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We hope everyone had an AMAZING Thanksgiving!! We hope you spent time with the people you love most, counted your blessings, and ate till your heart’s content!

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The S&H gals are amazing and gave us a discount code for our amazing Twirl Family!!



So yes, welcome to the tools that help us live out of abundance (the best we can). HAPPY SHOPPING, loves!! Leave a comment & let us know if you purchase any or all of the above! We’ve love to cheer you on & celebrate you choosing abundance over chaos. XOXO!



Hello Friends! I know its been a little while since I wrote about my wedding planning and bridal life but that’s because I was wedding planning! It is so crazy how fast our engagement has flown by and how what felt so far away is now only 7 days away. It really just hit me yesterday how soon our wedding is and man oh man am I excited! I know that our wedding day is going to go by so SO fast that I am making it a point to soak up these last few days as a fiancée. 


This whole time I’ve been wondering why everyone gets so stressed when planning their wedding, but in this last month I totally get it. Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty of finalizing everything from the guest count aka tracking down all those people who never slipped that RSVP card back in the mail to figuring out how much beer and wine to buy to scheduling those last minute appointments and finally making sure everyone is going to be where they need to be when they need to be there. It’s a lot of stuff. And because of that a lot of wine has been drank in the process, oops! But at the end of the night next Saturday we will still be married even if some people don’t show up or our grandparents are a little late for pictures or if heaven forbid it rains. Y’all seriously pray that it does not rain next Saturday.

Austin and I have tried to cut out some time for ourselves to relax and enjoy these final days as an engaged couple. We let ourselves enjoy a few quiet days at the lake for Memorial Day. We go for evening walks and try to talk about our plans for after wedding day, like what’s still on our travel bucket list or pick out our favorite houses in the neighborhood. I think we are both a little more excited about being married and building our life together than we are about the actual wedding. 


I had no idea what to expect in this last few weeks so here are some tips for all you brides for handling the craziness that is the month before your wedding!

  1. Set those “RSVP by” dates a little earlier than you think you will need, because there is nothing more stressful than trying to contact those sixty people who didn’t RSVP in a few days before the numbers need to be back to all of your vendors.
  2. Speaking of RSVP card, if you aren’t giving every guest a plus one, put ‘__ of 1 guest is/isn’t attending’ trust me, I didn’t do that and I wish I had.
  3. Enjoy your parties and showers to their fullest. Put the phone down, stop checking your email, guest counts and details can wait a day or two and it wont be the end of the world, I promise!
  4. Go to the county clerk’s office as early in the morning as you can and you’ll get in and out of there faster than it took to find a parking space. We got our marriage license yesterday, YAY!!
  5. Take some time to relax and get your skin photo ready at the same time. I love put on a facemask and take a few minutes to relax and read or watch a movie while it does its thing.
  6. Don’t stress if you didn’t hit your fitness goal or attain your dream wedding body. Your groom thinks you are the most beautiful woman in the world and you are going to rock that dress!
  7. Drink lots and lots of water. Your skin will thank you, your body will thank you. That’s just a good life tip. 
  8. Talk about anything but the wedding for an hour with your fiancé daily. Talk about dogs, food, movies, sports, or whatever it doesn’t really matter but I promise he will appreciate it! 
  9. Make an itinerary for all of the really important people in the wedding such as parents, grandparents and the bridal party so everyone knows where are supposed to be and hopefully it will keep you from answering the same questions over and over again.
  10. Last but not least, take a deep breath and remember you and your honey will be married no matter what happens!

TheMalicotes (12 of 37).jpg

To our sweet Em,

We cannot WAIT to celebrate this much anticipated wedding day next week!! We've seen you as a "bride" so many times over the last 4/5 years but when we see you as a real bride... there won't be a dry eye to be found.

What a joy it's been to witness your relationship with Austin develop and grow over the years. There is so much to celebrate next weekend and celebrate we will!!

Can't wait until the "just married" sign marks the beginning of your new season of life next Saturday! Yay!!

Xoxo, Your Twirl Girls



Friends! We are so excited about this post from Emily today!! It's such a tricky situation when you have worked in the bridal world before you're a bride-to-be yourself. You either know EXACTLY what you want or you have completely no idea. Today Emily is going to take you all through the process she went through as she finally went from being a Twirl Girl to Twirl Bride!! Enjoy!

“How on earth did you pick your dress?!”

“I bet you already knew exactly what you wanted since you see dresses all the time.”


These are two sentences I hear almost everyday while I’m chatting with brides during their appointment. Both are somewhat of true, but picking out my gown was one of the hardest and the easiest decision I have had to make. I’ve been around these dresses for years and have tried on SO many for fun and styled shoots that I have lost track. This helped me learn over time what styles looked best on my body type. I guess you could say this gave me a leg up on this wedding dress shopping thing. But the bad thing about seeing so many dresses is that I get to see SO MANY BEAUTIFUL dresses. Every dress at the store may not be exactly what I wanted for my gown but there is detail in every dress that I adore. So how did I narrow down the selection of 175 dresses down to just one?

Photo Apr 05, 3 52 44 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 05, 3 54 58 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 05, 3 55 25 PM.jpg

I decided to approach picking my dress like every other bride with a real appointment surrounded by the people I love and opinions that matter most to me. I scheduled my appointment about eight months before our wedding date to insure that it would come in time for alterations (We are not lying when we tell ya that those babies take four to five months to come in!). I came with my mom, sister (a Meant To Be Bride), sister-in-law (a Twirl Bride), mema, and best friend. I knew their opinions mattered to me the most and if I had too many I would never be able to decide for myself. Ty and Liz were there of course, as well as many of the other gals from Twirl. All in all, there were a lot of eyes on me waiting for me to decide. It was a little overwhelming for this gal who doesn’t love being in the lime light. If you’re like me and don’t love being the center of attention, then I recommend taking a moment for yourself in the fitting room. Make sure you have your opinion figured out about the dress before you show your group; I know how easily I can be swayed by the opinions of the ones I love. I had Ty helping me in the fitting room and I remember telling her which ones I liked, which ones I didn’t see as my dress and the one that I loved, having her on my side when I went out to show my family made me feel more confident that if I couldn’t voice my opinion about the dress clearly to my group that I had someone else there who could.

