Tuesdays with Ty - Selecting the date and venue

So last week I mentioned that Brandon and I took our time deciding what style of wedding we wanted to have, and I highly recommend doing so to make sure you get exactly what you want.  We decided we wanted everything to be very comfortable and laid back, yet stylish...I started calling it "Southern Chic".  We are both very laid back people (him more so than me) and we want our personalities to be reflected in our special day.    After tossing around several scenarios, we decided it was important to us to have the ceremony and reception in the same place to make it easy on our guests.  We also decided we are going to take the risk and plan an outdoor ceremony.  From there, we felt the end of May would be the perfect time in Kentucky for a comfortable outdoor wedding.   After doing some scouting online we selected a few venues to visit and ended up choosing The Carrick House (www.thecarrickhouse.com)  in Lexington. 

The Carrick House just felt right as we walked through and visualized how the reception would flow and had that Southern charm we wanted.  The caterer is exclusive to the venue, so that was one more thing checked off our list.  They also provide floor length linens and silver chiavari chairs in the rental and have a ton of other options you can add on as well.  It fit into our budget and provided a gorgeous backdrop for the outdoor ceremony we had in our mind.  Another key component...it is large enough inside to be able to accomodate the ceremony just in case it rains. 

Bridesmaid tip:  If your bride is having a hard time making a decision on the venue...sit down with her and make a pro/con list of each one she is deciding between.  Help her visualize and make the decision on what best brings out the couple's personality.   Even if she is the most decisive person normally, the wedding brings on a lot of pressure to make lots of decisions at once.  You know her best and can help her rationalize what will work best.  My friends were great at listening to my rambling and I will forever be grateful to them for it!

Up next...selecting the wedding party!