Hi friends! We hope you're having a great Wednesday so far. Today is a really fun day because we are celebrating the launch of the 2018 Powersheets alongside our friends at Cultivate What Matters! Some of you may have no clue what Powersheets are and that's okay! We're going to give you guys the scoop on why we love these bad boys + how they've impacted our lives. They truly have been game changers for us and we hope they are for you too!

2018 PowerSheets Collection

Let's start with the basics.


Powersheets are THE ULTIMATE GOAL PLANNER. Powersheets help you unconver purpose-flled goals and plan action steps to make what matters happen. Perfect for anyone - moms, students, creatives, entrepreneaurs - who needs a grace-filled system that works! 

We jumped on the PS train last year but didn't really start taking them seriously until after we attended the Making Things Happen conference back in March. Ever since then, we've been hooked and have truly seen cultivated, lasting change in our lives.

Photos by  The Malicotes

Photos by The Malicotes


Powersheets enable us to sort through the riff raff of life and really get down to the gut of what we want the foundation of our lives to built upon. We are empowered + confident to set goals that are realistic for ourselves and gives us the grace to embrace "progress not perfection" in the midst of "little by little" activity towards meeting our goals.

We use Powersheets for both our personal life and our work life. We are firm believers that the two should be an overflow of one another. We are blessed to be able to work for ourselves and understand we have a little bit more flexibility in creating those margins in our lives but still, if we are cultivating holistic wellness in our lives then both our personal + work lives will be thriving and life-giving to us.


Above are the faces of two gals - oh hi, that's us! Liz Cox (Twirl's Manager) and Ty McBrayer (Twirl's Owner) - who are excited for what 2018 holds + the thought of so many of you joining us in cultivating meaningful goals + ultimately meaningful, grace-filled, purpose-driven lives alongside us.



When working through Powersheets together, we make it a priority to sit down together at least twice a year and talk through goals we want for the stores (Twirl + Meant To Be Boutique), for our specific roles, for our team, and for the story of our businesses as a whole. We talk through what's worked, what hasn't worked, what goals are realistic, what goals scare us but should be something we strive for, and what celebrations will happen if these goals are met. It's always really hard work but we walk away feeling so encouraged and are reminded of why these buisnesses matter most to us.


To say we love Powersheets is an understatement. They have been such a mercy in our lives and we are forever grateful to the CWM team for creating a product like this that produces such good fruit in the lives of the people who faithfully use it.

If you're interested in purchasing a set of your own, we highly recommend investing in the One Year Goal Setter. It's what we'll be using next year and think it's worth every penny. However, if you just want to test the waters, maybe get an undated Six Month Goal Setter. They're just as great and really give you a good idea of if Powersheets are a life-giving tool for you.

There are also some REALLY fun products that can accompany your Powersheets! The stickerbook is our personal favorite because we love the pops of color it adds to our pages and little spouts of encouragement it provides along the way. Also, the CWM team just came out with ADORABLE "tending tape" and you best believe we are going to use that crazy too!

So, friends, JOIN US! Join us on this journey of cultivating what matters most. There is an amazing community of women that are on this journey right along with us and we want YOU to be a part of it as well. It is hard, messy, beautiful, grace-filled, encouraging, and confidence-building all rolled up into one big life-changing choice. We want you to prioritize your life and live it in the most glorious way possible for you in whatever season you're in.

Click HERE to snag Powersheets for yourself + get ready to see real, lasting fruit grow in your life.

We love you big + are cheering you on in this with every ounce of us. You've got this, friend!


Liz + Ty

Recognize that cutie on the right?! That's one of our old Twirl Girls,  Kaylee Hobbs ! So fun, right?! She works at CWM!

Recognize that cutie on the right?! That's one of our old Twirl Girls, Kaylee Hobbs! So fun, right?! She works at CWM!

2018 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner

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