The Naming of Twirl

I get asked this question a lot:  “How did you come up with the name, Twirl?”  When Keri and I first thought of naming our boutique none of our ideas were this fabulous.  In fact the first names we came up with were either already taken or were very honestly pretty dumb.  If it wasn’t for my amazing husband, Twirl just might have ended up being...don’t laugh... “Gala Girls.” 

It was actually Gala Girls for quite some time until people were pronouncing it in weird ways that were not making us happy.  We realized it needed to change but we were completely at a loss and had exhausted every idea possible.  Here we were, two Language Arts teachers and not one vocabulary word left!

Then one night I went to my husband for help.  I went to my very guy’s guy, not an ounce of metro-sexual in him husband, and he said, let’s start brainstorming and start fresh.  We began writing words down on paper.  He said to me, what do you do when you are all dressed up and feel beautiful?  I’ll tell you what you do.  You twirl around on the dance floor all night.  You should call it Twirl!

And the name was born.