Hey hey loves! We're back again with another gorgeous Real Twirl Wedding to share with you all! This has been so much fun sharing some of our sweet bride's special days with y'all. We hope it's just as fun for you guys as it is for us. Today you're getting the treat of getting a glimpse into Talara + Chris's lovely wedding day. Talara is a talented wedding photographer herself so we knew that we wedding would be full of precious, thoughtful details and all kinds of beauty. Sure enough, her wedding made our hearts absolutely swoon. We're so excited for this feature and have no doubt you'll be inspired and encouraged by this sweet, joyful bride of ours!


1. Can you give us a glimpse into you & your hubs's love story?

Chris and I have actually been friends since we were freshmen in high school. Little did I know but he had a crush on me all through out high school. Our love sparked our second year of college. We got together and never looked back sense. We both say we wish we could have dated way back in high school so we could have had even more time together. But, I am a firm believer that God creates everything in His time and high school was just not our time yet!
We dated for 4 years before we got married and now we have been married for one year!! It's been incredible! We have been through a lot of things most people don't go through in their first year of marriage but we have loved and supported each other 100% throughout it all!


2. What was it about your dress that made you realize it was "the one?" Was it what you expected to love/wear? Favorite memory from dress shopping/Twirl?

I knew way before I got engaged that I wanted to go to Twirl to pick out my dress. I didn't even book appointments anywhere else because I was confident I would find "the one" at Twirl!
I knew I did not want lace, I wanted something very elegant but whimsical!
The Hayley Paige collection was pretty well all I tried on because I loved them all!!
I had it narrowed it down to two! Honestly I could see "the one" in either of them! One was a lot thicker than the other and since I had an August wedding I went with the more lightweight one! Which couldn't have been a better pick because I could "TWIRL" my heart out on my wedding day and I did!!


3. What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

My husband would definitely would say the Southern biscuit bar during cocktail hour. But I would have to say the rain! It POURED down rain during our ceremony! Guess what?! It was All outside too!! I know scary right?! But it was actually perfect!
It had been thundering for 30 minutes before the ceremony started but not a drop of rain so we proceeded with the outdoor ceremony instead of moving it under the tent!
As soon as my father and I took our first step onto the aisle it started to rain and it rained harder and harder but all my husband and I could do was laugh and say it was perfect! Our guests scurried under umbrellas, under their dates' suit coats and some sat and got soaked just to watch us say "I do." The moment Chris and I kissed and faced the crowd it quit raining! You can't make this stuff up folks! God showed up on our big day and he showered us with love!


4. What has been the best thing about marriage so far?

I would say never having to leave each other! We hated the dreaded goodbyes each night leaving each other's home. We always said we just wish we could just never leave one another! I don't want to say it's like a big sleepover because marriage is tough. But it is fun to wake up and go to sleep next to the person I love most in this world!


5. Any pieces of wisdom or advice you'd like to share with future brides, engaged gals, or newlyweds like yourself?

Enjoy this time and Be Kind!
Being engaged or newly married is truly such a special time. So many new things are happening and so many exciting, sweet and unforgettable moments are being made! Hold on to them!! I'll never forget when Christ and I were fixing our new home we just bought we cooked a pizza in our new oven and it started smoking (I have now been told most new ovens do that the first time they are used). Chris and I freaked out and thought we had almost just burnt down our house! Moments like that are ones I want to hold on to forever!
Be kind because there will be so many people wanting to help make your day so special and it may seem overwhelming and it may seem like too much help but just be kind and say thank you! All it shows is how much these people love and care about making your big day a perfect one!


Talara + Chris's Dream Team of Vendors:







DJ: Matt Krupp from SELECT SOUNDS KY


Gown Designer: HAYLEY PAIGE


Videographer: MEGAN ANGEL

Cake: Lisa Wilhite Gregor



Hi friends! If you caught our Instagram stories last Friday then you know that we started our second round of an amazing wellness program called Faster Way To Fat Loss on September 11th. We are so thrilled to take y'all along for the journey with us this time around. Today we are sharing with you our "why"s for doing the program + then next week we'll be diving into explaining the program a little deeper so you're not totally clueless about what all this is about. So WELCOME to this journey towards cultivating realistic wellness in our lives!



I am an emotional eater.  I always have been.  If I’ve had a bad day…I want comfort food.  If I’ve had a great day…I want to go out and celebrate and eat (and drink) lots of yummy food!  In my younger years that lifestyle was easier to keep up, but now that I’m in my later 30s and have two little one, it makes it much harder.  

Also, let’s talk about throwing kids into the mix of trying to find time to work out, meal plan and cook healthy meals.  It. Is. Not. Easy.  I always take little bites of whatever they are eating and find myself justifying treats with them all of the time. 

I took the first step to getting healthier last November by starting classes at SWEAT in Lexington, a boutique fitness studio featuring cycle, barre cardio and yoga.  I have never been a girl that loves to workout.  I pretty much find an excuse to not go (it’s raining, my big toe hurts, I want to go drink margaritas instead), but Sweat has genuinely made me excited to go to class and give it my all for one hour.  When I set goals for myself in 2017 one of them was to take more time for self-care.  Sweat has been one of those items on my checklist and I am so glad I got over the intimidation factor and joined!

Now enter FASTer Way to Fat Loss (cheesy name, but great program).  My best friend had been participating in the program and saw tremendous results.  She and I are total opposites in that she loves to work out and be healthy.  I immediately brushed it off that it would be too strict for me.  I mean, what the heck are macros anyway? I had other friends that also joined and participated with SmoFitness and she also raved about the program.  I knew I needed to do something to take control over the number that kept creeping up on the scale, so I decided to try it.  Oh my gosh, I am so glad that I did!  Through these next few posts we will outline exactly why we love this program so much.  My main reasons are that it doesn’t tell me that I can’t ever have a particular food item.  You make the program work for your lifestyle.  It helps give you a team to cheer you on and celebrate your successes and that tells you it’s ok if you fell off the wagon for a day. 

I’ll share more about my first round and why I decided to continue with the program and share it with you next time! 


Things to know about me: I am a FABULOUS initiator of things but TERRIBLE at follow through. I started a running club with friends in college and quit two weeks in when mother nature struck. I've done two rounds of Whole 30 + one round of Advocare but never fully completed any of them. I ran a little over half of a half marathon. Seeing the pattern here? Ha! Having good health + wellness has always been a desire for me but actually creating sustaining habits + routines has never been a success. I also love a good glass of wine or a cold beer and if a program/diet tells me I can't have those things.. I'm not a happy camper. #InnerRebel?? ;) I started round one of FWTWL and didn't do well with it. Not because the program isn't awesome (because it is!) but because I had some really tough life stuff happen in the midst of it and that just totally threw me off and I never really got back up. This time around, I'm going into it at the heaviest I've ever weighed in my life (I blame eating my feelings during deep grief) and am more motivated than ever to get back to a place where I feel confident + happy in my own skin. I want to cultivate healthy rhythms in my life that cause me to take care of myself well. I turned 26 in August and although I know I'm still "young" I can tell that my body doesn't maintain or shed weight like it used to so I'm really ready to start taking care of myself in a way that will sustain me in the long run. FWTFL has been the first program I've ever done that makes me believe that I can live a normal life + still make significant changes to my health. I'm excited for y'all to be on this journey with us.. plus I need this little blog series to be my accountability because again... terrible at follow through. Ha!

Hearing a little bit of yourself in either of our why's?! If so, share with us below where you find yourself in your fitness/wellness journey and let us encourage you + cheer you on! This journey towards wholeness is a tough one but it is so worth it. It's worth it because when you look at it through the lens of how you're cultivating your legacy then it adds a significant + beautiful weight to it all. Taking care of ourselves is important + meaningful and we want to cheer y'all on in that truth as we preserver in believing it for ourselves as well. We want to live long, meaningful lives (Lord willing!) and we've got to take care of ourselves in order to do so.

So thanks for stopping by + listening to bits of our hearts. We're really looking forward to sharing this journey with you guys. We'll be back next week with more details about the program and why it's been so great for us. We hope y'all will tune in then!

