Valentine's Day Proposal Story Contest

Valentine's Day Proposal Contest Winners!

We are so excited to announce the winners of the Valentine's Day Proposal Story Contest! Both stories were so heart warming and sweet, we couldn't wait to share them with you.
First, we would like to congratulate Laura Ison on her 1st place proposal story!
From the bride-to-be:

"My loving boyfriend, now fiancé returned home from Afghanistan December 22,2013 after a long eleven and half month deployment. Clyde Charles Porter, surprised us at the Kyova Mall in Ashland KY, the day he returned home. We couldn't be happier to have him back. And I couldn't of been happier to hold him again.

On February 9th, the day he proposed, I was told he we was doing an early Valentines Day, because he was taking another job and would be traveling; gone ten days and home three. The night before the ninth, I stayed at the apartment with him. When we woke up, I was told to get ready for a day out and that he would meet up with me later. With confusion on my face, I prepared myself for an outing.

While I was still getting dressed, I realized that some of my clothes were missing, and he had already left, without me. Suddenly, I hear a knock on the door and it's his mom with a bag of clothes and a letter. Clyde had gathered the clothes I wore on our first date and packed them in a bag for me. Confusion and excited overwhelmed me as I opened the letter. As I started to read, I realized he had planned a scavenger hunt for me. The first letter directed me to where we first met, where I find my mom and dad there waiting for me with the next letter, and they are to escort me the rest of the day.

   The second letter, directed me to where he first said "I love you'" At the end of each note, there was a love quote and bible verse. As I went to the second place, his mom and dad were there with the second note. This note directed me to our first date, which was at the bowling alley. My confusion and anxiety levels were through the roof at this moment, not to mention my excitement level!

When I arrived to the third stop, his best friend Tony and my sister, are waiting with the fourth and final note. This note told me to go to Central Park in Ashland to take a stroll, they he would be meet me under the gazebo. As we arrive at Central Park, I see him standing in the middle of this huge white gazebo, waiting for my arrival. As I started walking across the park, praying that I didn't fall in all the snow, my thoughts were everywhere. As I was walking, it felt like it was taking ages, for me to get to him. When I finally made it to the gazebo, he grabbed my hands, pulled me in close and started talking, these were the exact words he said... "Laura, you know I love you, and it's only the type of love that God can give man, for a woman" He got down on his knee, "Will you marry me?" My heart sank, and I was totally speechless. I was finally able to form the words, yes and I love you. It was the proposal of my dreams, with the man and ring of my dreams, down to the exact detail, of having people hiding, recording and taking pictures of the whole day.

I couldn't be more blessed and thankful for such an amazing day, with my now future husband, and both of our families. I can't wait to marry my fiancé, on June 14th, 2014, in front of God, family and friends. It's going to be the best of our lives. And winning this contest would just make it even better."

Sincerely, The future, Mrs. Laura Porter.

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Congratulations to Danielle Goulding on her 2nd place proposal story!
From the bride-to-be:

"My now-fiancé was very sweet and thoughtful in his proposal, and not over the top. He kept it intimate and meaningful…and was a surprise!

I always wake up before he does, and always give him a big hug and kiss before I hop out of bed to start my day. That morning, he asked me to stop by before I went to work, that he had been working on something he wanted to show me. (We are next door neighbors, so swinging by is easy to do…) I didn’t think anything odd was up—I just thought he had painted something, or finished a project. So I go my merry way that morning, getting ready as normal (and taking probably a little longer, to his dismay!) I popped over before I left to go to work, w/ coat and mittens on. He sat me down at his computer, and put some headphones over my ears, and told me he had a video he had made for me, “A day in the life of Danielle." He pressed play, and George Harrison’s “What is Life” started playing. This song is special for me, as he first played it for me on our first vacation together, in the beautiful Virgin Islands on the beach. The video was shot from his point of view—you can only see his hands as he is walking and driving. In the video, he is taking a snowy journey from where we live, over to his parents’ house (here in Lexington)….to pick up a box from them. Then he brings this tiny box home, and hides it in a drawer. The video and George’s crooning ended, and I turn around and ask him, “What did you do!”, grinning ear to ear.

He walked over, to the drawer where he had hidden the box, to retrieve the small package. He brought it over, and got down on one knee, taking my hand. With tears in his eyes, and a catch in his voice, he told me how much he loved me. And that we both knew this day would come, but, would I marry him? He had opened the box during his small speech, but I never took my eyes from his. I exclaimed “Of course!” and then looked at the ring, which was stunning beyond belief.

He then told me that, even though my Dad was no longer here for him to ask permission, that he had talked with my Dad’s best friends, my mother, my step mother, my sister, and my uncle—all to ask if he could have his permission to marry me. Only a few months ago, we lost my father to a very sudden and short battle w/ lymphoma. So it meant the world to me that he had tried to seek out those who might have known my Dad’s mind. I know without a shadow of a doubt, that my Dad would be just as over the moon as I am, for me to be spending the rest of my life with this wonderful, sweet, and thoughtful man.

I’d like to close with “The End”….but alas, its just the beginning!"

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Thank you to everyone who submitted their beautiful proposal stories! We enjoyed reading all of your love stories and wish you so many years of happiness! Congratulations to Laura and Danielle for both finding your dream wedding dress here at our boutique - we absolutely loved working with you girls!
XO, The Twirl Girls