Photo Apr 05, 3 56 39 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 05, 4 08 01 PM.jpg

Now how did I know when I found THE dress? Like I said earlier they are all beautiful dresses, but I knew coming in some of the details I wanted and features of mine I wanted to highlight and which ones didn’t need to be the star of the show that day. I love my shoulders and collar bones (is that weird?) so I wanted to make sure my dress highlighted that so I knew strapless, off-the-shoulder, or thin straps were the types of necklines I wanted to try on. I’m also really tall and my fiancé is really tall, so I wanted my dress to flatter my length rather than weigh me down.  I love lace and simple classic materials so I made sure my selections had at least one of those fabrics. From there I was able to gather a good selection of dresses to try on, I narrowed it down enough to make it manageable but I also left some room to be open minded and try things I wouldn’t necessarily have picked out for myself. I tried on 7, maybe 8, dresses when I put on the one I knew I wanted to get married in. It had those detail elements that I wanted but didn’t match anything perfectly on my Pinterest board. I was surprised by how much I loved it! I had “the moment” when I could see Austin waiting for me at the end of the aisle and I would be wearing that exact dress. Everyone experiences that moment differently, for some it's tears of joy, giddy laughter, screaming and clapping with excitement, or its just a sense of peace that it’s the right one for you.

TheMalicotes (22 of 37).jpg

My beautiful dress is now at the seamstress to be taken in here and there, to have pieces sewn on, and maybe a few buttons moved. That’s right, not even a bridal consultant’s dress fits perfectly right out of the UPS box. But that means I will have a one of a kind dress that will fit no one else but me, it will be one of its kind!

PS- I got to meet the designer of my dress a couple of years ago during a trunk show! Those are the only facts you get for now. ;)

Photo Apr 05, 4 07 24 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 05, 3 53 02 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 05, 4 07 38 PM.jpg

Y'all, having one of our very own become one of our brides is truly the sweetest!! We can't wait for you all to see Em in her GORGEOUS wedding dress! It's unlike anything she's worn before and it is so perfectly "Em". We love you, Emily!!

Thank you for sharing this fun part of your wedding planning journey with us. Xoxo!



Happy Friday, friends! How much did you love seeing the real weddings of two of our former bride bloggers -- Allison & Mary?! We loved getting to share their magical days with you after getting to walk with them through their wedding planning processes together.

We are thrilled to announce who are our newest Twirl Bride Blogger is & we think you all will be so excited about this one!! It's our very own Twirl Girl, Emily Rhoads!! Eeeeeeeek!! How fun?! We think Em's experience will all of this will be so interesting as she is someone who works in the bridal industry and is now experiencing first hand for herself what she's been celebrating for others for so many years. We love this sweet girl & cannot wait for her to become MRS. HALL in June!! For the next several months Emily is going to be sharing about her wedding planning experiences that will hopefully inspire & encourage you along your own. So without further adieu, let's give a warm Twirl Family welcome to our sweet EMILY!! 

Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0001.jpg

Well hello there friends! As many of you know or remember, I’m a consultant here at Twirl and I am a Twirl Girl down to my very core. For the last four and half years I have been apart of Twirl in some way. I started as an intern in the Fall of 2013 during my very first semester of college. Why Ty decided to take a fresh nineteen year old on to her team I will never know but I am forever grateful that she did! Well fast-forward four years, and now I am now a college grad and I‘m a BRIDE! What?! It still doesn’t feel real some days when I look down to see that pretty sparkly thing on my left hand. So who is this handsome fella that stole my heart? His name is Austin and I fell in love with him the moment I met him. That love at first sight thing is real folks!

Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0010.jpg
Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0011.jpg
Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0005.jpg

Austin and I met in February 2014 at an event at the Christian Student Fellowship on UK’s campus. I was sitting with one of my sorority sisters and low and behold this tall dark and handsome guy in a red plaid button-down walked over to us. He chatted with my friend for a minute and then turned to me to introduce himself, and y’all I can’t remember if words actually came out of my mouth or if I just stared at him in disbelief. He invited both of us to go to Applebee’s with him and his roommate for 25 cent wings and let me tell you, I have never been more excited about going to Applebee’s in my whole life! After that night, we quickly became close friends in a tightly knit group of people, but I always had the biggest crush on him and all of my friends knew, which means I’m sure he did too. For two years, yes I said two years; I waited for anything to happen between us. And then right at midnight on New Years Eve 2015/2016, all my dreams, hopes, and prayers came true when Austin nervously revealed his feelings for me and I wept because the waiting for that moment was well worth it.

Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0003.jpg
Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0004.jpg
Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0007.jpg

Our love story may not be like everyone else’s just because of how close we were before we were officially dating. I’m pretty sure our first “date” was dinner at Chipotle and going to see the Revenant, we share a mutual love for Leo and burrito bowls. We had met each other’s parents and siblings well before we were in a relationship, which lead to them not being surprised at all once it finally happened. I had actually gone on a lake trip with his family and had movie nights and pool days with his older sister. I think it was pretty obvious to everyone that Austin and I were always something more than just friends even if we didn’t know it at the time.

Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0006.jpg
Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0002.jpg
Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0004.jpg
Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0001.jpg

We have been engaged since September 29th! I can’t believe it’s almost been five months; people weren’t kidding when they said your engagement will fly by. Austin popped the question right in front of the fountains at Triangle Park while strolling through downtown after dinner. My favorite part of that night was when we were by Triangle Park, he stopped and said, “Well this is a good spot.” And I was thinking a “good spot for what?” and in the middle of that thought he whips a ring box out of his back pocket and goes down on one knee. I started crying and then giggling because as a few cars drove past us they were yelling “CONGRATS” and “YOU BETTER SAY YES” out of their windows, which reminded us that we were in the middle of downtown surrounded by strangers. 

Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0003.jpg
Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0007.jpg
Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0008.jpg
Elizabeth Cox Favorites-0009.jpg

We are so excited to be starting our journey as husband and wife on June 9th, and honestly being his wife is the most exciting part of this whole wedding thing! I can’t wait to share my experiences as a bride and newlywed with all of you. 

Until next time friends,


Photography by Grace Ann Pumpelly



Hi loves! HAPPY GALENTINE'S DAY!! If you weren't aware of this amazing holiday, let me introduce it to you (all thanks to Leslie Knopp from Parks & Rec):

I thought today was as good a day as any to kick off a series I'll be sharing with y'all every now & then. We're calling it "Champagne Toasts" because we believe that every season of life can be toasted to & well lived. No matter your season, let's seek out the moments that deserve a CHAMPAGNE TOAST and celebrate accordingly.


For me specifically, I am striving to live well in a season of singleness and I feel confident that many of you are walking through that season as well. I want this to be a place of comfort and encouragement to those of you that are in this same season.

. If you're on this blog, it's probably because you have some sort of interest in weddings (or your my mom... hi mom). As single women, longing for the day that we get to be a bride can be a bittersweet journey. But ladies, I am here to tell you that this season does not need to be a series of wasted days just because life looks differently than we might have hoped it would. Today I am going to be sharing about one of the greatest ways we can live well in this season of singleness: COMMUNITY/GAL PALS.

Today I am raising a glass to all my gal pals that make this life so dang sweet. Community has truly been the greatest gift to me as I have walked through singleness. My girlfriends have laughed with me over terrible date stories, cried with me & wiped my tears as the pain felt too heavy, and spoken words of truth and love over me so I never lose sight of my worth.

If those people aren't worth a champagne toast then I don't know who is! I pray, so deeply, that you all have people in your life that will joyfully walk alongside you through whatever seasons life throws at you. From singleness to motherhood, we need our people so that we can live well, love well, and be well.


If you see them, give them a big ole hug. If you don't see them, shoot them a text or give them a ring to tell them "I love you. Thank you for being my people." Life is far too short not to say the things that matter to the people that matter most to us.

So from me to you, HAPPY GALENTINES DAY!!

I love you so much & am grateful for this community of amazing women. You all are fierce, faithful, and FABULOUS! Don't let any person or circumstance make you feel differently.

If you need a friend, I am here for you! Don't hesitate to reach out because I'd love to connect with you, encourage you, and love ya right where you are.

(Say hey:

Sending you BIG (virtual) HUGS & LOVE!

XOXOXO, Liz Cox 

TWIRL CELEBRATES || Happy Birthday, Ty!!



Today is one of our favorite days of the year! It's our beloved Ty McBrayer's birthday!!! Ty's life makes this world a better place and therefore is worth celebrating in abundance. We thought it'd be sweet to gather together how Ty's life and love has impacted the hearts on our team and celebrate her in that way. We put these all together for a little book for her but we thought we'd share them with y'all too and encourage you to leave some love in the comments below!


Photo Feb 01, 1 16 49 PM.jpg


Cheers to the legacies of beauty & love your life is cultivating, Ty! We are so grateful!!



by Jillian Jones

Welcome to our new series, Twirl Trends! We don’t only want to help with just picking out your dream gown here at Twirl, we also want to help you create your perfect wedding. This series will help out with gown, venue, floral and color inspirations based on the dreamiest trends today.

"Southern Belle"

There’s something about the South that makes us have all the warm and fuzzies, as well as feel glorious love and intimacy of ‘home’, so why not bring those feelings into your big day?

Wedding gowns that express a true southern belle are Twirl’s "Hope" (SY6257), "Madelyn" (SY6247) and "Chanel" (SY6432) -- fun fact: we name all of our Stella York gowns. Although these three are very different from each other, they all work amazingly with a Southern wedding. The detailed lace, delicate straps, and tiered skirt add that rustic-chic tone you’re looking for.

southern belle-05.png
southern belle-03.png
southern belle-04.png

Historical homes and event barns like The Ashley Inn and The Barn at Springhouse Gardens bring that Southern charm to your wedding as well.

Bold accents like black and white stripes with touches of pinks hone in on the sweetness of the South. White flowers and greenery make for beautiful floral decorations.

southern belle-02.png
southern belle-01.png

We hope you enjoyed this little piece of inspiration as you work through planning your special day! We'll be back next month with more wedding ideas for you that we think you'll love.

Have a great week, friends! XO

Marriage Matters | Ty + Brandon

Hi friends! We are SO SO SO excited to start this new blog series with you all. Our heart here at Twirl is to always inspire our brides to remember the bigger picture to help cultivate a community that really cheers one another on in making marriage matter and reminding each other that it is a beautiful commitment that is worth it, always. So we decided to interview different friends, vendors, and people in the industry that we know share this same heart and are always making their own marriages matter. Kicking us off is our very own Ty McBrayer! Her marriage to Brandon is one that encourages & inspires us on a daily basis. They are each other's best friend, amazing parents to their precious girls, and are an amazing support system to our Twirl family. They love each other so well and love others beautifully, both individually & together. So without further adieu, here's Ty with our first Marriage Matter post for this fun new series!

1. Tell us a little about yourself & your spouse. Give us a brief history of your all’s story and how long you’ve been together.

