After sharing a bit about our “why’s” behind starting our journey with Faster Way to Fat Loss, we thought we would explain a bit more about what this program is all about in easier terms to understand.

The FWTFL program has two components: nutrition and workouts.  Back to the basics - eat well and work out and you will lose weight, right?  Well, that is where this system varies a tad from traditional calorie cutting.  Each day you are given guidelines for how to eat that day.  For example, one day is low-carb day, one day is regular calorie day, EXTRA calorie day, etc.  This helps our bodies go from sugar burning to fat burning and helps us ladies finally burn all that stored fat that is so hard to lose. Can we get a HALLELUJAH?! The program doesn’t tell you what to eat precisely but instead teaches you how to balance and adjust how much fat, protein and carbs you eat each day. It puts you in control which is what creates long lasting lifestyle changes.

The FWTFL workouts are designed to build lean muscle and are super lifestyle friendly with versions for home workouts and gym workouts.  Like we mentioned in the first blog, Ty loves going to classes at Sweat (and Liz is slowly but surely joining Ty in that love affair).  Ty asked our awesome trainer, Valerie Smorol, how to incorporate those classes to fit the program and she coached her on what days to go to Sweat and which work outs could be done from home.  Neither of us really love working out but the good thing about this program is that you can still see results even if you just stick to the nutrition side! Liz can attest to this because during the first round she didn't do a single exercise (because #lazy) and when she was following the program well she could see the benefits of the nutrition portion for sure!

The bottom line is that this is the most lifestyle friendly way we have personally found to hold ourselves accountable but still not deprive ourselves of nights out with friends, chocolate chip cookies and, cough cough... wine.. because DUH.

 We are going outline more tips on nights out, traveling and grocery shopping trips as we get further into our series!  We have learned tremendous amounts about what we can and cannot eat on certain days and that is one of the main reasons why we have continued onto Round 2 of FWTFL!  It truly is a great way to live your life and still feel like you’re in control of what you are eating.

We both want want to take good care of ourselves so that we can be confident + content in our skin as well as cultivate healthy ways of living that enable us to love our people well in all the ways that matter most - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We are so grateful for this program and the way it is helping us cater to that type of investment when it comes to becoming our best selves for the sake of the legacies we're building.

Next week we'll be back with updates on how the first two weeks (really three if you count prep week) have been + how we're feeling moving forward. As of now, we're off to pop some champagne (because YES YOU CAN DRINK IT ON THIS PROGRAM! THANK YA JESUS!!) to celebrate some of our very favorite people - Ty's littlest is 3 today + Liz's bestie just bought her first home! So much to celebrate (our favorite)!!

CHEERS TO THE WEEKEND! We hope you find something sweet to celebrate as well. Xo!

Love ya gals!

- Ty + Liz