So it's that time of year again for bridal market.. whaaaaat?! The six months between markets always FLIES by but really, it feels like we were JUST in NYC for April market. Goodness! Anyway, Ty & I are flying out to NYC tonight to shop till we drop and visit with some of our favorite gals in the industry. Market is always such a whirlwind of a weekend but certainly some of our favorite weekends out of the year.

Of course we understand the madness of market but we realize that all of you probably have no clue what all really happens during "bridal market" and so we thought we'd pull back the curtain a little for you and fill you in on what all we do while we're up in NYC. 

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This is the main reason we go to market. Market appointments are the times that we meet with our designers and pick out the gowns we want to buy for YOU. That's right, every sample that calls Twirl "home" is bought with YOU in mind. The samples are not on loan or just given to us for free. I think this is something that a lot of people don't realize. We make steep investments for our beloved brides so that they have the most beautifully curated collection of gowns imaginable when they shop here at Twirl. We take the buying process very seriously and do our very best to invest in pieces that we think will meet the needs & desires of our brides in the best way. We're in the business of cultivating legacies of beauty & love and buying the right gowns for our precious brides is a huge factor that plays into that.

* NOTE: The dresses we order at this market (October) will not be in the store until the Spring time (earliest delivery would be late February all the way through late March/early April). So if you're a summer 2018 bride & see something you love from market, sadly there is a very small likelihood you'd be able to get it in time for your wedding. If you're a Fall 2018 or later bride, the dresses you're seeing from this market could totally be YOUR DRESS! Yay!!

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Market is always a great time to meet up with other store owners and talk shop/life/dreams, etc. We always try to get dinner with some of our friends while we're up there. It's the only chance we have to see most of them throughout the year so it's certainly always a highlight for us to catch up with our industry friends. Talk about women empowerment! We are always so uplifted + encouraged after our time with our fellow bridal shop sisters.

We also have done several styled shoots + collaborations during our market trips. It's been so fun to do some out-of-the-box shoots with the gorgeous sights of New York as our playground. We always exhausted after shoot days but the images we create, as well as the memories, are worth it EVERY TIME. This market trip we are having our bestie, Kelsey Malicote, tag along again and we're going to do some fun branding shoots this market. We're really excited!

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Market may appear to be a very glamorous time but let us assure you, it is HARD WORK. We are exhausted in ways we never knew possible after long days of travel + appointments. But we are firm believers in the "work hard, play hard" mentality and never want to waste a trip to New York on strictly business only. We love to catch a show when we can, treat ourselves to good food + drinks, an occasional spa day, and of course every October The Knot hosts an incredible Gala at the New York Public Library for wedding industry vendors. We get to pretend to be Cinderella going to the ball + it's always a big ole time! 

Be sure to tag along on all the fun with us this weekend through Instagram & our hashtag #twirlgirlstakeNYC :) We'll share all the pretty dresses + all the shenanigans we get ourselves into.

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And for those that have been following along on our FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS journey we are going to share our tips + tricks for traveling while doing the program:

1. Ask your amazing trainer for exercises that are easy to do while traveling + DO THEM.

2. While traveling, try to fast + drink lots of water. This helps with bloating on the plane!

3. Keep up with intermittent fasting as your #1 priority.

4. Second priority is calories. Don't go way over on those but enjoy the food + drinks that you want. #gracenotperfection #balance

5. Do your best to break your fast with a good protein meal.

So yeah, we'll be doing our best to stick to those while traveling this weekend. We'll let you know how it goes but thankfully we have each other to hold ourselves accountable!

We hope you'll tag along with us through Instagram while we're in NYC + share your thoughts with us while we shop so we can bring home all the best goodies for y'all!

Grateful for y'all! Have a fantastic weekend. If you go to Keeneland and "Twirl Girl" is racing, make an extra bet for us! ;)



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