Shoes Optional

There are so many ways to make your wedding unique these days. One of my favorites is when the bride wears fun, sassy shoes.

All brides wear white... its kind of fun to set yourself apart by adding some color into the mix. Plus it makes the pictures fun and ties in the whole color theme the bride is working with.

Theses days it is very common for the bride to let each bridesmaid wear a different dress - same color... but different style for each girl. We call this a "family" of dresses. This is a great way to let each bridesmaid's personality shine through while also insuring they are comfortable throughout the night. But what about those brides that like the clean, crisp look of all her girls matching? Turn to the shoes! Perfect. Tie in a color that matches with the wedding color theme... and let your bridesmaids get creative. This way if their feet are killing them by the end of the night, at least they can't blame you. ;)  The more stunning the shoes... the more probability the feet will be in pain come 8pm!

Now beach weddings of course break the rules. Heels are impossible in the sand and wedges can cause sprained ankles... so, in most cases the bride turns to flip flops. I think depending on the bridesmaid dresses, this is a very fun, cute idea. Some may even choose to go barefoot for the portion of the wedding that takes place on the actual beach.

One idea that is completely new to me (that I heard about over this past weekend) is a "Shoes Optional" wedding.... and not on a beach. Hum... interesting I must say. The bridal party will all be barefoot for the entire wedding... and to spice it up a bit, they are going to invite their guests to join in. As much as I love being barefoot, I think I prefer it in the comfort of my own home (or a beach of course). In a case such as this, I may opt for the stunning, yet painful heel. But I do love when new ideas cross my path... so props to this bride! I am looking forward to some pictures.

I do have to hope though, that the bride will make sure her girl's toes are up are par!  ;)

However the bride chooses to dress the wedding party's feet, I hope she keeps it true to her and her personality. A little twist is what separates her wedding from all the others.

Happy Wedding Planning!

xoxo *Ange