Girl's Day at Twirl!

Looking for that perfect bridesmaids dress both you AND your girls will love? Twirl invites you to schedule a “Fitting Party” where you will get the chance to A.) See what YOU like, B.) See what THEY like, and C.) Sip on some delicious drinks and play dress-up with your besties! This is also a great opportunity to get together with your girls early in the wedding process to discuss details and all your super cute wedding ideas! Don’t worry if all of your bridesmaids can’t make it to the party or live out of town- all we need is their e-mail address and we will get their order taken care of over the phone! Below is a little information about what to expect when you book a Fitting Party at Twirl.
First Things First:
It’s not a party without TREATS! Southern hospitality definitely comes into play here at Twirl Boutique. We will serve y’all some delicious goodies & refreshing pink lemonade and bubbly beverages to enjoy as you catch up with your maids and reminisce.
At this point, you will have already picked out your favorite dress style(s) and color scheme prior to your fitting party. This makes the process easier and more organized. Whether you want the mix & match look, a solid color, something formal, or fun & flirty, we have it all  - just let us know your style!
If you want all your girls in the same exact dress & color:
Your bridesmaids will have the opportunity to try on the dress you’ve selected in order to see how it looks on. We will then take their measurements to determine the perfect size to order! (Yes, this means taking a break from gossiping and sipping!). We will also take care of any special sizing instructions we may need to accommodate your girls (ie. baby bump Betty or long-legs Laura).

If you want to mix & match colors, necklines, etc.:
We will help you choose a few styles/colors/fabrics that look fabulous together. We have a wonderful selection of bridesmaid designers that have several options for mixing & matching! This is also a great option if you have a wide range of body types in your bridal party. (Example: Busty Britney and Pencil-thin Patty can choose a style that works best with their figure).

Ship it & Sip it
Once we have gotten everyone’s sizing & style information recorded, we will take care of each bridesmaid’s payment (half is required to order) & pick-up information (yes, you can go back to sipping & chatting). We know being in a wedding is expensive, so to help we will let everyone just pay half of their total up front and the other half when the dresses arrive.   Like we said earlier – if some girls can’t make it because they live out of the area, we have specific ordering instructions we will send to them through e-mail.

And who says the party has to stop here!? Continue to pamper your girls by taking them out for a spa day in Lexington! Admit it – with all this wedding planning you need a day of relaxation and good conversation!

Call us today to book your fitting party! 859-309-2493
-The Twirl Girls