Tuesdays with Ty - Engagement Pictures

Most couples opt to do their engagement photos right when they get engaged, but there is really no rule saying when you should do them.  We opted to wait until the weather was a bit warmer since we wanted to do them outside so we just did them two weeks ago:) Engagement pictures can serve a few different purposes.  They can make a cute save-the-date card, can be used for engagement announcements in the newspaper, could be great gifts for Christmas or Mother's Day depending on the time of year, and give you a good opportunity to work with your photographer before your big day.  Getting used to the style of the photographer will be key for your wedding day pictures.  The more comfortable you are the better pictures they can capture!

One other idea my best friend used (and I am stealing) is to use your engagement pictures to make a unique guest book for the wedding.  Let's be honest, how many people will get out a book of just names signed?  But a book of your engagement pictures with room for guests to leave a message is a keepsake you can always treasure! 

Now, on to the setting for our pictures.  Our wonderful photographer, In Retrospect Photography, met us in the historic downtown area of Lexington called Gratz Park.  We walked around and used several backdrops of old homes and spring flowers and even wandered into a parking garage for a more "urban feel".  Even though urban is a stretch for Lexington:)   We wore colors that complemented one another, but weren't too matchy.  Cailyn told us to be comfortable and we didn't want to be pulling and tugging at something we weren't comfortable in.  I chose a cute, casual sundress for the first outfit.  The second outfit I changed into a little black dress...still casual, but a little more dressy.  I love dresses, have I ever mentioned that??

We told Cailyn we only had one request for a photo.  Brandon and I are both fanatical University of Kentucky basketball fans.  Since one of our first times hanging out we watched the SEC Basketball Tournament we wanted to tie that in somehow.  We requested to take one picture at Rupp Arena where the old basketball floor is displayed.  I know, we are dorks.  It was fun though and totally represented our relationship and something we love to do together!

The best tip I can give for engagement pictures is to just enjoy the time and be comfortable so the love you share can reflect in the pictures.  Enjoy your engaged time together!  It flies by...trust me!!

Happy Planning!