Mother's (of the Bride) Day!

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother"

-Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln said it best. Where would we be without our mothers? Especially on our wedding day! They are the ones we shop for our dress with. They are the ones we cry with. They help us get ready and they zip up our dress and watch us walk down the aisle. They truly are the backbone of our wedding day.
So today Twirl celebrates all the wonderful mommies out there! And we hope that you are spending some quality time with your mother today! We put together some ideas to make your mom feel loved and appreciated on your wedding day and to remind her that you will always be her little girl!
In order to prepare for moments like the ones captured in the pictures above, give your mom a personalized handkerchief to hold as you walk down the aisle! You know she is going to wipe some tears away!
Going along with the teary-eyed theme, give your mom a personalized compact so she can check her makeup after the tears stop and she's ready to party at the reception!
Your mom has a special dress too! Make sure she has something cute to hang it on. She will want to remember what she wore on the big day just as much as you will!
Along with her dress, give her some special "Mother" jewelry to wear the day of. Something personalized just for her will make her fell so special. {ALSO! How sweet is that Mother-In-Law bracelet?! Whoever scooped him up sure has a good man!}
After the wedding is over and you are off on your won and married, give your mom something special to remember the day by. A personalized picture frame is perfect!
And to wrap all this up, here is an adorable and hilarious mother of the bride speech on youtube! Make sure to have your tissues ready! This one is definitely a tear-jerker!

Happy Mother's Day to all the WONDERFUL mother's out there! Where would we be without you?

XOXO, Caraline