Until then, have a great weekend!


Ty + Liz



Hello hello! How's everyone doing?! Ready for the long weekend?? We sure are! We've got plans to relax and spend time with the ones we love most. How about you? We'd love to hear about your holiday plans in the comments below!

We've got a fun treat for you all toady to kick start your weekend. We're featuring another sweet Twirl Bride of ours. Allison + her sweet hubs tied the knot back in June and we're thrilled to share some of their favorites memories with you today! We asked Allison a few questions about her special day and her life as a MRS and we hope they encourage & inspire you. Enjoy! Xo

Can you give us a glimpse into you & your hubs's love story?

We met on December 9, 2011 while attending a Christmas program with friends. I was only 16 at the time and my husband, Andrew, was 20. After the show, our mutual friends talked for a bit and we were left standing there, awkwardly trying to make friendly conversation. But at the end of the day, it was nothing more than that- awkward. I went home and didn't think much about it- I though he was cute, but the conversation really went nowhere. The next day, I was shocked to find that I had a friend request from him on Facebook. We began chatting on there, quickly realizing how much we have in common and how compatible we are. We had both just gotten out of relationships and were not looking for anything besides friendship. But what can I say? When you know, you know. We went on our first date in January of 2012 and have been together ever since. I'm a big advocate for long-term relationships. Not everyone dates 5+ years, but what better way to know you're with your soul mate than to spend plenty of time together before tying the knot? Life is much more fun when your husband doubles as your best friend.

What was it about your dress that made you realize it was "the one?" Was it what you expected to love/wear? Favorite memory from dress shopping/Twirl?

Before coming to Twirl, I had visited a couple other bridal boutiques and was not impressed. The stores were crowded (which stressed me out) and the dresses I had tried were pretty on the hanger but "eh" on me. The dress I ultimately selected was the third dress I tried on, and I knew it was "the one" the second I turned around in the mirror. It accented my collarbone and toned down my hips. It flowed around me without being "too much" and honestly was super comfortable to wear! Every dress I had found on Pinterest was a jeweled, fit and flare number and I chose a gown that was understated and accented my natural waist. The dress didn't wear me- I wore it. I was so lucky to have my mother, my now-husband's mother, and one of my best friends (who is now my sister-in-law) with me that day. My sister, one of my grandmothers, and Andrew's grandmother were also able to join us the day my dress came in. I love the special, intimate environment that Twirl creates for its brides. Walking out of the dressing room wearing my gown for the first time, into a room filled with the most important women in my life is definitely my favorite memory from my Twirl experience.


What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

I loved our receiving line after the ceremony. A lot of modern brides choose to skip this "outdated" practice, but I think it's super important (just like not seeing each other before the ceremony, but that's another conversation for another day). If you're reading this and you haven't gotten married yet- your wedding day will be a whirlwind, no matter how much you plan ahead. It's easy to say "oh, I'll talk to everyone at the reception" or "I'm sure I'll have a chance to thank everyone at some point" but unless you carve out that time, you simply will not get around to it. Our entire bridal party, plus our parents, lined up at the exit of the church as our guests were leaving and we spoke to every single person. If you can take the time to actually connect with these special people in your life, who took time out of their busy schedules to be there for you, I promise you will not regret it. Nothing feels better than looking down the line of people exiting your ceremony and seeing your great aunt, followed by a cousin you haven't seen in years and your kindergarten teacher. It makes you feel very loved, and it is such an underrated tradition.


What has been the best thing about marriage so far?

I highly recommend everyone take The 5 Love Languages test by Gary Chapman before getting married. Your profile will reveal your primary way of communicating love, what it means, and how you can use it to connect with your spouse. Andrew and I both rank "quality time" very high on our lists- it was his #1 and my #2 out of the 5 options. Because of this, it shouldn't be surprising that my favorite parts about marriage have been eating breakfast together or going for evening walks around our neighborhood. Time together doesn't have to be fancy- it can even be filled with replying to emails, watching TV, and being overall distracted. But there's something so fulfilling about looking across the room at your spouse- that person who gets you like no one else does- and just knowing that they're there for you. It's pretty incredible.


Any pieces of wisdom or advice you'd like to share with future brides, engaged gals, or newlyweds like yourself?

I have three pieces of advice:

1) Work together on setting a budget and stick to it! Nothing is more stressful about planning a wedding than finances. If you sit down with your family and fiance before planning anything for your nuptials, rather than waiting until the middle of the process to adjust your allotments, you will be much less stressed. Communicate your budget with your vendors- I did this before my appointment at Twirl and ended up coming in $1,000 under budget for my dress. Keep in mind- beautiful weddings can easily be made on a budget.

2) Keep everything in perspective. Your wedding day is one day out of an entire lifetime with your soon-to-be spouse. That means if something goes wrong (which it inevitably will), it really is not a life-ending ordeal. If you're focusing on the napkin design and ignoring crucial "life talks" with your fiance, you may way to reprioritize. Your wedding day is important, but it is not made to be the "end all, be all." It's just the beginning.

3) Take it all in. It's easy to get swept up in the madness of a wedding, but you need to make time to enjoy the day. We did this by hiring a wedding coordinator and she was a god-sent. She made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be and took the stress off of both me and my mom. We were able to take our time getting ready, take a few candid shots before the ceremony, and sit and eat a light lunch right before I walked down the aisle. It's important to make time for yourself on your special day. After all- it is about you!


Coordination: Chrystal Bentley with Divine Blooms

Photography: John Michael Laney with Images by John Michael

Videography: Joshua Ratliff with Alyson Biggs Films

Florist: Paula Stambaugh with Williams Floral

Design: Holli Tackett with HolliWood Socials

Cake: Kim's Cakes by Design

Hair: Jessica Branham Hall

Makeup: Maddie Pelphrey

Bridal Gown and Veil: Twirl Boutique

Jewelry: Southern Belle Glitz

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Kentucky Mountain Bride


Hello hello + happy Friday! What a week!! We were traveling for the store on Sunday + Monday, caught our breath for a quick minute, and then rallied to celebrate our sweet Twirl Brides for a night of sipping + shopping at the newest location of Draper James here in Lexington. Phew!! I'm just exhausted typing all of that out.. ha! But it's the good kind of exhausted. It was a week full of everything we love and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Our highlight of the crazy week was undoubtedly our FIRST Twirl Family event!! When we made goals for this year we put down that we wanted to do more events to share time + memories with our sweet Twirl Family beyond the walls of our cute yellow house.

Our heart is to love, serve, and celebrate our brides through every season of life, not just during their engagement season. Wednesday night was so much fun as we spent time with past, present, and even a future Twirl Bride! We are so grateful for this family of ours and it is the joy of our days to celebrate your lives. So THANK YOU for letting us into your lives + letting us cheer you on as you walk through so many different seasons of life. We feel incredibly honored!

Our former Twirl Girl/Intern, Laura of Laura Bodnar Photography, hung out with us and documented the night. We are so grateful to have these photos + share them with you! 

We are so excited about the events we have planned for the future + hope that more and more of you will join us! Cheers to celebrating life well in all walks of life. We love you!!

Also, BIG THANKS to the gals of Draper James for hosting such an amazing night! We adore y'all!! Sending big ole hugs to you forever + always. XO!

The most delicious little cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes! Still dreaming about that raspberry one. YUM!! And what better way to pair cake than with champagne!

The most delicious little cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes! Still dreaming about that raspberry one. YUM!! And what better way to pair cake than with champagne!

They seriously have THE CUTEST things for brides-to-be! In love with it all.

They seriously have THE CUTEST things for brides-to-be! In love with it all.

Ty may or may not have purchased that adorable navy dress. Shhh.. don't tell her hubs! ;)

Ty may or may not have purchased that adorable navy dress. Shhh.. don't tell her hubs! ;)

The DJ staff took such great care of our brides as they helped style them for showers + such!

The DJ staff took such great care of our brides as they helped style them for showers + such!

