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Being Bold with Yellow!

So you’ve said “yes” and found your special dress! Your next mission, the bridesmaid dresses.  Here at Twirl we have a wide variety of designers, styles and colors for all of your bridesmaid needs.  Finding the perfect color is a must for achieving your overall theme of the wedding.  Whether your wedding is in a church or on a beach, you can make any color work with a few simple steps!
For example, yellow is color that tends to scare away most brides because of its brightness.  But, at Twirl we say don’t be afraid to use bright pops of colors to make a bold statement.  But what if you’re not looking to make a statement?  No worry, yellow is also a beautiful accent color that can be incorporated into every aspect of your wedding.
A good tip is to start simple! You don't have to make every aspect of the wedding include the color yellow.  You can simply choose to highlight smaller details such as: flowers, cake, invitations, and of course, bridesmaid dresses!
Flowers: Hide and Seek Designs
Yellow dresses from Twirl: Lula Kate
Invitations: Le BonBon
Cake: Style Me Pretty

 Don't be afraid to use color and have fun with your wedding planning! It's your special day and you can make it your dream come true! Us Twirl Girls are always here to help!

XOXO, Emily