Brandon and I met while working together. Our desks were literally about 10 feet apart!  Our department was young and liked to hang out together, so we were friends first, but it didn’t take long to figure out we had a little bit of a spark.  At that point we had both gotten out of long-term relationships and were hesitant to take the next step.  There was no denying the connection we had and I pretty much knew he was the one after just a few months.  As cheesy as it sounds that was truly the case.  Once you’ve had so many broken relationships you start losing hope that “the one” is out there, but there he was sitting 10 feet from me.  The Lord had bigger plans for us than just the mediocre relationships that we had experienced in the past.  We dated a little over a year and a half and then got engaged one month before I opened Twirl. 

Brandon is a very calm, laid back soul…which helps offset my anxiety- ridden soul quite nicely.  He’s always been my voice of reason and calms me down on the most stressful days.   Somehow he can always put things in perspective in a way no one else has ever been able to do for me.  We are complete opposites in many ways, but exactly the same in so many more. 

2. What’s your favorite memory from your wedding?

We were married in an outdoor ceremony at The Carrick House in Lexington.  My dad and I had a short little walk around the back of the ceremony to get to the aisle.  As we walked we got to soak in all of the beauty of the day and see the whole wedding come together just as we had imagined it.  Standing there with my dad, wearing my mom’s wedding gown, seeing my future husband waiting for me surrounded by my closest friends and family and hearing “Here Comes the Sun” on acoustic guitar…it makes me want to do it all over again right now!

3. What has been the greatest joy and the hardest challenge you’ve experienced as husband and wife?

The greatest joy and the hardest challenge both have the same answer…our children.  We are truly blessed to have two beautiful little girls, ages 4 and 19 months, and they take every bit of energy out of us on a daily basis.  Ha! 

Sitting on our back porch swing watching our girls actually play together and laugh is the closest thing to heaven on earth that we will ever experience.  Then in that same scene they will fight and hit and you begin to question what you are doing wrong and why the wheels flew off so quickly.  It is in those moments that you HAVE to be able to lean on your spouse for reassurance that you aren’t screwing up.  You’re in this together and have to fight the battle to make those two lives that you have been entrusted with the best you possibly can.  It is not easy.  When the day is over and the kids are in bed the last thing you want to do is to care for another person.  There I said it.  I am selfish sometimes after the girls go to bed…but my husband needs me, too, and I have to remember that.  The days are so long and hard sometimes, but the years are short and oh so sweet.

4. What’s surprised you most about marriage?

That we still like and enjoy each other after all of these years!!  I know that sounds strange…but when you’re with someone day after day facing battle after battle sometimes you get weary.  Even after all these years I can say I look forward to having a date night alone or snuggling up on the couch having a movie night after a long week!

5. What has been the best source of support and encouragement for you all?

The best source of support and encouragement has been to surround ourselves with friends and family in strong marriages with the same values that we believe in.  My parents and one of my cousins who is like a sister to me have been our role models for marriage.  The more you share and are honest to people fighting the same battles you are the more encouragement you can share when you both hit a rough spot.

6. Are there any books or other resources you would recommend to other couples?

1.  In the early months of our relationship we started a devotional together about having a fresh start.  It helped us have conversations about how we wanted our relationship to progress and helped us build a healthy relationship from the beginning.

2.  I also recommend using date night as a resource.  Even if it is having a drink together on the back porch after the kids go to bed…continue dating each other!

7. What are some hopes or dreams you have for your family’s future?

We want to live a life a life that our girls can be proud of and hope we give them the love they need to grow up to be strong, kind, fun-loving and faithful women that love the Lord and the people around them.  I also hope and pray that our girls will be the best of friends when they grow up and get so excited to be a part of each other’s lives.

8. If you could change anything about your all’s story, would you?

No…if we had met at a younger age or anything would have been different we would not have been the people that we became through all the challenges life had thrown at us.  Those challenges made us thankful and ready to accept who we were meant to be with all along.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given about marriage?

I know I said it before, but DATE NIGHT!!!  Continue to date even when the time doesn’t seem possible with life happening so quickly.  You NEED time alone together.  Don’t take it for granted.  You don’t want to end up with an empty nest and an empty marriage someday when your kids are grown up and moved away. 

10. Why does marriage matter?

Marriage matters because you get to spend a lifetime and eternity doing life with your best friend.  The type of friend that knows your mean side, what you look like when you wake up in the morning, knows your silliest dance moves…and still chooses to love you unconditionally.  It is a bond that cannot be broken.  A love that fills your soul so much that you know it was created by the Lord. 

Because when it comes down to it… at 2:00 am when your youngest child is awake and screaming after a very long day and your husband comes in with no complaint and rocks her back to sleep…that is the kind of special bond it takes to make a marriage work.  Marriage matters.  It is hard and messy, but beautiful and sweet all at the same time. 

Inspired & encouraged yet? I know we are. Marriage matters, sweet friends, and we mean it when we say that is our heart above all other things is to point y'all to that truth. Fight for your marriages and love fiercely. It is worth it, we promise.


Designer of the Month: Tara Keely by Lazaro


If you follow us along on social media you might have noticed that we've been getting some beautiful deliveries lately from Tara Keely! We are over the moon excited about our new arrivals from this amazing designer and it inspired us to encourage our future brides to fall in love too! Walking into the bridal suite can be an overwhelming experience. You walk into a sea of white and are blinded by all things pretty. Designers & dress designs all start to blend together and it's hard to distinguish one from the other at times. Well, let us help you get to know Tara Keely and perhaps you'll fall in love at first sight when you spot it in the bridal suite when you come to shop with us!

Tara Keely has been described as, "inspired by feminine silhouettes and soft alluring fabrics. With a mix of detailed laces, lush tulles, and accents of shimmering sparkle, this collection offers brides the ideal romantic vision. For the graceful and elegant bride who embodies an effortless beauty and timeless sophistication."

Doesn't that sound lovely?! We sure think so!

