with an unmistakable twist of modern sophistication.

On September 19-20 and 26-27 you can find your dream designer dress and get special promotions as well! Twirl in your Tara Keely and feel like the most beautiful bride in the world!

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Posted by Twirl Lexington
19 August, 2014

The Twirl Girls and the fabulous ladies of Southern Belle Glitz are teaming up to host our very first


This Saturday August, 23rd join us for our first ever joint bridal trunk show!

sparkle party
The Sparkle Party will be the hit of the weekend in Lexington. With designer wedding gowns at your fingertips and bridal jewelry that will make every girl “oooh” and “ahhh”, each bride will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one style sessions with the girls of Twirl and Southern Belle Glitz.
Allow us Twirl Girls to dress you in your dream wedding gown while the ladies of SBG ice you in gorgeous crystals and pearls for the perfect finishing touches.
The SBG girls will not only be bringing their stunning and sparkly bridal collection, but also thier Boutique Collection! Find a piece for all of your wedding events. A touch of glamour for your wedding shower, some glitter for your bachelorette party, or even gorgeous gifts to give to your bridesmaids! You will find the perfect piece of glitz for any of your occassions!
This exclusive trunk show will fill up quickly with many bridal appointments taking place throughout the day, so please don’t hesitate to call and confirm appointment availability by calling us at 859-309-2493 or send us an email to

Don’t miss out on getting your little bit of frosting for the big day! Nobody can resist a girl in a Twirl gown and ice from Southern Belle Glitz.

XOXO, The Twirl Girls

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A Ring to It: Vivacious or Venturesome?

Posted by Twirl Lexington
24 July, 2014

The Dress: Stella York 5840

This Lace over Dolce Satin lace wedding dress from the Stella York collection features a lovely sweetheart neckline and trumpet silhouette that is both slimming and sexy. You’ll love how this vintage lace wedding dress takes an eye-turning shape with a close-fitting bodice that hugs the body down through the hips and then gracefully flares out to the hem. Fine detailing, like the slimming vertical lace pattern and elegant scalloped Lace edging along the sweetheart neckline and hem, makes this slimming designer gown a perfect complement to your attitude, style and spirit. So if you’re going for a vivacious Vegas theme or perhaps a venturesome beach weekend, you will surely shine in this dress.

Viva Las Vegas

Bridesmaids: Jenny Yoo, Coco

Cake: Martine’s Pastries

Flowers: Jeanie Gorrell Floral Designs

Venue: Terrazza di Sogno at Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Decorative Pictures: Pinterest

Venturesome Beach Wedding

Bridesmaids: LulaKate

Cake: Martine’s Pastries

Flowers: Magnolia Floral Designs

Venue: Your favorite beach (of course!)

Decorative Pictures: Pinterest


Come to Twirl and find the dress for your wedding. No matter the inspiration behind the planning, we have a dress that could be the icing on the cake!

XOXO, Olivia

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Trending at Twirl – Ombre

Posted by Twirl Lexington
16 July, 2014

A New Era of Trends!

Ombre bridesmaid dresses 2

It is no secret that one of the latest trends in the wedding world is ombre!   You can ombre anything – from your hair to dresses, cakes, invitations and much more!  This trend is an easy way to give your wedding day a unique and creative look.  Pick a color and go with it, and always remember to stay simple!
 For example, take a small detail to incorporate like your “something blue.”  Are you having trouble finding your perfect “something blue?” Well have no fear; Twirl has just the look for you!  So why not combine your ‘something blue’ with the ombre look for your big day?  An easy way to achieve this is through bridesmaids dresses.  Twirl offers a wide range of colors and styles to achieve the ombre look for all bridesmaids’ dresses.  While it might seem easy to put together, ombre can sometimes be tricky.  By working with one of our Twirl Girl consultants, you are guaranteed the best help and planning to execute your ombre look! A top trend is having every bridesmaid in a different style, as well as a different hue.  Also, these different shades of blue dresses featured can look stunning whether you are on the beach or in a church!  But, if you want to keep your bridesmaids dresses simple and all one color, no worries!  You can incorporate ombre into the flowers, cake, and invitations and still achieve the same great look!



No matter what style you are looking to achieve for your big day, remember the Twirl Girls are always here to help!
XOXO, Emily


Bridesmaid dresses: Dessy
Cake & Tea Cards: Snap Dragon Parties
Invitation: Etsy
Flowers: NTF Designs
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Twirl Fall Internship

Posted by Twirl Lexington
11 July, 2014

Stacked logo 2s2

The Twirl Girls LOVE what we do every single day.  We are looking to add to our wonderful team this Fall, please read more below and let us know if you are interested in joining our team!

