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Tuesdays with Ty - Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are an absolute MUST to show your gratitude for the outpouring of love you experienced during your wedding.  While e-mail, texting, website and Facebook posts are appropriate for some things...they most certainly do not replace the kind gesture of a hand written note and should not replace your wedding thank you cards.  Some people will tell you that you have a grace period of a year to write your thank yous after the wedding, but why leave it hanging over your head for that long??  Our goal was to have them done as quickly as possible after we returned home from our wedding.  We are now 6 weeks post wedding and just have a few left to write for gifts we recently received. 

As for the style of your thank you cards, that is personal preference.  You can have cards printed before your wedding with your new name on them, but we opted to share a wedding photo on ours.   Polka Dot Papers, who did our wedding invitations, offered to do a photo card for us.  One of my bridesmaids had these made by Grey Ink a few years ago and I loved the card and still have it on my refrigerator!  When we returned from our honeymoon I sent her a photo and she had the cards to us within a few days.  In the mean time we made sure we had recorded all the gifts given to us so we did not leave anyone out.

To make the card writing more fun, we cooked dinner a few evenings and made a date night out of it.  Brandon wrote the cards to his friends and family and I did to mine.  The wording does not have to be anything profound...just thank them for taking the time to come to the wedding (if they did) and how much their love and support means to you.  If a monetary gift was given, you don't have to mention the amount, just that you appreciate their generosity and how much it will help as newlyweds.

In the end, it is the act of taking the time to write the note that matters most. 

Happy Writing!


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Tuesdays with Ty - The Marriage License

18 days.  That is how many days we have left before the wedding!  I cannot believe how time flies and how quickly I know these next 18 days will go by.  So, on Monday, Brandon and I headed downtown Lexington to get our marriage license!!  Having a marriage license is required in order to officially be married on your wedding day.  Getting it does not mean you are married, just that you are legally allowed to be married.  The license becomes official after the ceremony when both the bride and groom sign it with your witnesses and the officiant.  After that it is filed and then you get your marriage certificate in the mail a few weeks later!

So here are a few tips on what you need to know for getting a marriage license in Kentucky (you can search your city for local requirements):

  • Both bride and groom must go together to to the County Clerk's office to apply for the license
  • The license is valid anywhere in Kentucky
  • Both of you must have a valid ID with you (driver's license will do)
  • The license is valid for 30 days after it is issued, so make sure you don't go too far in advance
  • There is a fee ($35.50 in Kentucky) and you have to pay with an in-state check or cash, so be prepared
  •  They will give you the license - we are taking ours to our preacher to keep and remember to bring on the wedding day.  He will take care of getting it signed and mailed back in.
  • You will get the official certificate in the mail a few weeks later.  You need this in order to officially change your name!

Enjoy this day together and your last few weeks of being engaged!  We went to stock up on honeymoon beach basics afterwards:)   

Happy Planning!


Tuesdays with Ty - Bridal Portraits

As you may or may not remember, I am wearing my mother's wedding dress.   It is finally finished undergoing the major renovations and is beautiful!  My sister-in-law even started crying when she saw it. I decided to book an extra session with my photographer, In Retrospect Photography, with just me to do some bridal portraits BEFORE the wedding day.  This way you get to wear your dress an extra day and get to do a trial run with your hair and make-up!!

The biggest reason I decided to do this bridal portrait session is to be able to display a picture of my mom in her dress and me in her dress at the reception.  I plan on putting them on the cake table.  That way everyone can see the major changes we made, but how special the dress still remains.  This would be a really neat idea even if you aren't wearing a family wedding gown.

Here are some Bridal Portrait tips:

  • Schedule appointments for your hair and makeup.  Do a similar look that you want for your wedding day.  That way you can see if you like the look in pictures before the big day when there will be no "do-overs". 
  • Pick  a beautiful location and one you wouldn't have time to go to on your wedding day.  We went to Shaker Village here in Kentucky.  All the Spring trees and plants were in bloom...gorgeous!!
  • Take a blanket or old sheet with you to put under your dress to keep it clean if you are going to be outside.  You can hide it in the pictures with the dress.
  • Pack a couple bottles of water with you and maybe a little snack if you think you will be gone for a while.
  • If you have your make-up done ask if you can take the powder with you and return it the next day.  That way you can touch up if needed.
  • Take your mom or maid of honor with you - it is a special time of wearing your dress for the first time!  Have them enjoy it with you:)

Obviously I cannot post my pictures yet, but enjoy this time and enjoy your pictures!!

Happy Planning!