Tuesdays with Ty - Bronzed Bride

It is about this time every Spring when the sun dresses and tank tops come out of hibernation that I wish I had a naturally dark complexion...or had just gotten back from a week at the beach!  But since both of those are not true I have officially started my self tanning experiment.

I decided to start experimenting early so I can have the process down pat just in time for the wedding...so I can be a perfectly bronzed bride.  Luckily, one of our Twirl brides is a manager at Fusion Tanning Studios here in Lexington and offered me great advice.  I have done 2 self tanning sessions so far in the Mystic Tan booth and am very pleased with the results!  Here is what I found to work best:

  • Take a shower and exfoliate before you go.
  • DO purchase the little foot bottom covers to stand on.  My feet were HILARIOUS the first time.  Yuck!
  • Use LOTS of the barrier cream on your hands.  Apparently I didn't use enough the first time and my hands were not pretty.  My second time I asked how much to use and they were perfect.
  • Do not shower or sweat the night you go (good excuse for not working out:)
  • I do recommend going in the evening...the smell is a little strange.  I think it's more of a self-conscious thing, but still.  They also have scents you can add, I am going to try that next time!
  • Start with a light application...better safe than sorry!  The first time I did the lightest version and second added a "bronze boost".  I definitely recommend the boost!

While it sounds like a lot of hassle, it really is not.  It only takes about 10-15 minutes total time.  I was very reluctant at first because I had bad experiences when the spray tan first came out a few years ago, but things have drastically improved since then.  I love the results and can't wait to go again!  You will feel tan and beautiful like you have just spent a day at the beach.

Fusion Tanning Studios also has bridal party packages that can benefit both bridesmaids and brides!  Ask your local tanning salon if they don't mention it! 

Bridesmaid tip:  If your bride has mentioned trying self tanning chip in and get her a package to try it out.  It would make a great personal shower gift:)

Happy Tanning!