Organized Brides

Does being more organized make planning your wedding easier when it comes to bridesmaid dresses? I really think this can be answered both yes and no.

The answer would be yes for the obvious reasons. I love when a bride walks into Twirl with a giant binder and begins flipping though the tabs to show me the different aspects of her wedding. The venue, the flowers, the colors of the linens, etc...etc. This is great because I get to experience the true vibe of her wedding. This makes my job easier when it comes to helping her find bridesmaid dresses because she has painted a picture of her wedding for me.

Now as wonderful as organization is, it can sometimes make the bride's tasks become frustrating. Like many brides do before they come to Twirl, they spend a lot of time on-line and in magazines looking for their  "perfect" bridesmaid dresses. This usually leads them down one of two roads. *The first is they have found the "perfect dress" (on-line or in a magazine). The one they MUST have.

The trouble they sometimes run into is that there isn't a boutique in Arizona that carries a sample for her to see in person. The brides and her girls then spend lots of time trying on other dresses, but the bride just cant get the "perfect dress" out of her head. Nine times out of ten when the bride does finally find a way to get her hands on the "perfect dress", she ends up not even liking it in person. The fabric is not what she expected... or the color swatches looked different on-line... or it doesn't flatter her bridesmaids.  And because she didn't really pay attention the first time around with the bridesmaid dresses because all she knew was the one she thought she really wanted wasn't available, she is now back at square one. It is almost like a mini dream gets crushed... and when it comes her wedding, that is never good. *The second path of organization that can bring un-needed stress into a bride's life is when she finds a color she MUST have.

There are hundreds of color options when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, however, there are millions upon millions of colors and different shades of those colors in the world. When a bride comes into Twirl with a piece of fabric or a paint chip or a shoe and knows that come hell or high water this must be the color of her bridesmaid dresses, things can get a bit tricky. Not every color comes in every fabric. The bride will almost always find a fabric she loves and a card of color swatches that do match her must have color. She then has to decide if the dress is more important and should she slightly alter her shade of "teal"? Or is the must have color more important and should she go with a dress she likes less?

To some this may seem silly, but it happens all the time. The one piece of advice we can offer is never be 100% set on anything until you see it in person. Colors, dresses, fabrics, styles... they will always look different in person

: sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse (depending on who you ask). We hate to see brides upset or frustrated. Choosing bridesmaid dresses should be yet another fun part of the wedding planning. Especially because it involves your closest girl friends. So perhaps starting with an open mind can help bring the stress level down a knotch or two. :)  And as always, we are here to help in any way we can!

Happy Wedding Planning.

xoxo *ange