wedding songs

Wedding Songs

How does one decide their perfect wedding songs? There are so many choices!

The first one that comes to mind and is a must is your "First Dance" song. Some couples make this song "their song" - which usually means it was the first song they heard together on their first date. Or maybe the first song they danced together to. Or in some cases I have seen (heard) it be a song with a message that represents their relationship. When my best friend got married, her "First Dance Song" was called "Looks like we made it" by Shania Twain. It couldn't have fit their relationship any more perfect than if the song had been personally written for them. I like this idea the most. This way while people are watching you share your first dance, they can listen to the words tell a story about the couple. I have been to one wedding where their "First Dance" song was the first song that came on the radio on their first date. To this day I don't remember the name of the song or who it was by, but it was heavy metal and I can imagine very awkward to dance to (considering how awkward it was to watch them try to dance to) and there was clearly no "special message".

Once you have the very important "First Dance Song" taken care of, it's time to move on to the equally important "Father Daughter Song". I understand not everyone is close to their fathers, or perhaps their fathers are not around to share in this special day... but the weddings I have been to the Fathers have been present and this dance has been special. Being a HUGE country music fan (largely in part because of the story that most country songs tell) there are several songs that come to mind for this particular dance. Tim McGraw's "I Loved her First" or perhaps "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle (which has been re-done several times by country artists such as Garth Brooks).

The one thing that is kind of a bummer is that there are SO many songs out there... but some how only a handful of them make the list for these two categories of wedding songs. Before my best friend got married, she had a few of us over and we spent hours trying to help her find her "perfect" song. We sat around her kitchen table with her i-Pod plugged in, our lap tops on hand and a box of old CD's we hadn't seen for years. We opened a bottle of wine and spent the whole night coming up with different songs that brought back memories for us... but also told stories that related to my friend and her soon to be husband. We had so much fun. I think involving your bridesmaids in this task is a great way to get different opinions and they will no doubt come up with songs or artists you may not have come up with on your own.

Now in all fairness, I would almost guarantee that @ some point, you will attend a wedding and hear the same song that you heard at a wedding the year before during one of these two dances. Does it really matter though? I don't think so. In the moment that the song is playing, and the two people are dancing... all that matters is the happiness that theses people are sharing and the beautiful message or story that is being told by the song. If you do like one of the more popular first dance songs, perhaps you can make it your own by having it sung to you by someone important to you instead of using the DJ version. Little touches like that can turn something that's "already been done" into something that is yours.

I am going to leave you with the "First Dance" link below. I know you have all seen it a million times... but I think it is just too fun and fabulous to not mention!!! I am not going to lie... depending on who I end up marrying, if they are "cool" enough... I many just reenact something like this myself. ;)

First Dance Song

Happy Wedding Planning to you all! I hope you have fun going through old song books and current popular albums in search of your perfect wedding songs.

xoxo *angela