Best Dressed Bridesmaids

Our guest blogger is Brooke, a bridal party consultant at Twirl and the author of her own blog, I have been a guest to many weddings and had hard enough time deciding which dress I would wear to the bride and groom’s special day. Little did I know when it came to my own sister’s big day I would need so many different outfits for so many events! From the day she became engaged to the actual event, I was worrying every step of the way about what to wear. Thankfully I had already brilliantly picked out our bridesmaids dresses by Thread from Twirl so I knew I had one ensemble taken care of.  

Now that I've been through it,  I wanted to help all of you bridesmaids out there with what is appropriate and fun to wear when being involved in a bride’s special day.

Picnik collageluncheon

The bridesmaid luncheon was the first of many events to come. This wedding was a marathon, not a sprint, to the altar.  A luncheon is casual but intended to be girly. All 12, yes I said 12, bridesmaids took this chance to bring out their feminine spring dresses one more time before Fall was really going to hit Seattle. J Crew  is a great place to find something classic with feminine details for this event. The Slub Silk Daydream Floral Lorelei dress shown screams luncheon.  Pair it with gorgeous jewelry and a great belt and you’re ready to lunch with the bride one more time before she’s a Mrs.

Picnik collageTravelersDinner

For my family’s special event, my always-creative mother put together a ‘Travelers Dinner’. A lot of our family and friends live in Washington State, where the wedding was held, so this was a time to celebrate with them before Whitney and Matt’s big day. We were blessed with great weather in Seattle that weekend which only meant we couldn’t dare be indoor. The party revolved around the wood fire pizza oven brought by a local restaurant that coincided with the Italian theme.  For a casual dinner you can take off your heels, slip on some flats with some jeans and a cute top, and enjoy the atmosphere. My most important tip outdoor events...bring a sweater! Anthropologie has great sweaters that are light weight for those of us down in Arizona, but they also have cozy cardigan coats if you are traveling elsewhere with a cooler climate.

Picnik collagerehearsaldress

Finally it came to the last event before the big day, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. That cocktail dress hanging in your closet waiting for a night out is the perfect choice for this last affair. Remember though ladies that you already had the bachelorette party, so keep it respectable. If in doubt, little black dresses go a long way. BCBG has unlimited black dresses for you to fill your closet that you can wear over and over again to new events. The little black dress is an icon for a reason and viewed classic. Show your personality with your accessories if you want that metallic or pop of color. Make sure you’ve walked in your heels a couple times so that you don’t trip down the stairs during rehearsal like I did…

Picnik collagestella

The day of my sister’s wedding was a calm one. I don’t know how she managed to be so graceful but she handled the morning with undetected worries. I, on the other hand, was worrying about my speech and couldn’t believe it was my big sister’s wedding day, but was so happy for her and Matt. The last thing I needed to worry about that day was what I was going to wear.  Fortunately, I was able to choose my favorite dress at Twirl; the Stella by Thread.  Whatever bridesmaid dress you are wearing, just be sure to bring all the appropriate undergarments for your dress and the day will be problem free.  Once the bride and groom have said ‘I do’, you have made it through all the wedding worries, it's time to celebrate having no clothing catastrophes - and most importantly, time to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs.  My own last hope and tip to you is that don’t show up to the morning after brunch in your sweats or bridesmaid dress! 

Sincerely, B