Photography by The Malicotes

Tara Keely is my (Liz) personal favorite collection here at Twirl. Each dress is timeless, elegant, and has a sophisticated yet chic feel to it. One of my dearest friends got married in one of my all time favorite Tara Keely's, style 2357, and I thought she looked like the embodiment of grace & beauty as she walked down the aisle to her groom and danced the night away with all her closest family & friends.

Photography by Whitney Knutson Photography

Our brides that choose a Tara Keely gown as their wedding dress are never disappointed. They will look back on their wedding day photos when they're old & gray and still be so happy with how timeless and beautiful their dress was. These gowns are ones, that, I believe, can be passed down as heirlooms for generations.

Photography by: (Top Images) Nina & Wes Photography and (Bottom Images) Whitney Neal Photography

We're offering a special deal for future Twirl brides that purchase a Tara Keely gown from now (September 18th) until October 17th! Tara Keely is officially our "featured designer" for the next month and we'll be offering $200 off their dress to any new Tara Keely bride within that time!

How exciting, right?! Call us to book your appointment to come & shop this beautiful collection! We hope you love it as much as we do! 859.309.2493


Liz Cox + the Twirl Girls

Twirl Gives Back

Lately we have felt overwhelmed with gratitude for the work we get to do and the lives we get to be a part of here at Twirl. They say that giving comes from a grateful heart and we couldn't agree more. Starting this month, we want to make it a point to have a weekend at least once a month where a percentage of our profit goes to those in need or to a charity that we believe in. Kicking off our new "Twirl Gives Back" tradition, a portion of our profit this weekend is going to help send one of our very own, Miss Emily Rhoads, to Costa Rica for a mission trip this summer. We are so excited to support Emily and help make this trip happen for her! We thought it'd be sweet to have her share her heart with you all about why she's going to Costa Rica and what you'll be a part of this weekend if you're one of our special brides or bridesmaids!

“I’ll go.”

Who knew two words could open up a desire that rested deep in my heart, those two words have shaped my year, those two words are the start of a journey that will begin its first chapter with a trip to Costa Rica. In the last year I’ve had this thirst to go wherever the Lord wants, to leave the comfort zone that is Lexington is to me. Nothing can quench this thirst other than going and doing.

It all began while sitting in a church service and the pastor said that a person in the congregation would get to serve on a mission trip and their funds were already taken care of. As soon as I heard this I started to pray, ‘PLEASE BE ME.’ I just couldn’t stop thinking about how I wanted to be that person. Until that day the desire to serve in a developing country had never shown itself in full force, but it was buried in my heart and brought to life that day in church. Unfortunately I did not get to go on that trip, but every day since I though about going somewhere but I just didn’t want to go completely alone.

Fast forward about six months, I’m talking to a friend and she mentions that she wants to go a mission trip to Costa Rica but doesn’t want to go by herself. And then those two words slipped out of my mouth without even thinking; “I’ll go.” That’s all it took to get the wheels in motion to begin planning our trip. We did a lot of research and decided to travel with a group called Experience Mission for one week in July to a remote village called Shiroles, Costa Rica. We will be serving the community by helping to build homes and an education center for the village and the surrounding communities. We will also be working with local churches and leaders and helping with a children’s day camp. But what I am most excited about it getting to love on everyone I meet. There is nothing more that I want to do than share the love of Christ and be a light for him in a place that hasn’t gotten to see much of that light.

We are so excited about this weekend and supporting our sweet Em! Thank you in advance for being a part of this with us! If you feel compelled to support Emily but aren't in need of a bridal gown or bridesmaid dress you're more than welcome to come by and donate to help Emily raise money for her mission trip, we certainly wouldn't turn anyone away that wants to give!


The Twirl Girls

Meet the Twirl Girls: Emily Rhoads

Today you all are getting such a treat! It's been a couple months since we've done a "Meet the Twirl Girls" post but we are excited to start the series up again and introduce you to one of precious bridal consultants, Emily! Em is truly one of the kindest people we know and every bride that experiences an appointment with her is never disappointed. She is patient, knowledgeable and oh so loving! We love our sweet Em & we know you will too!

What’s there to know about this Twirl Girl?

Hello loves! I’m Emily or Em as most of my friends call me. I’m the youngest of three and my sister and brother are the coolest people I know. I was born in Hotlanta then about a year later we packed up and headed north to Huntington, West Virginia where the Rhoads’ kids grew up and once the older two where off to college we moved to Lexington. I graduated from Lexington Christian Academy in 2013 and then joined the Big Blue Nation majoring in dietetics. Lexington has ahold of my heart and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving for college.

Before working at Twirl, I was an assistant horseback riding instructor and spent every afternoon grooming horses and herding children around the farm. My daily uniform was an old pair of jeans and some dirty riding boots. It was the perfect job while I was showing and competing American Saddlebreds and as a bonus I got to see my show horse every day. But the farm work wasn’t over when lessons were finished for the day, I’d come home to our little farm in between Lexington and Versailles where my sweet girl lived in the pasture right outside my window. I still ride for UK Saddleseat Equestrian Team because you can take the girl away from the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the girl.

I’ve been a Twirl Girl since November 2013 and I’ve loved every second of it! When I first started as an intern, I had so much to learn and had no idea how much goes into finding the perfect dress. But after a year or so I can honestly say I know more about wedding and bridesmaid dresses than I even thought was possible and I’m still learning new things every day as a consultant!

What is your favorite dress at Twirl & why do you love it so much?

I love bits and pieces of every dress in the store. It seems like every week I have a new favorite and gorgeous dresses are constantly coming in that put up a good  fight to be my favorite but my one true love came last summer and I feel head over heels for it instantly! The Justin Alexander lace ball gown is everything I want in a dress, simple and elegant, not too much fuss and just a little bit of sweetness. I’ve always been a lace girl and the lace on this dress is so pretty and soft. And that comberbun waist (oh goodness!) is so flattering and highlights all the right places.