Dressing room shenanigans... sorry I'm not sorry. ;) Seriously dying that Laura caught this! Ha

Dressing room shenanigans... sorry I'm not sorry. ;) Seriously dying that Laura caught this! Ha

And a couple little iPhone snaps from the night! For those of you who don't know, Draper James was founded by Reese Witherspoon.. hence why we adore it so much. We FREAKED THE FREAK OUT when she liked our posts on Instagram about the event. #FANGIRLSOHARD 

And a couple little iPhone snaps from the night! For those of you who don't know, Draper James was founded by Reese Witherspoon.. hence why we adore it so much. We FREAKED THE FREAK OUT when she liked our posts on Instagram about the event. #FANGIRLSOHARD 

All in all, we couldn't be more thrilled with how our first Twirl Family event went + we are so excited for more to come! Again, we love this family of ours SO MUCH + count it one of our greatest blessings to be a part of your lives in this small way. Thank you for allowing us in!

SENDING BIG LOVE + HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!! Cheers to the weekend! Enjoy it! Xo


Friends, hello! (Warning: you've got a novel coming your way.. sorry not sorry!) Happy Friday!! Anyone else doing a little happy dance with the weekend finally here?! We had a quite a week over here in the world of Twirl. It was my (Liz) first week being back from a week long vacation (you know how that goes.. always an adjustment getting back in the swing of reality.. even when you love your job) and Ty's sweet little girls started their first week of school, ahh! Clare, her oldest, started kindergarten (cue all the tears) and Audrey, her youngest, started preschool (again.. cue all the tears). So needless to say, it was a week full of all the emotions. Ty & I were talking earlier today about how this week felt crazy but we also had such peace in the midst of it. We had peace because we practiced living out our mission for a well cultivated life. A "cultivated life" is a life driven by deep purpose, living out of our "why", and making what matters happen while letting everything else wash away. This idea of a cultivated life is something that was seeded in us during our time at the Making Things Happen Conference back in March. Ever since we've come home, we've had a lot of people ask about our time at the conference and to be quite honest, we haven't really had words to articulate what we experienced. It's been a couple months now and we're really starting to see the fruit of the seeds that were planted in us those two very special days in Chapel Hill. We lived out our "cultivated life" this week and it triggered the thought to finally share with you all some of what God did in our hearts during our time at the MTH conference.

For starters,  the MTH conference is hosted by Lara Casey, who is the founder of Southern Weddings Magazine and Cultivate What Matters. These are two brands/businesses that we adore, support, and believe in wholeheartedly. Lara has been someone that has been a beckon of truth & life to us through these brands for many years now. At the conference, Lara was accompanied by a team of incredible women that we adore who were our chief encouragers, leaders, and teachers during the conference (Emily Ley, Nancy Ray, Gina Zeidler, Rhiannon Bosse, Amber Housley, Katelyn James, Kristin Winchester, and several other powerhouse women who we couldn't love more). At first it was so surreal to be in the same room and conversations with these women we'd been encouraged and inspired by on social media for years but as our time there continued, these women lost their "celebrity glow" and became sisters & friends who laughed with us, cried with us, shared their hearts with us, and cheered us on as we defined what matters most in our lives. It was a beautiful thing to be surrounded by such down to earth women who understand where we are and want to spur us on towards a beautiful, cultivated life.

The MTH conference had been on my "dream list" for a couple years. "Dream list" meaning it would be a dream come true to experience it some day. I had mentioned it to Ty a while back and that sneaky little gal surprised me at Christmas by telling me she had signed us up to attend in March. It was the night of our Twirl Girl Christmas sleepover so I jumped up & down on the bed, cried into a pillow, and squealed like a kid being told they were going to Disney World. Yep. That happened. Ha! We also were able to convince our bestie, Kelsey Malicote, to join in on the fun and so a couple months later we packed ourselves up in the car and took a roadtrip to good ole North Carolina where our lives were changed for the better.

The conference is held at The Carolina Inn which is absolutely stunning. Getting to stay there was such a treat. I will forever drool over that black & white checked floor (insert a dozen heart eye emojis). We were greeted with hugs from the encouragement team that felt like we'd known them our whole lives. It was precious and certainly set the tone for what was in store for us. They took our cell phones during the day while everything was in session. At first I sadly felt a bit naked without it but by the end of our time there I felt a little hesistant to take it back because it'd been so nice to be off the radar for a little while. It's so rare to have the opportunity to totally unplug and take time to reset your heart and mind. What a gift they gave us in that.

Love you, Kristin! This photo will forever melt me. Adore you so much, sister. 

Love you, Kristin! This photo will forever melt me. Adore you so much, sister. 

Now I'm not going to share too much about the actual things that we did during our time at MTH because I want to preserve the magic of it all (it's kind of like Disney in that way). But I will happily share all the sweetness that happened in our hearts.

We were challenged in so many ways to dig deep and really figure out what sets our souls on fire, to name our fears, to speak truth about who we truly are, and to take steps of faith to make dreams realities. Living a purpose driven life is a choice we get to make for ourselves. Seeing change happen in our lives is completely possible. Leaning hard into TRUTH instead of letting lies make us sink IS POSSIBLE. We were set free in so many ways during those two days. Our comfort zones were tested but when we let our guards down, you could watch the fire in our hearts + souls spark again. We each spoke out loud things we had hid in the darkest parts of us and there really is something so profound that happens when we bring those things into the light. Their power diminishes and a renewed freedom is born within us.

All three of us, Ty, Kels, and myself, tried hard not to go into the conference with any sort of expectations but we'd be lying if we said we didn't expect the conference's content to tap into certain dreams of ours, especially when it came to our businesses. If we're honest, I think we all went into it looking for permission to take on new adventures that we'd dreamed about for our businesses and we were all seriously surprised when we talked after the first day and said, "I haven't even really thought about work/the business at all today. This is so much more about us & our stories/families/hearts." 

We each had a light bulb moment after that first day. I think it had been truth we'd known all along but the content shared with us at MTH made it all rise to the surface in a way we'd never experienced before. The light bulb moment for us was that if we want to see our businesses flourish and grow, we have to be taking care of ourselves first. If we are run dry then so is our business. However, if we are living out of a place of purpose and cultivating a meaningful foundation for our lives, it is from that place of wellness that all other things in our lives will flourish, businesses included.

Over the course of those two days we were given permission to care about ourselves. I know that may sound silly but it was monumental for us. It gave us permission to say "no" to the right things so that we can "yes" to the right things too. It gave us permission to put our families first and not feel guilty about that. It gave us permission to choose a life that gave us freedom, healing, and JOY instead of one of overwhelm, disappointment, and fear.

And y'all, that has changed everything for us. I'm not saying that every day is sunshine and roses, that's not anyone's reality, but I am saying that now we are doing our best to live out our renewed + cultivated way of living and it has brought more joy and freedom than we've ever known before. For that, we are forever indebted + grateful for the heart of the Making Things Happen conference and the incredible team of women that are ministering to the hearts of the attendees by speaking powerful truth and freedom into our lives.

So what does a "cultivated life" look for us, you may ask? Great question! I think it can look different for every season of life but I'm happy to share with y'all what that looks like for us right where we are now.

Here's what Ty I had to say about her takeaways from MTH & what her "cultivated life" looks like: I took away that I don't have to believe the lie that I have to be a good mom/wife OR a successful business owner. That with the right planning and the right yes's and no's I can do both. However, I have to cultivate both and that takes work. But it will be worth it when I can look back at my life when I'm 80 and can say I lived a cultivated life. It doesn't just happen. A cultivated life is hard work but the hard work is absolutely worth it. Also, ALL women have big fears. We need to support each other because we're all just doing the best we can. I experienced this deeply from the time we got to share with others about where we are and it was so liberating to hear echoes of "me too" surround me. I'm not one for talking about my feelings so all of this was a huge step outside of my comfort zone but I'm SO glad I took that step!

