YOU’RE ENGAGED! YAYY!! But now what, right?!

We know this is probably your first rodeo when it comes to wedding dress shopping so we’re here to make the ride a little less bumpy for you! We thought we’d answer some of our most frequently asked questions to help you feel like you can tackle wedding dress shopping like a pro.


“When do I need to book my appointment?”

Standard delivery for wedding dresses is 4-6 months (sometimes longer if you do customizations) so we recommend shopping for your dress 7-9 months before your wedding so you have plenty of time for your dress to arrive & for alterations to be done. The average timeframe for alterations is around 2 months.

Note: If you don’t have that kind of timeframe to shope, DON’T STRESS! Most designers have rush options. OR you can visit our sister store, Meant To Be Boutique, that sells all of their inventory off-the-rack. It’s essentially our yearlong sample sale over there!

“Do you require appointments at Twirl?”

YES, we prefer that you book an appointment with us so that we can ensure that you have the best possible dress shopping experience! It’s rare that we’re able to accommodate for walk-in’s so booking a private appointment with us is ideal for everyone! We just want to make sure we’re able to love, serve, and celebrate you the best way possible and having a booked appointment with us allows for that happen seamlessly.

“How far out should I book my appointment with you all?”

We recommend sending in your appointment request 2-4 weeks in advance. You can request your appointment through our website or you can give us a call at 859-309-2493.

*Please note that you are REQUESTING your appointment. We can’t always promise that the time you request is available so don’t mark your appointment in stone until you hear confirmation from us via text, email, or phone call. Thanks so much!



“What’s the price range of your wedding dresses?”

Our wedding dresses range from $1200 to $5000 with the majority being $1600-3000.

“What sizes are your dresses?”

Our samples range from 10-32. However, we are able to order any size needed for a bride-to-be! That’s the beauty of special order gowns, you’ll get a brand new one in YOUR size!

Learn more about our plus size collection here.

“What designers do you carry?”

You can see a full list of our designers & their price points HERE!

“How many people can I bring with me & who should I bring?”

We are a smaller boutique so to make sure that everyone is comfortable & accommodated for, we recommend bringing no more than 4-6 people with you. If that sounds like too few people to you, just remember this is about YOU! Bring the people you could not imagine saying “yes” without but don’t overwhelm yourself with too many opinions. Bring the people that will support you, be excited for you, and be a positive presence during your experience. No one has time for negativity especially during something as special & memorable as shopping for the dress you’re going to become a wife in!


“What’s the payment process like?”

We require payment in full to order.


“Do you sell bridesmaids?”

Yes, we do! Bridesmaid dresses are also special order and take 3-4 months to come in. We recommend ordering bridesmaid dresses 5-6 months prior to the wedding to ensure they arrive on time & there is time for any necessary alterations. You can see our bridesmaid designers HERE.

“Do you sell: Prom? Mother of the bride? Mother of the groom? Flower girls?”

No, we do not. We specialize in wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses only.

Local recommendations:

PROM - Miss Priss or Geno’s

MOTHERS DRESSES: Carl Myers or Bella Rose

FLOWER GIRLS: Gretchen Reece Bridal