When you're not working at Twirl, what do you enjoy doing?

When I’m not at Twirl or in class, you can probably find me at one of the local coffee shops with a hot cup of coffee and either a good friend or a good book. I’m a lucky girl who has three families: my real family, my Twirl family and my Christian Student Fellowship family. Most of my friends jokingly call me mom and that’s probably because I make “family” dinners for them all the time and homemade cupcakes for their birthdays. I find so much joy in cooking and love to use my friends as guinne pigs for new recipes. One of my most prized possessions is my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, its one of the most beautiful things I’ve laid my eyes on (I might be a little obsessed).

There are few things I love more than being in the great outdoors. When I get the chance I try to get my nature fix any way I can, whether it be spending a day deep in the woods hiking, out on the lake, hanging out in my hammock reading or just a night under the stars with a bonfire and friends. In the next few years my goal is to hike the ENTIRE Appalachian Trail (all 2,500 miles of it).

My heart also longs to travel to some of the forgotten places of the world and share Christ’s love with everybody who lives there. This coming summer, I’m heading to Costa Rica for a week or so and I couldn’t be more excited to get out of my comfort zone a little bit and love on some people. I hope to go on more trips like this and invest even more time in those places and relationships that will be built there.

Favorite bridal moment as a Twirl Girl?

Being a Twirl Girl for over a year now has left me with so many wonderful and exciting bridal moments to be able to pick just one. But there is something truly magical about a bride finding her dream dress. With some brides there are happy tears, others giddy laugher or just exuberant smiles and then there those where all of those three are rolled into one. It never gets old or any less exciting to be a part of such a special occasion.

If you could get married anywhere in the world where would it be & why?

I’ve been dreaming of my dream wedding since I was a little girl (but what girl hasn’t?) and yes my tastes have changed quite a bit since I was ten and glow in the dark stars were somehow going to make an appearance. Thankfully as I’ve gotten older glow in the dark stars have lost their appeal and with a little help from Pinterest it seems like my dream wedding could actually take shape. I would love to have an outdoor wedding and reception. I’d love to have it in a place that is a little untamed and natural. To light up the night, I’d use lots of string lights and candles. And some rustic, natural touches in my decorations and cake. I love the beauty of nature and wouldn’t want to leave that out on one of the most special days of my life.


Isn't she the sweetest?! We hope you love her just as much as we do & feel extra comfortable around here now if you ever come to Twirl & see her sweet face!


HIRING! Summer Intern

Twirl Bridal Boutique is seeking a fashion-forward and highly motivated Bridal Sales Intern to work hand in hand with brides-to-be and their entourage to ensure their wedding day is everything they dreamed it would be. As a Bridal Sales Intern you will build relationships with brides and guide them in their style selections while keeping a focus on personal and company sales goals.  The position requires availability May-August.

Additional tasks of the Bridal Sales Intern include:

Exhibiting a warm and professional attitude while providing exceptional customer service to all customers.

Maintaining a professional and fashion-forward appearance at all times

As a Bridal Sales Intern, you will work hand in hand with our team towards goals set by the Store Manager. You will also maintain the overall appearance of the sales floor, dressing rooms and other areas that customers can see as well as processing orders as they arrive at the store to be picked up by the bride and her bridal party.

Weekend availability is a MUST.

Please email resume, cover letter and availability times to by March 30.

Meet the Twirl Girls: Liz Cox

Happy Wednesday, friends! Can you believe it's already November?! We are in a little disbelief how quickly this month snuck up on us but we are loving the fall weather & the beautiful weddings that are taking place!
With it being a new month, that means that it's time to introduce another Twirl Girl! This month you're getting to meet our social media manager & one of our bridal consultants, Liz Cox. So feel free to take a breather from this gloomy, rainy afternoon & get to know Liz!
What’s there to know about this Twirl Girl?: 
Hi y’all! I’m Elizabeth but all my friends call me Liz. I’m a big fan of nicknames and if you’re around me long enough you’re sure to gain your own. I’m a born & bred Lexingtonian. I graduated from Henry Clay in 2010 and the University of Kentucky in May 2014 with a degree in Family Sciences. I love this city. The longer I’m here the more I’m convinced I may never leave. There’s nothing that gets my heart pumping quite like driving out on our old country roads and being surrounded by the horse farms that line the black wooden fences.
Other things that make my heart flutter are beautiful sunrises & sunsets, trees in the fall, a completed to-do list, driving with my windows down & music blaring, a warm cup of coffee coupled with a cozy blanket & my bible, standing on the top of a mountain, wine nights & good conversation with people I love, bonfires, my church, and love stories that reflect an genuine, bigger-than-yourself kind of love.
I’ve been a Twirl Girl since the beginning of August and truly wouldn’t want to be anywhere else during this season of my life. I’m the social media manager, a bridal consultant, and Caraline’s assistant while Ty’s been on maternity leave. I’ve learned more in the last three months than I ever could’ve imagined. I’m a people-person and so this job just makes me come alive! Getting to be a part of girls’ wedding dress experience is so precious to me. There is nothing quite as sweet as a bride’s face lighting up when she knows she’s found “the one.” I feel like one lucky girl to be at Twirl and a part of the magic that happens here!
Question #1: What is your favorite dress at Twirl & why do you love it so much?: 
One of my very favorite dresses in the store is a Blush by Hayley Paige gown that has the most beautiful ruffled train. I love the raw silk fabric combined with a classic, simple silhouette. I’d say my style in general is simple but always with a little something to it like a pop of color or a fun print. Translating that into a wedding gown, this dress fits perfectly! It’s bridal, it’s sophisticated, it’s classic, but it’s also got a little bit of a party in the back and that’s what I’m all about! Most of all, I feel beautiful in this dress just as every girl should on their wedding day.
Question #2: When you’re not working at Twirl, what do you enjoy doing?
Outside of working at Twirl, I am photographer {Elizabeth Meriwether Photography} & the co-founder of bridal blog called Two Belles & a Bride. I keep myself busy with beautiful people & documenting their sweet stories and I absolutely love it! When I’m not working at all, you can find me spending time with my friends and family. Whether that’s taking spontaneous road trips, outdoor adventures, movie nights at home, or just sipping on coffee together enjoying good conversation, we’re together and we’re happy and that’s what matters.
Question #3: Favorite bridal moment as a Twirl Girl?
My favorite bridal moment was when I had a bride fall in love with a totally unexpected dress. She had tried on several she had pinned on Pinterest and just wasn’t feeling any of them. Eventually we put her in a dress we had randomly grabbed and weren’t super optimistic about but once it was on, her face lit up. I walked her out into the big room and her future sister-in-law immediately got tears in her eyes. The sweetest moment for me, was when my bride FaceTimed her parents and her dad said, “Oh yes. That’s it. That’s the one.” We all lost it, yep, even me. There wasn’t a single person in her family that didn’t love the dress and it was everything she had dreamed of without even realizing it. I’m a sucker for sweet dads and the unexpected winners so that appointment will always be one I keep near & dear to my heart.
Question #4: If you could get married anywhere in the world where would it be & why?:
In my dream world, I would get married in the mountains. I love the idea of an outdoor wedding and for me the mountains are where I feel closest to the Lord. My heart for my wedding is that it would draw people closer to Jesus. What better atmosphere to encounter the presence of the Lord than in the midst of his creation?!
“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.” Isaiah 52:7
Question #5: What are words that most inspire you? 
“But love, sooner or later, forces us out of time. It does not accept that limit. Of all that we feel and do, all the virtues and all the sins, love alone crowds us at last over the edge of the world. For love is always more than a little strange here. It is not explainable or even justifiable. It is itself the justifier. We do not make it. If it did not happen to us, we could not imagine it. It includes the world and time as a pregnant woman includes her child whose wrongs she will suffer and forgive. It is in the world but is not altogether of it. It is of eternity. It takes us there when it most holds us here.” Wendell Berry
Hopefully you'll feel like you know another friendly face when you come into Twirl now! Have a wonderful rest of your day!!
The Twirl Girls