For me (Liz) I think the biggest thing I took away from the conference was banishing the lie that "it is selfish to care about yourself." I listened to that lie for far too long and had completely exhausted myself in every way because of it. I lived out of a place of "serve others, put others above yourself, care for others & you'll be fine" which is all good and fine when it's done in a healthy way. We cannot love, serve, and care for others out of an empty well. I'd been told a million and two times by people who love me that my way of living wasn't healthy but I didn't know how to restructure my life in way that allowed me the freedom to flourish and rest. Something happened at MTH that flipped a switch within me and I have been doing my best ever since then to live a cultivated life that allows me the space and freedom to care for myself so that there is an overflow of joy and love in all that I do because my days of empty-well-living are over.

For Kelsey, her takeaway was honestly a beautiful combination of mine + Ty's. Leaning deeply into the truths about who she is as a wife, a momma, a business owner, a daughter, a friend, and a person that loves herself well too.

Some of our recaps of the conference from our Instagrams. // Liz + Ty + Kels

Some of our recaps of the conference from our Instagrams. // Liz + Ty + Kels

There is absolutely no denying that we walked away from MTH with a pep in our step, a breath of fresh air breathed into our lungs, and a fire set ablaze in our hearts.

We aren't promising that our experiences will be the same for everyone but we can almost guarantee you that if you let your guard down, allow vulnerability to be the way you interact with others, and open yourself up to do the hard work then you will leave the conference feeling differently than when you first arrived.

If you're interested in attending this amazing conference yourself, go on over to their website and explore around. There's more information and a way to register there! We understand that it is an investment but we would argue that it's one of the best investments you could make for yourself. So go on.. sign up, get your cute little self to Chapel Hill, make things happen, and thank us later. ;) Click here for website: MAKING THINGS HAPPEN CONFERENCE

This amazing group of women will forever have a special place in our hearts. MTH 2017 :)

This amazing group of women will forever have a special place in our hearts. MTH 2017 :)


Here are some of our favorite highlights from MTH (photos from our personal Instagrams):


Amazing small group leaders Emily Ley + Amber Housley, sweet Lara, and MTH goodies!

Amazing small group leaders Emily Ley + Amber Housley, sweet Lara, and MTH goodies!


My incredible small group leaders Rhiannon Bosse + Gina Ziedler, getting to squeeze Lara Casey + Emily Ley, sweet MTH goodies, and experiencing it all with my fave gals!

My incredible small group leaders Rhiannon Bosse + Gina Ziedler, getting to squeeze Lara Casey + Emily Ley, sweet MTH goodies, and experiencing it all with my fave gals!


FaceTimes with the people that matter most, the loveliest small group leaders Amber Housley + Emily Ley, giddy hugs with Lara, and the best roadtrip + conference companions out there!

FaceTimes with the people that matter most, the loveliest small group leaders Amber Housley + Emily Ley, giddy hugs with Lara, and the best roadtrip + conference companions out there!

If you made it all the way to the end of this post, you're a rockstar! I hope it was an encouragement to you. If you have any other questions about our experience, the conference, or anything else feel free to email me. I'd love to chat with you: :)

Cheers to the weekend, y'all! We plan on resting well, spending time with the people we love, and celebrating some sweet brides-to-be along the way. Xo!


Happy Wednesday, y'all! A couple weeks ago we had a gorgeous shoot we collaborated on featured on Style Me Pretty and so we thought it'd be fun to share it over on here with y'all as well. We always love working with this incredibly talented team -- Kelli Lynn Photography, Lovely Leaves, The Livery, Pink LouLou, Haley Michelle Designs, and Bryant's Rent-All. Magic is always created when these creative come together and this time was no exception. Enjoy all the beauty we created together back in April. Xo!

So lovely, right?! We adore this shoot + everyone involved. That stunning dress is our Stella York style 6371. It's a stunner and so is the beautiful gal rockin' it! Big thanks to Caitlin + Cal for being the most adorable bride and groom for this shoot.

Hope you enjoyed, friends! Have a great week. Xo!


Happy Friday everybody! Can you believe it is the end of July already? It seems like this summer has just flown by. And unfortunately, that means it is the end of my time here at Twirl. Sadly, this also means it is the end of my edition of Friday Favorite’s posts. So as my final farewell, I’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane to share with you my absolute favorite dresses I’ve tried on this summer!

Starting us off is the West gown by Blush by Hayley Paige. This dress is glamorous on so many levels and made me feel like I was walking a red carpet! I can’t forget to mention the fit of this gown. The sweetheart neckline and the elongated bodice are oh so flattering, and are sure to make you feel confident and beautiful. I know because that is exactly how I felt! I wrote all about it HERE.

Next is Stella York 6461, also known here at Twirl as Chrissy. Fairytale princess was taken to a whole new level in this gown. Once again, the sweetheart neckline flatters and takes an overall traditional gown and gives it just a touch of sass. I felt like I popped right out of a story book and I know it would be the perfect dress to walk down the aisle to my (future) Prince Charming. I wrote all about it HERE.

Last (but certainly not least) is my absolute favorite, the Teresa gown, from the once again fabulous Hayley Paige. This gown was not something I would’ve pictured myself in. However, the flowy chiffon A-line skirt was so light and comfortable I felt like I could comfortably dance the night away. The celestial beading on the bodice was just enough bling to make my heart swoon, and I absolutely did not want to take it off! I wrote all about it HERE.

To say I’ve been blessed this summer is an absolute understatement. I am so thankful for all of the Twirl Girls who have taken me under their wings and not only have they taught me so much about wedding gowns and blogging, but about life as well. I am also so grateful for every one of you who have read my blog, as well as all my brides who I have been lucky enough to help you find your dream dress. Until next time…



TWIRL BRIDE BLOGGER || Deciding on Your Bridal Look (Insight from a Pro)

Friends! Hiii!! Sorry for almost a month of silence. It's been a whirlwind of a month but we are back and SO excited to share today's post! Our fabulous Twirl Bride Blogger, Allison Johnson of Pink LouLou Design Studio, is sharing her expert & honest opinions with us about the way to go about deciding on your bridal look. This is always such a big decision for brides and we are thrilled to have Allie share all her wisdom with y'all! Xo

Deciding on Your Bridal Look: The Inside Scoop From a Pro Hair and Makeup Artist

by Allison Johnson

Photo by The Malicotes

Photo by The Malicotes

Choosing your wedding day hair and makeup style may be one of the most important decisions you make for your wedding day. And no I am not just saying this because I am a hair and makeup artist, I honestly believe this! Your hair and makeup is one of the first things you will have done on your wedding day that will set the tone for how you feel! Now I know I know, beauty is on the inside and that is the truth, BUT you absolutely want to feel confidant, and feel like you are your most beautiful self! You will have more pictures taken on this day than probably any other day in your life, so you better make sure you love your hair and makeup! How do you ensure this you ask? Well you have come to the right place my friends. As the newly crowned 2017 Best Hairdresser of the South (Thanks Southern Weddings for this incredible honor!!) I feel I have some credibility on this subject! I could write you an entire book of my bridal hair and makeup knowledge, but instead, I tried to narrow it down to what I think are the most widely useful bits of advice!

Spring for the Professionals.

Photo by Aesthetiica

Photo by Aesthetiica

I totally understand budget constraints, I am planning a wedding too y’all, but I highly recommend not skimping when it comes to hair and makeup. If you truly feel confidant enough to do your own, that is great! I have come across very few in my day that feel comfortable enough with their abilities to do their own hair and makeup on their big day, so I suggest taking the stress off yourself, and booking the pro’s! Your bridesmaids will appreciate being pampered as well! That being said, make sure you do your research on hair and makeup artists. Talk to friends; find out who they used and who had positive experiences. Find someone that specializes in special event styling, not just cutting and coloring. I know many hair stylists that would rather die than do a wedding, but who excel at cut and color. Make sure they actually do weddings often! I suggest not going the budget route on this one, because $35 of hair and makeup is going to look like $35 of hair and makeup. Also, bridey’s, don’t feel like you need to pay for everyone’s hair and makeup! In my experience, most often bridesmaids are more than happy to foot the bill for their portion. They want to look like rock stars too ya know! We book hair and makeup about a year or more in advance for weddings we do, so don’t wait until the last minute on this one, or you will be stuck with limited options. 

