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We are so thrilled to share with you about our event coming up the first weekend of February! We are hosting a Stella York Preview trunk show and it's always one of our most favorite events in the store.

"What is a preview trunk show?" Wow, SO glad you asked! Let us tell you. ;)

A preview trunk show is AMAZING because it a trunk show full of gowns that have NEVER been seen before! These beauties haven't even hit the runway yet. Our brides get to be the judges on whether or not these dresses make it or not to the upcoming bridal market in April. It's kind of like channeling your inner Heidi Klum on project runway! Pretty awesome, right?!

Well, it gets even better because not only do our brides get to be the judge but they also get to try these gowns ON & purchase them before anyone else is able to! If you fall in love with a dress from the collection and say "yes" to it but it doesn't end up making the cut for market, don't worry.. that just means you have a ONE OF A KIND gown!! How amazing it that?!!?

Needless to say, this even is INCREDIBLE and we love having the opportunity to spoil our brides with such a special experience like this one.

Here are a couple logistical things to note about a preview trunk show:

- Your wedding needs to be in August 2018 or later in order for the dress to come in on time for your special day. There are no rushes on these unfortunately.

- The sample sizes are only 10s & 12s (but they can be ordered in whatever size you need!)

We only have a few spots left for this fun weekend so be sure to request your appointment ASAP! Click HERE to request your appointment today.

We are open 11am-7pm on the 2nd and 10am-5pm on the 3rd.

Can't wait to see who finds their dream dress with us! Xoxo

Bridal Show Tips

It's that time of year again!  Bridal Season!  What better way to start the New Year than with new engagements and wedding planning!  Lexington is home to several wonderful Bridal shows!  Bridal shows are a great way to become familiar with vendors in the Central Kentucky Area.  Twirl will be participating in the Bridal Bliss Classic this Sunday at the Hilton downtown from 11-4.

Bridal shows tend to be overwhelming for first timers.  The Twirl Girls have compiled a list of tips to help brides prepare for the upcoming Bridal shows.

Twirl Booth Bridal Bliss Classic- August 2012

1. Get plenty of sleep the night before.  A Bridal show can take over your entire day.  Get a full 8 hours of sleep and eat before you go.  However, don't eat too much, there are tons of samples that vendors provide for tasting.

2.  Have a strategy.  What are your intentions for attending the Bridal show?  Need a photographer or cake?  Then stick to the booths that focus on those aspects of the wedding to avoid wasting your time.

3. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Expect the unexpected.  Bridal shows are crowded, and there are a lot a vendors to visit.  Our tip is to take an initial lap around the show.  See how the vendors are laid out and take everything in.

4. Utilize the Buddy System.  Don't attend a Bridal show alone.  Take a trusted bridesmaid, mom or even your wedding planner along.  This way, you keep your focus and don't get side tracked by all of the festivities around you.

5. Take a note pad.  There are a lot of vendors at the shows, taking notes will help you keep everything organized.

6. Ask questions.  Vendors are there to help you gain a better understanding about what they do.  Bridal shows are often the only time you can get a vendor from every wedding sector in one place.  Vendors are fully prepared to answer any question you may have, so take full advantage of it.

7. Bring an envelope or zip-loc bag.  As a bride, you will be receiving TONS of freebies from participating vendors.  An envelope or baggie will be helpful to keep your favorites (or those your make appointments with) from getting lost in the mix of other items you will receive.  Plus, this will help you stay organized once you get home (will help determine who you want or need to contact).

8. Go back to your favorites. Not only will the vendors love seeing a familiar face, but you can use that opportunity to take advantage of any Bridal show specials vendors may have.  Or you can use that time to set up an appointment, ask questions you thought of while walking around, or to even get to know the vendor better.

All of these tips, plus keeping an open mind, will help ease the stress of wedding planning.  Bridal shows are a fabulous way to see what Lexington (and the surrounding areas) have to offer for your wedding.  Don't be scared to ask questions and keep your eye on the prize! We hope to see you tomorrow!

All the best,