Tuesdays with Ty - Wedding Day Don'ts

Like I said last week...I do not have many things at all that I would change about our wedding, so this blog will be much shorter than last week!  Here are just a few tips for making your wedding day the best it can be:

  • Do not run late!  Running late turns into stress, so do your best to be on time for everything.  We were cutting it very close on time after we got our hair done and it made me a little anxious and I felt rushed to get to the venue for photos.
  • Have a conversation with your photographer about exactly how the picture time will go.  Our photo time seemed a little scattered and we did not feel like we got all the pictures we would have liked to have done.  If the photographer does not offer a check list of exact family shots you want then make sure you let them know.
  • If your ceremony is outdoor then consider doing the group photos really early or inside the venue.  Our guests started arriving 45 minutes early and we had to wrap up our photos early so everyone wouldn't see us before the wedding.  Again, I felt really rushed and that is not a good feeling.
  • Do not forget to thank everyone involved for making your day extra special...this includes vendors, friends and family!
  • Do not forget to look around at the guests right before you walk back down the aisle to take a mental picture of who all was in attendance.  Do the same thing at the reception a few times.  These are memories you will treasure forever.