A Year of Planning Part 2

Part two of A Wedding Planning Guide from our very own Twirl Girl Intern- Kelly!

 6 Months

If you haven’t already booked a pastor or wedding officiant with the church or venue, it’s time to think about who will lead the ceremony. While some churches may insist that you use their minister, couples will sometimes choose a family friend or someone special to them to perform the ceremony. Talk to your fiancé about what is best for you as a couple!

Let be honest, your fiancé may not be intrigued by what china pattern you have chosen or what mixer you will use, but mention cake to him and see how interested he becomes. This will be a fun adventure for you and your man!  Schedule a cake tasting and choose your wedding cake together in this month. Make a date out of it, remember you are getting married to your best friend and planning the big day should be fun for the both of you!

5 Months

This month you will need to look into different hotel options close to the reception location for your guests to stay.  Many hotels will offer a special rate for reserving a block of rooms for your guests.  Be sure to include the hotel information on any Save-the-Date cards you send out…especially if you have several guests from out of town.

If you are not using a wedding planner, think about someone to help manage the last minute details closer to the wedding day. Trust us; you will be grateful to have someone to help run things on the big day!  There are many planners who specialize in planning a month or week out from the wedding.  If you need ideas contact the Twirl Girls for some recommendations!

Another fave of the fiancé…time to finalize those honeymoon plans! A honeymoon needs to reflect your personality as a couple. Whether you want to go somewhere tropical to relax or you prefer a historical sightseeing tour, the honeymoon should be a place that sparks interest for both of you. Contact a local travel agency to make the planning easier; you have enough on your plate to stress about right now!

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4 Months

This month we suggest that you go ahead and contact a seamstress to make an appointment for your first bridal fitting. You can never be too careful when it comes to your wedding dress, plan ahead and make sure that he or she is available.

Your photographer is one of the most treasured parts of your wedding day.  Your conversation with them should start early to make sure you get a list of shots that you would like to be taken at the wedding. Plan if you want the pictures taken before or after the wedding ceremony. Remember that communication is key, if you have specific shots in mind, make sure they know!  You will look at these photos for years to come.

Planning the wedding menu and drinks can be fun to do as a couple. Talk to your caterer together and come up with menu ideas, then be sure to schedule a tasting. It is also helpful to make sure that the caterer you are using has a liquor license and can serve alcohol for you if you choose to serve it at the wedding reception.  Many venues use a preferred caterer and it will not be an issue, but check to be sure!

3 Months

It is time to make and book rehearsal dinner plans! While most Grooms’ families handle this task, many times the couple is involved as well.  Some couples opt to find a fun restaurant that is memorable to them while others want a relaxed backyard barbecue. You will also want to check with your ceremony venue to a schedule time for your wedding party to rehearse the day before.

Now it is time to buckle down and take on the task of planning and creating the seating chart for the reception. This can be a difficult task, but we suggest you make it fun and invite the parents over and have a fun dinner night to figure everything out!  This will probably undergo several revisions as you get RSVPs back from guests.

You will also need to take some time to finalize the order of your ceremony this month. Think about if you want a traditional ceremony or if you want to incorporate favorite readings and songs.  Most officiants will help you figure this out, especially if you are having a traditional religious ceremony.  After the order is finalized, you will need to think about having a program designed and printed.

We always think it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your wedding day hair and makeup!  Go ahead and make an appointment with your chosen hairstylist for the wedding and do a trial run for the hairstyle you want on your big day. If you are wearing a veil, this is the time to determine how you would like it to be placed.

   2 Months

If you are writing your wedding vows, take the time to make them personal and sincere Allow yourself to take time within the final months of your engagement to plan out what you want to say. Think about how you met, the funny things he does that make you smile, and the true reasons that you are in love with him! Taking a little extra time on these will make a difference on your wedding day!

Send out those invitations!! Make sure you get the invitations in the mail at least eight weeks before the wedding allowing your guests plenty of time to make plans to attend your big day.  If you are requesting RSVPs make sure you allow enough time for them to be mailed back to you as well.

Go to your local court house with your fiancé and apply for marriage license. Double check on the court’s website, make sure that you bring proper paperwork before you go in to apply.

TIME TO PARTY!!!! This month the best man and maid of honor usually plan your Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties. Take time away from the wedding planning and let loose with your girls! Enjoy the night with friends because this next month is about to be crazy.


Month of the Wedding

Take a deep breath, you are down to the final few weeks before the wedding!

You need to have your final wedding gown fitting. This is just to make sure that you will look your best in the dress and remind you how wonderful the dress looks on you!

Get a list together of details that need to be done for your big day and finalize those details with the wedding planner or coordinator. You need to take as much stress of off you as you can this month. Let the wedding planner worry about those details.

Week of the Wedding

Make sure you schedule time to have a Bridesmaid luncheon the week of or day before your wedding so you can relax and spend a bit of time thanking those close to you for being a part of your wedding festivities.  You really want to show them how much they mean to you and that you appreciate them taking time out of their life to celebrate your big day with you!

Make final payments on all contracts and double check that everything that needs to be paid for is so you don’t have to worry about it on your wedding day.

Contact your caterer and finalize the number of guests that will be attending the reception so they know how much food to prepare. Most caterers will have set a deadline for you to let them know.  This will effect final payments that need to be taken care of as well.

Double check with all vendors and make sure that all the plans are in place and that there are back up plans in case something goes wrong.  Your coordinator can also help with this!  Make sure he/she has contact information for all vendors involved.

Finally enjoy the fact that you successfully planned a wedding in a year and that you are about to spend the rest of your life with the man of your dreams!



The Twirl Girls