Bridesmaid Appointment Tip

I love it when bridal parties come in to shop for bridesmaid dresses and someone remembers to bring a camera.  Looking at bridesmaid dress styles on the Internet is helpful, but seeing a snapshot of yourself or your bridal party in dresses you're interested in is even better.   It's one thing to see a model in a dress that has been altered to look just right for a photo shoot - seeing how a dress falls on a real person gives brides a much better idea of the true look of the dress. 

A couple hints when bringing your camera:
-Remember that taking snapshots is just helping you to get an idea on the cut of the bridesmaid dresses you like.  It doesn't mean every single girl needs to try on the dress.  Whether you're shopping at Twirl Lexington or at another bridal boutique, sales consultants can help you determine dress silhouettes that look best on certain body types.

-Tell your bridesmaids to bring a strapless bra and heels.  Some bridal stores provide heels in the fitting room, so it's good ask when you make your appointment.

-Also remember that not every store allows photos, we at Twirl don't have a problem with it, but many places do not allow photos, so respect their wishes.

Happy Shopping!