A Ring to It: Vivacious or Venturesome?

The Dress: Stella York 5840

This Lace over Dolce Satin lace wedding dress from the Stella York collection features a lovely sweetheart neckline and trumpet silhouette that is both slimming and sexy. You’ll love how this vintage lace wedding dress takes an eye-turning shape with a close-fitting bodice that hugs the body down through the hips and then gracefully flares out to the hem. Fine detailing, like the slimming vertical lace pattern and elegant scalloped Lace edging along the sweetheart neckline and hem, makes this slimming designer gown a perfect complement to your attitude, style and spirit. So if you’re going for a vivacious Vegas theme or perhaps a venturesome beach weekend, you will surely shine in this dress.

Viva Las Vegas

Bridesmaids: Jenny Yoo, Coco

Cake: Martine's Pastries

Flowers: Jeanie Gorrell Floral Designs

Venue: Terrazza di Sogno at Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Decorative Pictures: Pinterest

Venturesome Beach Wedding

Bridesmaids: LulaKate

Cake: Martine's Pastries

Flowers: Magnolia Floral Designs

Venue: Your favorite beach (of course!)

Decorative Pictures: Pinterest

Come to Twirl and find the dress for your wedding. No matter the inspiration behind the planning, we have a dress that could be the icing on the cake!

XOXO, Olivia

A Ring To It - Hoity-Toity or Horsey?


The Dress: 1401 Blush by Hayley Paige

Whether you’re trying to look fair as a princess or just channeling the state fair, Twirl has the dress for you! This White strapless natural waist brocade bridal ball gown with a ruched sweetheart bodice, tulle peek-a-boo skirt, and chapel train from Blush by Hailey Paige will do the trick for either look. Bottom line, don’t ‘lose your head’ over your wedding dress, we have your look covered. So saddle up and head on over to try on the dress you’ve dreamed of. Paired with boots, something blue(grass), or even a beautiful confection from Martine’s, you’re wedding will be one for the ages. Get the party started…let them eat cake!
Hoity-Toity: Channeling your Inner Antoinette
Cake: Martine's cake is perfect for a Queen
Venue: Carrick House
Bridesmaids: Amsale long pink lace dress is fit for your ladies in waiting
Flowers: Jeanie Gorrell Floral Design


Horsey: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Bluegrass
Cake: Martine's provides the perfect touch of Kentucky blue to an otherwise classic wedding cake
Venue: Keeneland's Keene Barn is perfect for channeling your wedding theme
Bridesmaids: Lynn Lugo strapless blue dress with cowboy boots will give your wedding a touch of country
Flowers: Jeanie Gorrell Floral Design has the perfect bouquet to tie in the theme
So whether you're Queen of France or square dance, Twirl has just the look for your event! Best of luck planning!
XOXO, Olivia

Twirl's Favorite Big Screen Brides!

Hello ladies!

Brides come in to Twirl all the time having seen all the great wedding classics. From the time we were little girls, we see our favorite leading ladies in amazing ensembles and automatically associate that with the ideal wedding and the perfect dress. We have put together a little list recognizing our favorite movie brides of all time. We've matched their iconic gowns with the dresses we have here in our boutique. If these women in white have always inspired you, you’ll be able to put your own stamp on some of their classic styles by coming to Twirl to choose your wedding dress! You will not be disappointed with out fabulous look-a-like gowns!