Do Your Research.

I can’t tell you how many times I do a trial run with a bride, and she says” I am not really sure what I want, I haven’t thought about it yet”.  Girls, this is important! Think about it!! Haha! Get your little bridal butt on Pinterest and start pinning! I personally LOVE having pinspiration when it comes to working with my clients. It let’s me easily see things they like, or dislike. Also, it is very important to look at pictures of girls with hair like yours. Updo’s always look different on different hair colors. If you have blonde hair, look at blonde pictures, and likewise if you are brunette! If you are a natural redhead, then you are a unicorn and you can look at anything you want. Red hair is gorgeous, and often styles well in any ‘do. 

Exhibit A:

Photo by Meg Wilson

Photo by Meg Wilson

Also, keep in mind a lot of those beautiful pictures you see on Pinterest are full of secret extensions. Talk to your stylist about this. Clip in extensions save lives you know. Always better to have more hair than not enough I say!

The Great Hair Down vs. Hair Up Debate. 

I feel like this is very important and I need you girls to really hear me on this. It is very hard to wear your hair down on wedding days. It is a long day, people are hugging you, it could be raining, it could be 90 degrees and humid, I just don’t know—it is unpredictable. If your hair is down, or half up half down, I can almost assure you with certainty that your hair will fall, and be a hot mess at your reception. If you chose to forgo my professional warnings, and wear your hair down, I highly suggest having your hair stylist come back and put your hair up after the ceremony before the reception. And for the LOVE if you are going to wear it down, you 100% need clip in extensions! They hold curl better and help give your hair some structure and fullness. Now, I have really given this some thought, and I think a lot of people are scared of the word “updo” because trust me, I have seen some baaaad ones too. Please see paragraph 1 above, on picking the right stylist who specializes in wedding hair. If my clients are on the fence at their bridal trial, I am always happy to do it down first, and then throw it up after. I truly think they will be happier in the long run with it up, so I like to be able to show them both options. Updo's do not have to be boring, or "slicked to your head" as I hear so often, haha! Here are of some of my favorites I've done recently. 

Look at all that full hair! And I guarantee these gals won't be worried about their hair when they are shaking a tail on the dance floor! Nope, they will look flawless.


My favorite example of hair down for ceremony, then up for reception, is my bride from a few years ago, Brooke! How gorgeous is she by the way?

Photos by Todd Pellowe

Photos by Todd Pellowe

While Brooke wanted to wear her pretty locks down for the ceremony, she heeded my advice and let me put it up for the reception so she could dance with her new hubby and not have to worry about her hair getting stringy or the curl falling. I betcha if we asked her she would say this was a great decision! 

Hair and Makeup in Photos, What You Need to Know.

When you are thinking about hair and makeup for your big day, it is important to understand that your hair needs to be a little bigger, and your makeup a little bolder. It is perfectly fine to want a natural look, but it is important to understand that even a natural look looks best when done a little bit more than you would normally wear it on say, a Tuesday. It’s your wedding!! I always take pictures and video of my brides at their trial runs, so they can see what is coming back off the camera, because it is definitely different than what you see one inch away from the mirror you are looking in. (Side note, no one should ever look that closely in a mirror, trust!) Your hair and makeup should be able to stand up to your dress, and your shoes and veil—all fancy things! Also, your reception will likely be dark, so a little more than normal is a smart move!  Your makeup artist surely has done this many times, so have a little faith! You picked her for a reason, remember that!

Both of these clients of mine both wanted a more natural look, and were scared about having on too much makeup. But once I showed them the photos, they were both absolutely in love! How beautiful are these ladies? 

I asked a few of my favorite professional photogs what they had to say on the matter. Kelsey Malicote touted the importance of makeup "Photos can often wash you out, so it is helpful to have a little extra, know what I mean? Eyelashes, so important. They really open up your eyes and look great in photos. Also lip color; it helps to have a bolder lip than you may be use to. Throw out that old motto of less is more, more is more girl!" Claire Singleton with Claire and Barrett says “Professional hair and makeup can make or break photos on wedding day. Professional artists know how make-up translates to pictures. They are also able to provide looks that  last through all the happy tears, hugs and kisses that you should be able to experience without thinking twice about whether your hair or makeup can hold up. Professional hair and makeup truly makes my job as a photographer so much easier!”

Thanks Kelsey and Claire!! Speaking of products that hold up—LipSense, heard of it? If not you should definitely ask me about it! It is my go to for bridal clients. No more lipstick marks on your hubby, or your champagne glass. Win-win. 

Trial Run: What to Expect, and How to Best Prepare.

A trial run is very important when it comes to wedding day hair and makeup. A trial run not only puts you at ease, but your stylist as well! I suggest doing your trial run 30-45 days out from your wedding. This gives you ample time to prepare, look at pictures, gather your veil and any hairpieces, etc. I have found if you do trials too far in advance, you may change your mind on what you want, or forget completely what you even looked like, ha! I suggest coming to your trial with clean hair, and a makeup free and moisturized face. If you haven’t washed your hair in two days and have it in a bun on top of your head, it is going to be difficult for me to make you fabulous. Whoever is spreading the lie that “dirty hair is best” needs to cut it out. Not always the case my friends. I prefer clean hair any day, as I can use products to achieve what I need to. If you can, schedule your dress fitting around your hair and makeup trial, so you can see the look come together! It is hard to imagine how it is going to look when you have super fancy hair and makeup, and are wearing yoga pants. Also, this is very important. What if you are NOT happy with your trial? Let your stylist know, please! I am always thankful when a bride lets me know about adjustments that need to be made. I know this can be difficult, because you don’t want to hurt feelings, but a professional stylist will always welcome the feedback and appreciate the chance to make it right. I always tell my clients "I do this everyday, you will not hurt my feelings, so please let me know if we need to make any changes”. We stylists want you to be happy, so please communicate with us if you are not 100% happy! 

Well, that was a novel. I apologize. I hope that this helps those of you getting married to be more knowledgeable going into the hair and makeup process! I think I have been most excited about creating this post! Now the big question, who is doing MY hair and makeup for my wedding?! Do you know this is the most common question I have been asked, so funny! I am actually going to do my own hair, and my super talented MUA friend Amelia Evans is going to do my makeup! We are going to get ready in my house, super laid back and chill. That is just how I have always imagined the day, really relaxed, just getting myself ready at my house. I can’t wait! 87 days Y’all!! 

*All the ladies featured in this post are past clients of mine. If you need some more inspiration for hair and makeup looks, feel free to peruse my portfolio on our website, which can be found here


Hey y’all I’m back and you know what that means, it is finally Friday! Now this week’s Friday Favorites is just a little bit different, but fear not you’re in for a treat. Starting today, I’m taking a different turn and instead of featuring a different designer each week, I’ll be showing you three different dresses from different collections that could all work for the same style event! So, to kick things off with a bang I’m going for a crowd favorite of the oh so popular, summer wedding!

First off is Stella York’s style 6555, which we here at Twirl refer to as Slone! This gown is laidback and flowy, but still so chic! And can we please just take a minute to admire the beading on top? I mean hello – so gorgeous! The pearl beading is the perfect touch for us here in the south, who doesn’t love pearls am I right? The light-as-air tulle skirt extends effortlessly into a slight train, making it super lightweight. In the hot summer months here in Kentucky, that is just an added bonus to make you just little bit more comfortable on your big day!

Next, we have Justin Alexander’s style 8949. The beaded net details of the bodice with the illusion deep v-back add just a hint of pizazz. The v-neckline gives a simple, super flattering effect. Oh, and let’s not forget this silk chiffon slim A-line skirt that completes the look and gives an air of lavishness. But, don’t worry even though this dress isn’t a tulle skirt, the chiffon is still light and airy enough that you can twirl the night away! 

