Guys! I (Liz Cox) am NERDING out over the Royal Wedding and can't wait to share all my thoughts and predictions about the big day with you all!! Who else is totally crazy & waking up at 4am to watch it all go down?? The majority of our team is and I'm sure our group text will be going nuts the moment we see Meghan Markle walk out in her rumored half a million dollar gown! That's right... rumor has it that her wedding dress costs around half a million dollars!!! W O W!!

Speaking of the dress.. let's talk about it! Let's first start by taking note of Meghan's normal style. The girl loves all things classic and chic. She's not wild with her colors or patterns. She is usually found in neutrals, clean lines, and killer stilettos. She's not scared to wear things that make a statement but always makes sure it's never too trendy & can always be considered a classic, timeless look. She's definitely gotten a bit more conservative since becoming Harry's leading lady but she still finds ways to slip in her chic Hollywood style too.


When it comes to necklines for her wedding dress, I think it's safe to assume that we won't be seeing her in anything strapless. We have yet to see that in the history of Royal weddings and I don't forsee Meghan being the one to break that tradition. I think she'll be unique with her gown but I don't think a strapless gown is how she's going to make that statement. 

We have a feeling she may rock a more off-the-shoulder look for the big day. The girl can rock anything though -- from high neck to off-the-shoulder.. the girl can do whatever she pleases! Here are some bridal looks inspired by some of her past red carpet looks.


Now, it should be noted that we've seen Meghan in a wedding dress before! Her character Rachel Zane in Suits tied in the knot in the "Versailles" dress by Anne Barge. As beautiful as it is I don't think we'll be seeing Meghan mimicking the look for her own day.


"Will Meghan wear something similar to her soon-to-be Royal family?" I know we're all asking the same thing! So here are my thoughts on the matter: I think Meghan will definitely wear things that are inspired by Diana, Kate, and Elizabeth but certainly put her own flair on it. I think her biggest inspiration will be from Diana so that she can honor her in a special way. That could be seen in many ways - from having modern bow details, wearing a blusher over her face (as did Kate) before the ceremony, carrying a large cascading bouquet, or maybe even having one of the longest trains in Royal history (Queen Elizabeth also had a very long train like Diana did). I have a very strong feeling that she will wear one of Diana's tiaras as a way to honor her and make Diana's presence known on their special day. Other than that though, I'm very interested to see how she incorporates her colliding worlds of American Hollywood and British Royalty. It's going to be absolutely amazing. Of that I am sure!


If I HAD to say what I'm hoping Meghan will step out of the Royal carriage in, I would say this: a sleek, slightly modern off-the-shoulder gown with the wow factor of a dramatic detachable train. Historically, all royals have some sort of lace adorning their gown and I think we'll find that on the train and in the veil. Like I mentioned earlier, I think we'll see her wearing one of Diana's tiaras and carrying a similar bouquet's to Harry's sweet "mum's."

See some of our idea inspiration below:


Check out what some of our designers think Meghan will wear on Saturday:

*Top left: Hayley Paige (I think she hit the nail on the head 1000%), bottom left: Anne Barge, top right: Justin Alexander, bottom right: Martina Liana/Essence/Stella York

No matter what happens, whether we're spot on or totally off base, we are SO excited to see what Meghan wears and how the whole day unfolds. It will no doubt be a real life fairytale and make us all swoon over Harry a little more than we all already do. Because let's be real... don't we all wish we were Meghan Markle?!?! Check out the details below so you don't miss a thing:

Tell us in the comments below what your own thoughts & predictions are! Do you agree with us about what Meghan will wear or do you have a totally different idea?? We'd love to hear it!

Cheers to love, modern day Princesses or not! It's all so fun & worthy of celebration. Xo!

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