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by Jillian Jones

Feeling confident, beautiful and bridal are three of the most important things on your wedding day and getting into the mood of sophistication and glamorous makes it even easier to feel those ways! It’s your day and all eyes are on you, so it’s the best day to take advantage of that.

Wedding gowns that express a gorgeous sophisticated-glam wedding are Twirl’s Kellie (SY6541), Anne Barge’s Blue Willow Kitt and Justin Alexander’s 8862 style. The bling embellishments and mesh corset of Kellie extenuates the confidence every bride should have, Kitt brings life and fun to the day, and Justin’s 8862 is a show stopper with the vertical lace applique and sequined underlay.

The Kentucky Castle is such a wow-factor venue that ties this theme all together. The elegance of the authentic architecture sets the mood for the day.


Any sophisticated-glam event has to be paired with black ties and tight roses. Tones of red and touches of bold black is the frosting on the cake to make your dream wedding come to life.

We hope you found this little piece of inspiration as you work through planning your special day helpful! We'll be back next month with more wedding ideas for you that we think you'll love.

Have a great week, friends! XO



by Jillian Jones

Welcome to our new series, Twirl Trends! We don’t only want to help with just picking out your dream gown here at Twirl, we also want to help you create your perfect wedding. This series will help out with gown, venue, floral and color inspirations based on the dreamiest trends today.

"Southern Belle"

There’s something about the South that makes us have all the warm and fuzzies, as well as feel glorious love and intimacy of ‘home’, so why not bring those feelings into your big day?

Wedding gowns that express a true southern belle are Twirl’s "Hope" (SY6257), "Madelyn" (SY6247) and "Chanel" (SY6432) -- fun fact: we name all of our Stella York gowns. Although these three are very different from each other, they all work amazingly with a Southern wedding. The detailed lace, delicate straps, and tiered skirt add that rustic-chic tone you’re looking for.

southern belle-05.png
southern belle-03.png
southern belle-04.png

Historical homes and event barns like The Ashley Inn and The Barn at Springhouse Gardens bring that Southern charm to your wedding as well.

Bold accents like black and white stripes with touches of pinks hone in on the sweetness of the South. White flowers and greenery make for beautiful floral decorations.

southern belle-02.png
southern belle-01.png

We hope you enjoyed this little piece of inspiration as you work through planning your special day! We'll be back next month with more wedding ideas for you that we think you'll love.

Have a great week, friends! XO

Trending at Twirl: New Dress!

Hello ladies! We have some very exciting news to share with you this week! Here at the boutique, the Twirl girls are happy to announce that we have a brand new tea length wedding gown! It’s from one of our favorite designers, Justin Alexander. It has an adorable strapless, satin top with a full tulle skirt. It is detailed with satin buttons down the back and a satin trim around the bottom of the skirt. It is absolutely the perfect dress for any bride that is going for a more vintage look that takes them back to the 1950’s and 1960’s. It is simple but elegant all at the same time!

As classic as this dress is on its own, I have some different looks put together to give it an extra special touch so every bride can make it her own. Everyone knows how much we love our lace boleros here at Twirl, so I’m showing how each bolero jacket looks on the dress to give you brides different options if this gown is something you may be interested in. The three different boleros we have are a cap sleeve, sleeveless, and an off the shoulder sleeve.

First, of course here is the dress on its own. It’s simply stunning, isn’t it!

Second, I put the sleeveless lace bolero on the gown to give it more of a summer spring time feel.

Next,  I added our off the shoulder lace bolero that I think would be perfect for any late summer, early fall wedding.

The last bolero I added was our cap sleeve lace bolero to show the gown with more of a 1950s and 1960s look.

I hope you ladies enjoyed this weeks featured gown and how to make it your own with our different lace bolero jacket options. As always, please contact us with any questions or comments on the wedding gown that was featured today!



