wedding colors for 2010

Spring Color Trends for 2010

I love watching wedding color trends change with the seasons. This past fall, teal and eggplant were killer. I am a big fan of both those colors myself, but i'm always excited for what's to come. So this spring season brings new fun color pairings to the mix. My favorites so far are navy with fuschia. Ty - - you are so ahead of the time! :)

I just think these colors look so great together. And put them next to a white wedding dress... too perfect.

Perhaps you are looking for colors that are a little more bright. Another color I have seen trying to make its way back into the bridal world is a nice shade of orange paired with a deep teal/blue. Love this look. I would never describe myself as a fan of orange, but something about these colors together just work. I feel like if you threw some bold yellow-ness in there, your pictures would be amazing.

For those that are more into the "pastel" color pallet, I didn't want to leave you out. This lighter colors I have seen thus far would be lavender paired with sage and a light blue. These colors have Easter written all over them, but are beautiful none the less.

Now, no one says you have to go with "The Trends" - - but it is always amazing to me that trends really do exist. Having multiple brides, that don't know each other, each choosing from the same color pallet - too funny!  Whether the bridesmaid dresses are all the same color with the flowers tying the other colors in, or perhaps each bridesmaid is in a different color (my favorite)... the new spring colors are great!  I can't wait for the dresses to start to come in so I can visualize it all even more!

Happy Wedding Planning.

xoxo *ange