engagement ring care

Tuesdays with Ty - Keeping your engagement ring sparkly

After getting the engagement ring of my dreams I hardly ever wanted to take it off...whether to shower, sleep, exercise or anything!  My ring has become a permanent fixture on my hand.  With that much wear it is bound to get a little dingy ever once in a while, so I did some research on how to keep it sparkling just like the day Brandon slipped it on my finger!

When to take it off:  Jewelers will tell you to take it off to exercise, shower, sleep...but let's be realistic.  I take mine off to shower, when I am cooking and using my hands in meat, cleaning with chemicals,  and I would if I worked outside (but that doesn't really happen). 

Cleaning:  I clean my ring about once a week.  It doesn't have to be anything special.  A toothbrush with soft bristles and a small bowl of warm, soapy water will do just fine.  Many jewelry stores also sell a container of jewelry cleaner with a small brush that is also convenient.  Also remember to stop up the sink anytime you have your ring off around an open drain!

Care:  Take your ring into your jeweler once or twice a year to have the setting checked.  This will prevent the prongs being loosened due to wear and losing your diamond!  A few hours without it is better than a tragedy.

White Gold:  You may or may not know that white gold is simply yellow gold plated with rhodium.  If your ring is white gold you may notice after a while that it is not as shiny as it once was.  This just means it is time for your ring to have the rhodium refreshed and sometimes is required twice a year.  This is also a good time to have the prongs checked and have it professionally cleaned. 

Platinum:  Rings in a platinum setting may just need to be buffed every once in a while to refresh their shine.  Your jeweler can also take care of this for you. 

Bridesmaid Tip:  When your friends get engaged get them a goodie bag and include jewelry cleaner and a ring holder in it:)  They will be two things she won't want to be without!

Happy Planning!