Tuesdays with Ty - After the Engagement Sets In

Now that you know the story of how Brandon and I met and how he proposed I will share a bit about what happened next.  Since the proposal took me by surprise, it took me a day or so for it to really set in that we were getting married.  It was important for me to share the news personally with family and close friends, unlike Brandon that decided texting was the best method of spreading the news, while I spent several hours on the phone.  Girls would just not take to hearing that type news via text message!  That is the phone call we dream about making to our friends for years!  We called our parents first...followed by the future bridesmaids.  My best friend since 7th grade didn't answer for a few hours and it was killing me that she didn't know!   We waited a few days before making it "Facebook official" just to be sure all close friends found out first hand.  What next??

The best advice I have to anyone is to take a few days to enjoy the engagment...the newness of it all, the sparkly ring, calling one another "fiance", enjoying telling the story of the proposal before delving into all the plans.  We enjoyed taking our time and really talking out what we wanted the look and feel of our wedding to be like.  The best advice I have for all of the friends out there is let them enjoy the first few days without asking for details yet...celebrate with them!

Bridesmaid hint:  One of my favorite memories of the first few days is when my best friend called and insisted that we go for a manicure to get my nails worthy of the gorgeous new ring on my hand.  She came to pick me up and brought me a goodie bag filled with a planner just for wedding purposes, a sweet card and jewelry cleaner to keep my ring sparkling.  We then went off for a relaxing manicure and girl talk.  It was just what I needed!

Remember this is one of the happiest times in your life.  Take time to savor and enjoy it with those around you.  Up next...selecting the date and venue!