Last but certainly not least, is Hayley Paige’s Celine gown. This gown is brand new here at Twirl and is being featured in this weekend’s trunk show, so I knew I had to put it on! Celine is an ivory and hologram A-line gown with a circular chiffon skirt. Added details of an illusion off the shoulder cap sleeve bodice with floral dotted rhinestone embellishment add just enough sparkle to make you feel like a star! Not to mention that this gown has a low open back that adds a hint of sexiness and an overwhelming feeling of glamour. You’re sure to feel confident and relaxed in this beauty of a gown! 

Around here we all know how hot it can in these summer months, so having a dress that you won’t feel like your overheating in is so important. Gowns like these three are the perfect way to highlight your figure, by cinching in the waist, yet flowy enough to keep you cool and comfortable! So I hope that if you are planning a summer wedding these dresses have given you some inspiration for finding your perfect dress! And as always if one these gorgeous gowns featured have caught your eye, don’t hesitate to make an appointment and come on in! We would love to help you say yes, to your Twirl dress!





As another week comes to a close, it’s that time once again for Friday Favorites! This week I’ve been completely crushing on Heidi Elnora and her Build a Bride collection. This collection is the perfect way to customize your gown to exactly what you’ve always imagined! There are so many options to choose from, you can guarantee you will look unique and feel incredible!

The best part of Heidi Elnora’s Build a Bride collection is that you can go as simple or as extravagant as your heart desires. Just take this dress, the Katie Grace, for example. This sweet and simple a-line wedding gown is gorgeous just on its own. Featuring a scoop neckline, a natural waist, and a low back, you will feel classically chic! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the pockets, in this super sweet gathered skirt! And I mean, who doesn’t love pockets am I right? Who wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle with some snacks in their pocket? Okay, okay, maybe tissues and mints would be more appropriate… 

Now you might love this silhouette, but you might be thinking that this is missing something. This is where Heidi Elnora goes from great to absolutely fabulous. You can add so many different accessories to make it yours, which is exactly what we’ve done here. This belt is the Jeana Lee belt, which features hand-made organza petals, tulle, and rhinestone details. The pattern is large in the center of the belt and then gradually becomes smaller as it encompasses your waist. This belt is the perfect way to add a little sparkle and define your waist! 

Maybe you want a little more coverage up top? Well we’ve got that option as well! The Hillary Halter is just perfect and the best thing about it, is that you can wear it for the ceremony and then remove it for your reception! The high neckline of the halter gives a regal feel and the keyhole back adds just a little touch of playfulness and finishes right at a natural waist. Speaking of that waist, why not add a belt to flatter your figure even more? So, here comes the beauty bow! A classic favorite to add to any gown! This bow features a ruched waistband with long tails that be tied into a bow wherever your heart desires! I wore it in the back but you could always add it to the front or even the side!

To round out all the different ways you can wear the Katie Grace gown is the elegant Chloe Crop Top! This crop top features functioning covered buttons at the center back with lace that lies perfectly off the shoulder. This can add just that little extra something if you want to cover up but still feel modern and chic. And just like the Hillary Halter if you wanted to wear it for the ceremony and not the reception it can totally be done! 

Now I know customizing a gown can be a completely daunting task, so I hope I have inspired you to take a leap and check out Heidi Elnora! As always, if you’ve seen something you have to try on, go ahead and make an appointment. We would love to help you say yes to your Twirl dress!

XO, Kelsey


Happy Wedding Wednesday, friends! Hope you all have had a great week so far. It's really hard to believe it's already the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! Where is the time going?! It is absolutely flying by for us but don't get us wrong, we are loving these longer summer nights to enjoy time with our family & friends.

We've got another GORGEOUS styled shoot to share with you all today and we think it's the perfect thing to get us all in the Summer mood. From the lovely gown by Heidi Elnora's Hello Darling collection to the incredible florals & tablescapes designed by Refined Social Events.. we are absolutely smitten with every detail. Ashley Brown of Shining Light Photography captured everything so perfectly and we are so giddy to share it all with you guys today!

So sit back, grab yourself a little treat to snack on or something yummy to sip on, and ENJOY!

Xo, The Twirl Girls

Cheers to this AMAZING team of vendors that made this magic happen:

Styling + Coordination + Floral Design: Refined Social Events

Photographer: Shining Light Photography

Venue: Foxbrook Farm

Hair Stylist: Maddie Wofford

Make Up Artist: Nikki Miner

Wedding Dress: "Sunny Darling" from Heidi Elnora's Hello Darling Collection

Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo


Happy Wedding Wednesday, friends! So along with sharing more of our fun styled shoots, we also want to start showcasing more of our lovely Twirl brides on their special days! We couldn't be more thrilled to share our precious bride, Hillary, with y'all today. She is so beautiful, inside & out, and her wedding day couldn't have been more perfect for the happy couple. We asked her some questions about her wedding planning process, her actual day, and about life as a newlywed and we can't wait for y'all to hear what this sweet girl had to say. Enjoy her gorgeous photos by Chloe Lane Photography and film by Summit Stone Creations! We've got ALL THE HEART EYES over this gorgeous gal & her stunning wedding which was planned & coordinated by Ginny Adkins with Sharing Special Moments.

Can you give us a glimpse into you & your hubs's love story?
Luke and I met at Western Kentucky University in the Fall of 2010. Both Luke and I were actively engaged in Greek Life on campus and during Homecoming week we were introduced by mutual friends at a mixer party. A few months later my sorority was having their annual Theme Dance and that particular year the theme was "Days of the Year" where couples could dress up as any special day in a calendar year.  Being the ridiculous 19 year-olds that we were, my friends and I all decided to choose blind dates for one another. My date was instructed to dress for the dance as if he was getting married because I had (and will always have) a slight obsession with the wedding industry and chose “wedding day” as our theme.  The night of the dance, Mr. Luke Simmons arrived at the sorority house dressed in a black and white tuxedo t-shirt and jorts ready to "get hitched." When I returned home to the sorority house that night I distinctly remember thinking how much fun Luke was and that I hoped I would see him again very soon. As the Lord’s plan began to unfold, I was lucky enough to be asked on our first date the very next day. On May 23rd, 2015, Luke proposed at the waterfront in downtown Louisville and after 16 months of planning, on the most beautiful late September day, we got married on a horse farm in Lexington surrounded by our favorite people on the planet. In the almost seven years Luke and I have been together, I am truly so thankful to be able to call him my very best friend. We now reside in Louisville, KY in our new home with our sweet puppy, Oreo.

Hillary's gorgeous gown was Tara Keely style 2552.

Hillary's gorgeous gown was Tara Keely style 2552.

What was it about your dress that made you realize it was "the one?" Was it what you expected to love/wear? Favorite memory from dress shopping/Twirl?

Oh gosh… I am tearing up just thinking about it.  My dress was one I definitely would not have chosen for myself off the rack nor the style I had been looking for. But Liz, Twirl’s Manager, knew better. ;) Liz and I have been friends since high school and I was so thankful to have her by my side through this process.

After trying on multiple gowns  and not receiving that “perfect” feeling every girl dreams of having with any of them, I began to question if I’d ever find “the one”.

I had found a dress that I liked, but there was just something that was keeping me from saying yes.  Luckily, Liz suggested that I try on one of her favorite dresses in the store. A few moments later, Liz walks up the stairs holding this beautiful gown with cap sleeves, a beaded bodice with a tulle ball gown skirt. It was absolutely beautiful, but literally the opposite (minus the ball gown style) of what I was looking for. 

I stepped into the gown and walked out to the podium in the room where my Mom was waiting, and immediately began to cry.  As I looked at myself in the mirror, in the most beautiful dress I had ever tried on … all I could imagine was Luke’s face when he saw me in this dress.  When I stood in the dress I saw the woman that I wanted to be for Luke as his wife. When I saw myself in that dress, all I could see was him and that’s when I knew without a doubt that I HAD INDEED FOUND THE ONE!

When I think back to the two dresses that were my final picks, the first one fit my personality.  It was girly, confident, boisterous and a little unique, but THE dress that won my heart made me feel like I was opening a new chapter.  I was ready for this new adventure and committing myself to Luke in our marriage.  This may sound funny and nonsensical, but slipping into that dress brought a feeling of commitment and promise, and it filled me full of indescribable joy.