Twirl is seeking a fashion-forward and highly motivated Bridal Sales Intern to work hand in hand with brides-to-be and their entourage to ensure their wedding day is everything they dreamed it would be. As a Bridal Sales Intern you will build relationships with brides and guide them in their style selections while keeping a focus on personal and company sales goals.  The position will begin late August and requires a 6 month commitment.

Additional tasks of the Bridal Sales Intern include:

Exhibiting a warm and professional attitude while providing exceptional customer service to all customers.
Maintaining a professional and fashion-forward appearance at all times.
As a Bridal Sales Intern, you will work hand in hand with our team to towards goals set by the Store Manager. You will also maintain the overall appearance of the sales floor, dressing rooms and other areas that customers can see as well as processing orders as they arrive at the store to be picked up by the bride and her bridal party.

Must be available to work Saturdays from 10-5 and Sundays after January from 12-4, along with a few hours during the week.

Please email resume, cover letter and availability times to by July 31.

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A Ring to It: Roaring or Ripe?

Posted by Twirl Lexington
10 July, 2014

Roaring or Ripe?

The Dress: Iael by La Sposa

Iael is the perfect dress for your vintage roaring 20s inspired wedding or your evening in a stunning Napa vineyard surrounded by ripe grapes. The crochet lace covers this elegant mermaid style dress which is set off with delicate sequin detail throughout and a beautiful train.  The sweetheart neckline is sure to flatter and add a flirty twist to your sophisticated event. So pop the champagne or uncork your favorite bottle of wine and celebrate your big day in style. In this dress you’re sure to have a Gatsby-glam ensemble to go with your elegant soiree.

Vintage 1920s
Décor: Hide and Seek Design
Flowers: Hide and Seek Design
Cake: Martine’s
Bridesmaid: Short lace Jenny Yoo Hudson dress in Sandstone with eyelash trim and silver accents

Vineyard/Napa Valley
Décor:Hide and Seek Design
Flowers: Hide and Seek Design
Cake: Baby Cakes 
Bridesmaid: Deep purple Lynn Lugo dress with a tulip skirt

Whichever look you’re trying to acheive, come into Twirl and one of our consultants will help you find THE dress for your wedding.

XOXO, Olivia

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Trending at Twirl – Let Love Sparkle

Posted by Twirl Lexington
02 July, 2014

Bringing BLING to the Big Day!

sparkly love sign2

They say that “all that glitters is gold” and how could we not agree?  Just a touch of sparkle can make every wedding shine! Lucky for every future bride out there we have all the tools you need here at Twirl.  Recently, we had a beautiful dress from designer Stella York delivered to the store!  We love the completely see through illusion back just decked out in all that bling! This dress is the perfect amount of sparkle mixed with simplicity.
Of course it can be easy to get carried away with trying to make every aspect of your wedding shine, but just remember to keep it simple.  You don’t want to overwhelm or blind anyone with too much sparkle!  For example; the table numbers, center pieces, and invitations are an easy way to showcase your theme to the guests.

Your wedding day is the biggest way to let your love sparkle! Enjoy every bit of it and don’t forget the Twirl Girls are always here to help to make that dream a reality!
XOXO, Emily


Cake: Martines
Table Number & Invitations: Etsy
Bridal Dress: Stella York
Center Piece: Burnetts Boards
Place Setting: Wedding O’ Mania
Bouquet: The Very Last Detail
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Stella York Trunk Show!

Posted by Twirl Lexington
01 July, 2014


Glamorous, sexy, and extravagant. A Stella York wedding dress is more than just a designer label. It’s an indelible mind-set — with each creation a perfect complement to a bride’s attitude, style and spirit.
Wearing a Stella York gown, a bride will truly be as the name suggests — the stella, or “star” of her wedding day!
Inspired by the world’s hottest red carpet trends, Stella York bridal gowns are imagined and handcrafted with stunning detail. Each gown is constructed to provide an exceptional fit and give the body perfect form, all at a fantastic price!
Dressed in spectacular beading, glamorous laces and enchanting fabrics, the Stella York bride is assured to be the center of elegance and attention. Whether a bride is graced in soft organzas, chiffons and charmeuses or romantic satins and taffetas, the Stella York collection is an extraordinary accompaniment to her every desire.
Come see these absolutely stunning dresses for yourself at our Stella York Trunk Show on July 18th and 19th!
Special promotions will be offered to brides who purchase their gown during this event. This event will book up quickly so make sure to call ahead and reserve your spot.
You can book your appointment online through our website or by calling us at {859.309.2403}.
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