Tuesdays with Ty - A Twirl Girl plans her own Wedding

Welcome to Tuesdays with Ty!  Look for my post every week for updates as I plan my own wedding.  I thought I would start this week with my story so you have a bit of background. I am 29 years old and over the past few years have successfully married off almost all of my friends, thus why I have been in 8 weddings!  Being the only single gal was hard on me, but I made the most of it and kept living it up.  I started becoming content with my single life and bought my first house…things couldn’t be better…or so I thought! 

I had started a new job in the corporate world and there was a cute guy that sat only 10 feet away from me, but I wrote it off and didn’t want to mix my professional life with my personal life.  So much for that theory!  Only a few short months later we started dating and now a year and seven months later we are engaged!

I totally did not expect the proposal.  We had talked about getting married in the future and I thought it would be sometime next year…after I got Twirl Lexington up and running for a while.  I had been out at a photo shoot for the store and was on my way home.  I talked to Brandon on the way and we decided to go out and get Mexican food for dinner (one of our faves).  To my surprise I opened the door to my house and all the lights were off and there were candles everywhere!  I looked up at the staircase and there were rose petals and candles all the way up the stairs.  I started freaking out and knew this was it!  He had put little notes on every other step with sweet quotes and verses on each card.  To be honest…I didn’t really read them all at that moment!  I kind of skimmed them all so I could get up the stairs faster!  I found my sweetheart at the top of the stairs down on one knee with the most gorgeous ring.  By this point, I was crying and he asked me to marry him.  I said yes, of course!!   

 We waited on my parents to arrive to surprise them with the news and then finally went to get our Mexican fiesta and margaritas to celebrate.  It was a perfect night! 

Come back each Tuesday for the wedding plans as they progress:)