Bridesmaid vs. Bachelorette Weekend

Ok, so I'm going to need you ladies to share your opinions with me on this one. I was listening to  a bride and bridesmaid the other day discuss the below "situation". We all know money is tight right now in this lovely economy - - so, being a bride... would you rather your girlfriend be an actual bridesmaid and stand up for you on your big day - - or - - would you rather they participate in your bachelorette party weekend and simply be a guest @ your wedding?


To me this was a no brainier, but I have recently come to realize that I might be alone on this opinion.

Being a bridesmaid can be rather expensive. You have the dress, the shoes, hair and makeup the day of, most likely a mani/pedi will be in order, alterations for the dress, the bridal shower gift, the wedding gift - and those are just the basics. All those things can easily add up.  If you add a weekend getaway to that list for the bachelorette party- that could almost double the cost.

So, the conversation the ladies were having was the bride saying she would rather her girlfriend not be a bridesmaid and just attend the bachelorette weekend. She said those are where the "funner" memories will be made.

This is where you all come in. Do you feel that the bachelorette party weekend will be more memorable than your actual wedding? And if you have a bridesmaid who is tight on money and must choose - - would you rather her choose the weekend getaway? Let me know your thoughts?

Happy Wedding Planning!

xoxo *ange