We are officially two weeks into our second round of Faster Way to Fat Loss, so we just wanted to give a quick update and let you know how it’s going!


I am SO happy I decided to continue on the program!  I have felt more much more in control of understanding exactly what I need to do to make the program work for me.  I have officially lost 2.5 inches on my problem area, my lovely mama muffin top.  I went shopping and felt so much more confident in trying on more fitted shirts than ever before. 

What is working for me?  Planning ahead! I have found that the days that I really buckle down and plan out what my meals are and stick to them I have much more success in staying in check.  I’ve had days where I was tired and just tried to wing it and it hasn’t worked out so well.  On the days I plan ahead I can fit wine and the occasional cookie into my macros!  One day this week I packed a lunch with a taco bowl with ground turkey, cauliflower rice, black beans and salsa AND knew we were eating out at Fazoli’s (my daughter’s favorite).  My macros were perfect with what I planned to eat and I stuck with it!  Yay! 

What is not working for me?  Trying to put too much pressure on myself to make it to the gym later in the day.  If I have too much on my plate (most days) I will most likely back out of going to work out.  If I take the pressure off and either do the at-home workout before I leave the house or schedule a Sweat class before I go to work so I have less of a chance to let the world get the best of me and back out.

I am traveling this weekend, so that is going to be challenging.  I plan to keep the intermittent fasting portion up and do the best I can on food and do a full 24 fast when we get back to give my body a chance to digest all the yummy food I eat and get back on track!


I haven’t felt this good in a LONG time! Even though I’m currently fighting a sinus infection I still feel like I have more energy than I have in a long time. I have no doubt that’s due in large part to healthy eating and working out. I have felt such a sense of accomplishment, which has generated confidence in a whole new light.

What is working for me? Doing my work outs before work because after work is my time to crash + relax. Plus, working out before work stirs a sense of productivity that carries me throughout my work day.. even if walking up and down the stairs in a little more painful thanks to a tough cycle class, ha! Also, it’s been helpful to think through my meals ahead of time and log them into My Fitness Pal at the beginning of the day or even the night before so I know what kind of wiggle room I have or lack thereof.

What is not working for me? Lack of meal prep. I’m not a big cook in the first place so the idea of meal prepping has always seemed like dreadful process to me. However, I attempted to meal prep the first week and it was super helpful! The following week (this week) I didn’t meal prep much and it’s been a little more of a struggle to feel in control. I think partially too it’s been hard because I’ve been sick and haven’t had much of an appetite because of that so the idea of meal prepping has just been exhausting/pointless to me. I will say though, on Wednesday I made Velveeta whole grain Mac-n-cheese that fit perfectly into my macros and I was the HAPPIEST camper in the world. Mac-n-cheese is my GO-TO comfort food so it felt like such a victory to be able to eat that and not screw with my macros. One more reason I LOVE this program! So much food freedom!!

I haven’t done new measurements or stepped on the scale for about a week so I’m not too sure where I land right now with my measurements + weight. However, I will say that when Ty and I were shopping yesterday for clothes for a branding shoot we’re doing in two weeks I fit into a pair of jeans that were 2 sizes down from what I most recently fit into and I bought a shirt in an extra small and I haven’t seen those size tags in a LONG TIME! If those items are made in vanity sizes I don’t want to know, ha! ;) I really don’t want this whole thing to be about the numbers on the scale but I will say that fitting into those clothes felt really encouraging and made me feel more comfortable in my own skin, which is definitely a goal for me through my journey through FWTFL.

So I’d say for both us, we’re feeling really good after tackling week two of round two and are ready to take on week three! We leave for New York next Friday for bridal market and we’ll be sharing our experiences with traveling on the program. We know it’ll definitely have its challenges but we’ve got each other to power through which is going to be super helpful! Community is everything, y’all.

We hope y’all have a wonderful weekend + enjoy this GORGEOUS Fall weather!

Xo, Ty + Liz