I am so thankful for Liz and the Twirl team, and the experience that I had at Twirl Boutique. Their patience, their happiness when I found THE dress, and their commitment to making it a perfect experience far exceeded my shopping expectation. Finding my perfect dress was an experience I will never forget. Cannot thank you ladies enough!!

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but three distinct memories come to mind. One of my personal favorite memories from our wedding day was seeing Luke before our first look. I could see him off in the distance on the bridge where our first look was going to take place.  He was and is unbelievably handsome. I could tell even from that distance that he was beginning to get emotional by his body language and seeing him standing there with his hands in his pockets, I began to cry… again, for what felt like the 100th time that day. The morning felt like an extreme blur, up until that moment. In that simple moment, everything became so real and in the hustle and bustle of the day that moment completely grounded me and brought me back to what was happening in just a few short hours.

Our ceremony was our combined favorite memory. One of our dearest friends from college, John, performed the ceremony. John has always had the most perfect way of telling a story and connecting with people. He explained his relationship with us in the most beautiful way; how he had met us both, getting to know us as a couple, etc. But our favorite part of our ceremony was how he explained the Gospel and the relationship of Christ and his bride, the Church, and how ultimately marriage is meant to be a reflection of this relationship. 

We both still reflect and laugh on another favorite moment which was immediately following our first dances (ours, mother-son, father-daughter). We had the most incredible band for our reception, Project859, and immediately after the dances ended and they began to play the first song we look up to see EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, rush the dance floor and it didn’t seem like anyone left all night.  We have the most incredible friends and family, and we are so grateful they were able to celebrate with us.

What has been the best thing about marriage so far?

Easy… I get to live life with my best friend every single day. I get to groan when his alarm goes off at 5am when he has to get ready to leave for work every day and he gets to groan when I want to stay up late to watch TGIT on Thursday Nights. We get to laugh at each other when the other says a Southern phrase the other has never heard before (the difference in growing up on opposite ends of Kentucky).  We both get to love, praise, and scold our dog-child when she does something good or bad (good lessons for future parenthood ;).

We, now, get to make joint decisions on our home projects, where to travel, where to spend our time and money wisely, what meals to cook, where to serve, etc. has been a huge blessing and, also, a huge learning curve. We’re still learning how to communicate and definitely will be learning that in every phase of our life together.  The last 8 months we both have learned so much about ourselves and this new phase of life we are in. The newlywed stage is both fun and challenging as we learn more about each other every day, but also the new people we are becoming as a unit. A unit that we have built over the last 8 months that will last for 80 years to come and that’s what we have to look forward to!

Any pieces of wisdom or advice you'd like to share with future brides, engaged gals, or newlyweds like yourself?

In the very early stages of our marriage, my advice would be to just have fun and to ‘Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing.’  In your first year of marriage, go out and try new things; cook a new recipe you both would enjoy, take a how-to class, take the road trip, join a new community group, make a new situation for yourselves and just do it.

Secondly, always remember to keeping each other first. This is a daily reminder for us.   That includes praying for patience always. Praying for patience when you both disagree on which family event to go to or what should be donated to Goodwill, or how to caulk the house correctly (definitely our largest fight to date). ;)  Darn caulk. 

“Love each other well” was the most frequent advice I got before our wedding and still get in our first year of marriage. How to do that is something we’ll always be figuring out, but keeping him above all else is a really great place to start.

Hillary, thank you SO much for allowing us to celebrate you & share your wedding day with the rest of our Twirl family! We are so encouraged by your story and your heart for your marriage. We wish you nothing but abundant joy & grace in the years to come. Cheers to you MRS. SIMMONS! Xoxo, The Twirl Girls

Interested in having your wedding day featured? Shoot us an email at if so, we'd love to hear from you & celebrate your happy day with you!



It's true! We're HIRING! The Twirl Girls are looking to add another lovely lady to our team & we can't wait to meet whoever she may be! We are looking for someone who has a love for people & serving them with lots of love and Southern hospitality. The next Twirl Girl needs to have a good eye for fashion & if she has previous retail experience that is a dream. We consider it a gift + honor to be a part of styling a bride for her wedding day and we expect our team to strive to celebrate this season of life well with every bride that walks through our door. Our next Twirl Girl should expect to laugh a lot, serve wholeheartedly, work her booty off, and become a part of a family when she becomes a Twirl Girl.

Details about the position of LEAD BRIDAL CONSULTANT + who might be the best fit for it:

- Part-time position (3 days a week, including Saturdays).

- Saturdays are mandatory! 

- Prior retail experience is preferred.

- Fashionable, polished style.

- Detail oriented/highly organized.

- Self-starter, motivated, and confident.

- Kind, friendly, and hospitable.

If you think you'd be a perfect fit for our team please email us with your resume + cover letter to or Can't wait to hear from y'all! Xo

Thinking you may not fit the bill but someone you know does?? Feel free to share this post with them to help spread the word! Sharing is caring. :)


It’s finally Friday!!! And you know what that means, it’s time for this week’s Friday Favorites! And this week is one of my favorites thus far. Why you wonder? Because it’s time for Hayley Paige once again, but this week it’s Hayley Paige’s Blush line. These three dresses are sure to make you feel absolutely fabulous on your big day! 

First up is the Lilou gown. This gown has a gorgeous floral full lace bodice, with spaghetti straps and an oh so flattering sweetheart neckline. And you can’t miss the fun and flirty tulle ball gown. This tiered tulle skirt will have you twirling around in circles all night long.

Next up is Hayley Paige’s Val gown. This ivory lace and organza A-line gown, features a V-neck bodice. The illusion cap sleeve adds a just a little bit of coverage, to help make you even more comfortable. The keyhole back with delicate trim accent gives this gown a hint of excitement. To top it all off, the pleated circular organza skirt if so flowy and relaxed, it’s sure to make you feel blissful and confident.

Click here to see our Pinterest board of a wedding inspired by this look!

Last, is my personal favorite of the three, the West gown. Featuring Marrakesh beading, this fit to flare gown will make you feel fabulous. The sweetheart neckline also has skinny spaghetti straps and a low scoop back. Don’t forget about the elongated bodice with ivory embellishments over a cashmere lining and a full circular skirt. You’re sure to feel absolutely glamorous in the West gown.

Thanks for checking out this week’s Friday Favorites! I hope you love Hayley Paige’s gowns as much as I do. And as always, if you’ve seen something you have to try on, go ahead and make an appointment. We would love to help you say yes, to your Twirl dress!




Happy Wednesday, friends! We realized a little bit ago that we are seriously terrible at showing off all the amazing styled shoots we get to collaborate on. So instead of continuing that trend we decided to start sharing more of the amazing vendors we work with the and magic we get to create together! Today we're kicking things off with one of our all time favorite shoots we have ever done with The Malicotes and Reel Special Productions! One of our former Twirl managers, Olivia Rink (who is now a big bad blogger babe! So proud of you, Liv!), was in town and was sweet enough to be our gorgeous bride model alongside one of her besties & former UK cheerleader, David. We adore this shoot so much & are so excited to share some of our favorites images by The Malicotes & Reel Special's awesome video from it. Enjoy!!

Amazing vendor team who made all this magic happen:

Photographers: The Malicotes (PS- They just did an AMAZING rebrand so you should definitely check it out! ALL. THE. HEART. EYES.)

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

Videographers: Reel Special

Gown Designer: Hayley Paige - "Peyton" Gown + "Byron" Gown

Models: Olivia Rink + David Patton

Venue: Castle & Key Distillery

Rentals: Purdon's Rentals

Calligraphy: Bluegrass Script

Florals: Thomas Ripley Flowers

Bridal Shoes: Omar + Elsie


Hey y'all I'm back with this week’s Friday Favorites! This week, it's all about Justin Alexander. If you're more of a classic bride Justin Alexander is perfect for you. With elegant silhouettes and eye-catching accents, you will feel oh so glamorous.