Trending at Twirl: Accessories Edition

Good news ladies! The Twirl girls have come together to bring an interesting twist on your wedding dress! We have realized that there is one thing better than having one look on your wedding day and that is having two different looks. We know you’re probably thinking that there is no way you’re buying two wedding dresses but that’s where we come in. We have played around with our gowns and accessories to come up with a new series of entries to show you special brides to be, how to transform a wedding dress in a few easy steps. During appointments, we notice a lot of brides would like to be more modest during their ceremony but then have a little more fun with their gown at their reception.

This week we are putting a fun twist on one of our most classic dresses. On this gown we have added a cap sleeve lace bolero jacket and an ivory sash to really bring that classic bride feel to this amazing dress. We know that many of our brides out their like to be able to dance the night away with their new husband. To make this dress more dance friendly, we removed the lace bolero jacket and the ivory sash, but added a fun Kelly Faetanini belt to bring a little sparkle to the dress.


This is the dress before we added any accessories.

We then added the Kelly Faetanini belt to give some sparkle to the gown for the reception.


Finally we added the lace bolero jacket and a ivory sash to bring that classic wedding look to this wedding gown.


Look how sweet!

We hope that you ladies are going to love these fun tips to really bring a fresh look to your wedding gown but at the same time keeping the classic bridal look that we all know and love. Stay tuned for next week’s post!



Trending at Twirl - Ombre

A NewEra of Trends!

It is no secret that one of the latest trends in the wedding world is ombre!   You can ombre anything - from your hair to dresses, cakes, invitations and much more!  This trend is an easy way to give your wedding day a unique and creative look.  Pick a color and go with it, and always remember to stay simple!
 For example, take a small detail to incorporate like your “something blue.”Are you having trouble finding your perfect “something blue?” Well have no fear; Twirl has just the look for you!  So why not combine your ‘something blue’ with the ombre look for your big day?  An easy way to achieve this is through bridesmaids dresses.  Twirl offers a wide range of colors and styles to achieve the ombre look for all bridesmaids’ dresses.  While it might seem easy to put together, ombre can sometimes be tricky.  By working with one of our Twirl Girl consultants, you are guaranteed the best help and planning to execute your ombre look! A top trend is having every bridesmaid in a different style, as well as a different hue.  Also, these different shades of blue dresses featured can look stunning whether you are on the beach or in a church!  But, if you want to keep your bridesmaids dresses simple and all one color, no worries!  You can incorporate ombre into the flowers, cake, and invitations and still achieve the same great look!


No matter what style you are looking to achieve for your big day, remember the Twirl Girls are always here to help!
XOXO, Emily


Bridesmaid dresses: Dessy
Cake & Tea Cards: Snap Dragon Parties
Invitation: Etsy
Flowers: NTF Designs

Trending at Twirl - Color Me Happy!

Being Bold with Yellow!

So you’ve said “yes” and found your special dress! Your next mission, the bridesmaid dresses.  Here at Twirl we have a wide variety of designers, styles and colors for all of your bridesmaid needs.  Finding the perfect color is a must for achieving your overall theme of the wedding.  Whether your wedding is in a church or on a beach, you can make any color work with a few simple steps!
For example, yellow is color that tends to scare away most brides because of its brightness.  But, at Twirl we say don’t be afraid to use bright pops of colors to make a bold statement.  But what if you’re not looking to make a statement?  No worry, yellow is also a beautiful accent color that can be incorporated into every aspect of your wedding.
A good tip is to start simple! You don't have to make every aspect of the wedding include the color yellow.  You can simply choose to highlight smaller details such as: flowers, cake, invitations, and of course, bridesmaid dresses!
Flowers: Hide and Seek Designs
Yellow dresses from Twirl: Lula Kate
Invitations: Le BonBon
Cake: Style Me Pretty

 Don't be afraid to use color and have fun with your wedding planning! It's your special day and you can make it your dream come true! Us Twirl Girls are always here to help!

XOXO, Emily