Dress of the Week- Aidan

The Jenny Yoo Collection has used their innovative designers to create a gown that is not only a classic shape, but a versatile look that any bridesmaid would love to wear!  Aidan is a strapless chiffon gown that has 2 panels in the front and back that enables you to create multiple different looks with one simple dress.

Although this dress is completely amazing strapless, you can create a miss-matched look by allowing your maids to choose their own way of wearing the dress.  Below you will see multiple options for Aidan.

 A fun way to incorporate this dress could be to have your maids all wear it strapless and have your Maid of Honor wear it in one of the convertible options!

Hope you have enjoyed this post!  We look forward to receiving our new samples from Jenny Yoo in the upcoming months!