First up is Justin Alexander’s style 8880. This strapless gown is adorned with an all-over geometric striped organza trim. You can’t miss the gorgeous cathedral length train that creates the most timeless of wedding day looks.

Next is Justin Alexander’s style 8925. You can show off your confidence in this organza jacquard fit and flare with a sweetheart neckline and chantilly lace appliques. If you look this dress up online you might notice that this style comes with a Chantilly lace popover layer with a cathedral length train and off-the-shoulder neckline, for an added hint of modern sophistication. We don’t sell this extra piece here in the store, but we can always order it for you!


Lastly is Justin Alexander’s style 8904F. This gown is inspired by 1950’s fashion. The gorgeous ball gown has a Queen Anne neckline, allover lace pattern, open keyhole back, and eyelash hem lace. This gown also comes in tea length if you want to feel even more retro on your big day.

Thanks for tuning in again this week! If any of these gowns have peaked your interest, call and book your appointment today. We’d love to help you say yes to your Twirl dress!

XO, Kelsey


You guys are in for a real treat today! Our sweet Twirl Bride Blogger, Allison Johnson of Pink LouLou Design Studio, is back and sharing all about her engagement photos and her process for creating her Save The Dates! Prepare yourself to completely swoon over all of Allison & Tim's cuteness. It's ridiculously sweet and we are giddy as can be that she's sharing it all with us!

Things have been moving right along over here in wedding world, and I am surely, but ever so slowly, checking things off my list. I was gifted the Southern Weddings planner and let me tell you, that thing has been a lifesaver! I find the monthly checklists the most helpful, as they are a quick snapshot of what I need to be doing, and when. It's like my own little wedding manager reminding me to do things (heaven knows I need it). 

 The biggest thing we did recently that I was excited to check off the list, was take our engagement pictures! Now Southern Weddings recommends doing this 6-9 months (closer to 9, obvs) before your wedding, but we were a little late on this. And you know what, that is ok!! The name of my wedding game is "no-stress" and I refuse to let anything stress me out. We got engaged in October, but wanted to wait until Spring when the weather was a little nicer to do our pictures, so we ended up taking them about 6 months after we got engaged, and 6 months prior to the wedding.  

We worked with our incredibly talented wedding photographer (Claire from Claire & Barrett) and we had so much fun. I was super nervous about it because I am the world’s most awkward in front of a camera, but this experience was actually one of my favorites so far! We wanted to really capture this time in our life together, and have memories that years from now would bring us right back to where we are, in this moment. We decided to do the pics in our home, simple and laid back. That is just us, we are not stuffy and fluffy, and most of the time we are just super casual being lovey dovey in our house. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. I definitely recommend doing what feels comfortable to you. You will love the pics so much more when they mean something to you. Our house is where we fell in love. On our first date Tim came over to help me paint my guest room, and I knew that this was something special!! No matter where we go in this life, this little house will always hold some of our most cherished memories—from innocent midnight chats to whispered secrets shared.  

Thank you THANK YOU Claire for these beautiful pics! I could not be happier with how they turned out! 

(Don't ask me why, but I think this next pic is my favorite, Our feet are always touching and moving!)

We did also take some outside, we figured our family might want some more formal pics of us not cuddling on the couch,  haha!! I just love them all so much! 

We wanted to use our engagement pics for our save the dates, which are now pushing too late to send you should just send an invitation but whatever, we are sending them. I was appalled at the pricing I was finding online for save the dates, so I decided to whip them up myself. I literally did them in about 5 minutes in Indesign, and had them printed by GotPrint for $38. I am not kidding. No way was I spending $450 on pieces of paper!! Pick your saves and splurges, brideys.  

 I was super happy with how they turned out. If you go this route, you can also order envelopes from, you guessed it, Thank me later. 

I have some more fun posts coming up for you brides that are following along!! As always, let me know if there is anything I can answer for your, or help you navigate! 

Xo, Allison



by Kelsey Mullikin

Happy Friday! Stella York is one of our Twirl Brides’ favorites and I can definitely see why! So, this week I’m all about some of our new Stella York gowns that we just received in stock.

irst up is Stella York 6487, also known here at Twirl as the Tessa gown. Tessa, is a style that brings both the modern and feminine details together, to bring all your romantic wedding day dreams to life! With the modern aspect of the trendy high-neckline and the traditional lace and sweetheart neckline, give you the best of both worlds. Not the mention the sheer, lace cutouts and the open, sheer lace back, adding a hint of sexiness to this overall elegant gown.


Next, we have Stella York 6461, or as well call it Chrissy. Bring your fairytale princess dreams to life with this gorgeous ballgown! The subtle sweetheart neckline, the all-over lace bodice, and the tulle and Regency organza over a satin gown, adds an air or elegance to this princess style. This gown has the option of a lace-up back or zip up beneath fabric buttons. This dress is sure to make you feel like a princess on your wedding day! 

Lastly, is Stella York 6490, known here at Twirl as Season. This gown is laid-back, casual, and oh-so-chic! The breathtaking, lace bodice of this gown features the illusion of a sheer bodice, while providing a bit of coverage. The illusion-lace gives an off-the-shoulder look, which only enhances the elegant feeling. The back of this gown is highlighted with open, illusion tulle and lace detailing, giving it an effortlessly-romantic look. The light-as-air French tulle skirt extends effortlessly into a slight train. All of this making it the perfect gown for a beach wedding! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our new Stella York gowns! Check back next week for more of my favorite gowns!

XO, Kelsey


Happy Friday! My name is Kelsey and I am the newest addition to the Twirl family as this year’s summer intern! All summer long I’ll be featuring some of my favorite dresses on the blog every Friday!

So, to start things off, this week it’s all about Hayley Paige’s Signature Collection! From the first moment I walked into the store, this collection caught my eye. From the intricate beading, tulle skirts, and stunning colors, you will definitely make a statement at your wedding in a Hayley Paige gown!

My first favorite is the Teresa gown! This Ivory chiffon A-line gown, has a celestial beaded bodice with a V-neckline and T-strap back. The full circular chiffon skirt adds just a little extra fun to this flowy gown! It is so light and airy making it perfect for an outdoor or beach wedding! 

Check out our wedding inspiration board on Pinterest that goes along with this bridal look:

This next stunning gown is the Leighton gown! An Ivory strapless fit to flare perfect for brides who want to show off those curves! Not to mention the silk stretch satin ruched bodice with a sweetheart neckline that is just oh so flattering! Don’t forget about that dramatic, signature Hayley Paige silk organza textured skirt that it sure to wow even the toughest critics! 

Check out our wedding inspiration board on Pinterest that goes along with this bridal look:

This last Hayley Paige gown, Bijou, has my heart skipping beats. From the first moment I saw this dress, I knew I had to put it on. The lattice and rose cut bodice with a V-neckline and cutout corset detail immediately catches your eye. On top of that, the cascading tulle ball gown skirt with horsehair trim gives it an extra little pizazz. Not to mention the stunning Hummingbird Blue color! But don’t worry it also comes in Ivory. 

Check out our wedding inspiration board on Pinterest that goes along with this bridal look:

Do you see why these are my favorites now? They are so stunning and so fun to wear! One thing I know for sure, is Hayley Paige never disappoints! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to come back next week, when I feature my next set of favorite gowns!

XO, Kelsey


FRIENDS! We are so so so amazed & thankful that we have reached this milestone within our 7th year of business. SO FUN! Thank you, each & every one of you, for being along for the ride with us and being a part of our Twirl Family. We love you so much and are so grateful for all the love and support you give us on a daily basis!

Soooooo.... with all that to say.. who's ready to find out who our lucky winner is?!?!?! Check out the video below to find out who our winner is:

A big thanks to our sweet Clay Avenue besties at Peggy's for helping us pick our winner, Miss Katie Cox! Congratulations, Katie!! We will be in touch with you later today so that we can send you all your goodies ASAP! YAY!!

HAPPY FRIDAY, Y'ALL! Make it a good one. XOXO, The Twirl Girls