Let’s start with every little girls dream. Cinderella. She survived the wrath of her evil stepmother, and got to live happily ever after with a gorgeous prince. When I was little, I thought every bride and every princess needed to get married in a long sleeve white ball gown. Cinderella's big full skirt and long veil truly make her look like royalty on her big day.
cinderellaThe dress we have at Twirl that would be a perfect Cinderella replica is a gorgeous La Sposa ballgown. It is the perfect princess wedding dress with lace sleeves and a big satin skirt and train. It even has a little sparkle in the lace to add to the magical feeling you get when you put it on!


Kate Hudson in Bride Wars

When Hudson’s character, Liv, tried on that stunning dress in the bridal salon, I am pretty sure every girl's heart stopped. It is breathtaking. A huge tulle skirt and a gorgeous sweet heart bodice, how romantic! Her purple velvet bow adds a little pop of color without taking away from this show-stopping dress.


Twirl’s version is very similar to beautiful Kate’s dress. Ours is a Tara Keely ballgown. It is an ivory tulle gown with a delicate beaded bodice and a natural waistline. Just like Kate’s, it has a chapel train and a very full skirt. Any bride in this dress would give Kate a run for her money as one of the most beautiful brides!


Kimberley Williams in Father of the Bride

When Annie Banks walks down the stairs at her parents’ house with her dad, it is one of the best moments of the whole movie. After watching George Banks struggle to give his daughter the perfect wedding, it makes it all worth it when he sees her in her childhood bedroom in her puffy white dress. Her gown is very 80’s with the high neck lace and big puffy veil. Annie looked absolutely stunning and SO bridal.


This dress, while a little less 1980’s, still reminds us a lot of Annie’s! It is a Tara Keely ivory silk ball gown. It has a sweet heart neckline with illusion lace covering the bodice just like Annie’s. It has a sweeping train in the back and a ribbon bow around the waist. This dress will make you feel every inch a bride and you can relive your Father of the Bride fantasy! (PLUS! This is our owner, Ty's, favorite dress in the whole store!)


Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses

We all rooted for poor Jane in 27 Dresses as she watched her dream man fall in love with her sister. But we anxiously and happily watched her fall for her perfect guy before the end and hang up her bridesmaids dresses in exchange for a stunning A-line gown for her beach wedding. Her simple dress with a delicate V neck perfectly suits her personality. Her flower hair piece made the simplicity of her dress all the more beautiful and elegant.
27dressesWhen we saw Katherine, we immediately thought of our A-Line Blush gown. Our gown is ivory taffeta with a V-neck and natural gathered waist with floral detail. It has an open back and a big sweep train. This dress is perfect for a simple beach wedding like Jane’s!


Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama

On a gorgeous southern plantation, Reese Witherspoon plays the part of the sassy southern bride. Melanie. Her dress and bird-cage veil are absolutely gorgeous. Melanie’s dress is so simple and sweet. The delicate lace and cap sleeves perfectly embody her southern charm.  Her straight across neckline keeps with the modest southern bride theme as well.
sweethomealabamaOur dress to match Reese’s is a feminine Kelly Faetanini dress. It has the same cap sleeves made from Chantilly lace and a ruched bodice with a few sequins throughout the A-Line skirt. Along the bottom of the dress is a gorgeous lace trim. If you are looking for southern charm to add to your wedding look no further! This dress is perfect for you.


Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn

When Bella finally marries the most perfect man (okay...vampire), she does so in absolute style. Her dress was a  gorgeous 1940's inspired gown and honestly, who would have thought Kristen Stewart could look so beautiful? The dress is absolutely breathtaking and screams elegance. It is a fit and flare satin gown with  152 buttons going all the way down through the sweeping train and lace accents. The illusion back is dramatic but romantic as well. Not only were people drooling over her to-be husband, but her dress as well.
breaking dawnThe dress we have paired with Kristen’s is by Kelly Faetanini.  It is a gorgeous fit and flare with a v-neck and slim straps. It has a deep illusion back with floral detailing. Though it is not satin like Kristen’s dress (it is full lace) it still has the same feel with the long train and exposed back. It is sophisticated and elegant all at the same time. It would be perfect for your formal, romantic wedding.


Whoever inspires you for your vision of how you are going to look on the Big Day, Twirl has the perfect dress for you. From ballgowns, to mermaids, you are sure to put your own flare on your favorite dress!

Holiday Bridesmaid Dresses

Having been with Twirl for some time now, I have seen it all when it comes to dates that couples choose and why.   There are three that stand out to me the most. The first being New Year's Eve! How amazing is that! Everyone is always looking for a fun and fabulous place to bring in the new year... what could be better than YOUR wedding? I'm thinking a later ceremony followed by a reception that rocks you all into the New Year. I can't think of a better way to bring in the New Year then with a new HUSBAND and being surrounded by all those you love the most. For this wedding I am thinking platinum, full length bridesmaid dresses.  When I think New Years, I think silver.  I feel like it could go one of two ways. A) Something sexy, classic and elegant (like this beautiful dress by Jim Hjelm) or

maybe this gorgeous dress by Melissa Sweet or

B) Something fun, flirty and a little different than the "norm" (like this sassy dress by Watters)

The second of the three dates that stands out the most to me is Halloween. Now, just because you are getting married on Halloween I don't think it has to be dark and creepy nor do your colors have to be black and orange. I think there are a lot of fun ways a bride and groom can incorporate Halloween into their wedding. Black bridesmaid dresses are the way I would go! Vineyard and Jim Hjelm show some fun ones in this picture.

The third of the three dates that stands out to me is Valentine's Day! This day is already an extremely romantic day... add a wedding... what could be more romantic than that? For a Valentine's Day wedding... as cliché as it sounds... I'm feeling red bridesmaid dresses! I don't think short or long really matters... just think RED! I love this dress by Watters.

Priscilla of Boston also has this full length, beautiful dress below shown in red.

I really do love hearing about all the different and creative ways couples choose to make their days unique!

No matter what day the bride and groom choose to make their special day... I hope its amazing!

xoxo - Angela