You guys are in for a real treat today! Our sweet Twirl Bride Blogger, Allison Johnson of Pink LouLou Design Studio, is back and sharing all about her engagement photos and her process for creating her Save The Dates! Prepare yourself to completely swoon over all of Allison & Tim's cuteness. It's ridiculously sweet and we are giddy as can be that she's sharing it all with us!

Things have been moving right along over here in wedding world, and I am surely, but ever so slowly, checking things off my list. I was gifted the Southern Weddings planner and let me tell you, that thing has been a lifesaver! I find the monthly checklists the most helpful, as they are a quick snapshot of what I need to be doing, and when. It's like my own little wedding manager reminding me to do things (heaven knows I need it). 

 The biggest thing we did recently that I was excited to check off the list, was take our engagement pictures! Now Southern Weddings recommends doing this 6-9 months (closer to 9, obvs) before your wedding, but we were a little late on this. And you know what, that is ok!! The name of my wedding game is "no-stress" and I refuse to let anything stress me out. We got engaged in October, but wanted to wait until Spring when the weather was a little nicer to do our pictures, so we ended up taking them about 6 months after we got engaged, and 6 months prior to the wedding.  

We worked with our incredibly talented wedding photographer (Claire from Claire & Barrett) and we had so much fun. I was super nervous about it because I am the world’s most awkward in front of a camera, but this experience was actually one of my favorites so far! We wanted to really capture this time in our life together, and have memories that years from now would bring us right back to where we are, in this moment. We decided to do the pics in our home, simple and laid back. That is just us, we are not stuffy and fluffy, and most of the time we are just super casual being lovey dovey in our house. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. I definitely recommend doing what feels comfortable to you. You will love the pics so much more when they mean something to you. Our house is where we fell in love. On our first date Tim came over to help me paint my guest room, and I knew that this was something special!! No matter where we go in this life, this little house will always hold some of our most cherished memories—from innocent midnight chats to whispered secrets shared.  

Thank you THANK YOU Claire for these beautiful pics! I could not be happier with how they turned out! 

(Don't ask me why, but I think this next pic is my favorite, Our feet are always touching and moving!)

We did also take some outside, we figured our family might want some more formal pics of us not cuddling on the couch,  haha!! I just love them all so much! 

We wanted to use our engagement pics for our save the dates, which are now pushing too late to send you should just send an invitation but whatever, we are sending them. I was appalled at the pricing I was finding online for save the dates, so I decided to whip them up myself. I literally did them in about 5 minutes in Indesign, and had them printed by GotPrint for $38. I am not kidding. No way was I spending $450 on pieces of paper!! Pick your saves and splurges, brideys.  

 I was super happy with how they turned out. If you go this route, you can also order envelopes from, you guessed it, Thank me later. 

I have some more fun posts coming up for you brides that are following along!! As always, let me know if there is anything I can answer for your, or help you navigate! 

Xo, Allison