Tuesdays with Ty - 8 weeks out!

Yesterday I had a temporary panic attack when I looked at the calendar and realized that it was the exact 8 week out mark until I am officially Mrs. McBrayer!  While there is nothing I can tell you to avoid having the same mini panic attack, hopefully these next points will help alleviate the stress that could follow. Here are just a few things that I decided were the most important to get done in order to be able to enjoy the time we have left in our engagement:

  • Invitations in the mail - exactly 8 weeks out - make sure invitations are mailed. 
  • Touch base with your vendors to set up appointments for final preparations. 
  • Meeting with coordinator  -  I am meeting with my friend who is coordinating our wedding and venue contact next week to go over everything and make sure we are all on the same page.  We will also figure out the final number of tables so the florist can also be prepared as well.
  • Meet with florist - make sure everyone is covered - mothers' flowers, ushers, guest book attendant, readers, anyone else that plays a part in  your wedding.
  • Bridal gown fitting - make final preparations to have your final fitting and arrangements to have your dress pressed/steamed before the big day.
  • Bridal Portraits - not a requirement, but something fun to do if you want to display your picture at the reception.
  • Hair appointments - talk to your stylist and make your appointments to do your color touch ups and trim and to do a trial run of your hair and make-up.  I am using my bridal portrait day as my trial run.
  • Rehearsal Dinner - send out invitations and make sure everything is on target to run smoothly.  If your future in-laws are handling, let them handle it.  If you are doing it yourself (like we are) then do not be afraid to ask for help.  I asked a couple of my aunts to handle the day of prep for us.  You will go crazy otherwise:)
  • Meet with your Minister/Officiant - we are doing a few counseling sessions with our Minister, so be sure and get those scheduled if you need to.  You will also go through and discuss the outline of the ceremony during this time.
  • Programs - after your meeting with your minister you can start laying out how the program will flow and get them printed.
  • Bachelorette Party- if you aren't going on a formal bachelorette party, then just plan a fun night out with friends.  You will need it!
  • Thank You Notes - have a plan for thank you notes - get them personalized or printed before the wedding so you have them ready for when you get back from the honeymoon.
  • ENJOY - have a few date nights where wedding talk is banned.  Just enjoy being an engaged couple and relax!

I hope these few hints keep you from having a meltdown!  There are wedding checklists out there to help you keep it all straight.  The Knot offers a personalized one with your wedding date.  Just remember to breathe and in the end you will be married and that is what is important!

Happy Planning!