Hello hello! How's everyone doing?! Ready for the long weekend?? We sure are! We've got plans to relax and spend time with the ones we love most. How about you? We'd love to hear about your holiday plans in the comments below!

We've got a fun treat for you all toady to kick start your weekend. We're featuring another sweet Twirl Bride of ours. Allison + her sweet hubs tied the knot back in June and we're thrilled to share some of their favorites memories with you today! We asked Allison a few questions about her special day and her life as a MRS and we hope they encourage & inspire you. Enjoy! Xo

Can you give us a glimpse into you & your hubs's love story?

We met on December 9, 2011 while attending a Christmas program with friends. I was only 16 at the time and my husband, Andrew, was 20. After the show, our mutual friends talked for a bit and we were left standing there, awkwardly trying to make friendly conversation. But at the end of the day, it was nothing more than that- awkward. I went home and didn't think much about it- I though he was cute, but the conversation really went nowhere. The next day, I was shocked to find that I had a friend request from him on Facebook. We began chatting on there, quickly realizing how much we have in common and how compatible we are. We had both just gotten out of relationships and were not looking for anything besides friendship. But what can I say? When you know, you know. We went on our first date in January of 2012 and have been together ever since. I'm a big advocate for long-term relationships. Not everyone dates 5+ years, but what better way to know you're with your soul mate than to spend plenty of time together before tying the knot? Life is much more fun when your husband doubles as your best friend.

What was it about your dress that made you realize it was "the one?" Was it what you expected to love/wear? Favorite memory from dress shopping/Twirl?

Before coming to Twirl, I had visited a couple other bridal boutiques and was not impressed. The stores were crowded (which stressed me out) and the dresses I had tried were pretty on the hanger but "eh" on me. The dress I ultimately selected was the third dress I tried on, and I knew it was "the one" the second I turned around in the mirror. It accented my collarbone and toned down my hips. It flowed around me without being "too much" and honestly was super comfortable to wear! Every dress I had found on Pinterest was a jeweled, fit and flare number and I chose a gown that was understated and accented my natural waist. The dress didn't wear me- I wore it. I was so lucky to have my mother, my now-husband's mother, and one of my best friends (who is now my sister-in-law) with me that day. My sister, one of my grandmothers, and Andrew's grandmother were also able to join us the day my dress came in. I love the special, intimate environment that Twirl creates for its brides. Walking out of the dressing room wearing my gown for the first time, into a room filled with the most important women in my life is definitely my favorite memory from my Twirl experience.


What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

I loved our receiving line after the ceremony. A lot of modern brides choose to skip this "outdated" practice, but I think it's super important (just like not seeing each other before the ceremony, but that's another conversation for another day). If you're reading this and you haven't gotten married yet- your wedding day will be a whirlwind, no matter how much you plan ahead. It's easy to say "oh, I'll talk to everyone at the reception" or "I'm sure I'll have a chance to thank everyone at some point" but unless you carve out that time, you simply will not get around to it. Our entire bridal party, plus our parents, lined up at the exit of the church as our guests were leaving and we spoke to every single person. If you can take the time to actually connect with these special people in your life, who took time out of their busy schedules to be there for you, I promise you will not regret it. Nothing feels better than looking down the line of people exiting your ceremony and seeing your great aunt, followed by a cousin you haven't seen in years and your kindergarten teacher. It makes you feel very loved, and it is such an underrated tradition.


What has been the best thing about marriage so far?

I highly recommend everyone take The 5 Love Languages test by Gary Chapman before getting married. Your profile will reveal your primary way of communicating love, what it means, and how you can use it to connect with your spouse. Andrew and I both rank "quality time" very high on our lists- it was his #1 and my #2 out of the 5 options. Because of this, it shouldn't be surprising that my favorite parts about marriage have been eating breakfast together or going for evening walks around our neighborhood. Time together doesn't have to be fancy- it can even be filled with replying to emails, watching TV, and being overall distracted. But there's something so fulfilling about looking across the room at your spouse- that person who gets you like no one else does- and just knowing that they're there for you. It's pretty incredible.


Any pieces of wisdom or advice you'd like to share with future brides, engaged gals, or newlyweds like yourself?

I have three pieces of advice:

1) Work together on setting a budget and stick to it! Nothing is more stressful about planning a wedding than finances. If you sit down with your family and fiance before planning anything for your nuptials, rather than waiting until the middle of the process to adjust your allotments, you will be much less stressed. Communicate your budget with your vendors- I did this before my appointment at Twirl and ended up coming in $1,000 under budget for my dress. Keep in mind- beautiful weddings can easily be made on a budget.

2) Keep everything in perspective. Your wedding day is one day out of an entire lifetime with your soon-to-be spouse. That means if something goes wrong (which it inevitably will), it really is not a life-ending ordeal. If you're focusing on the napkin design and ignoring crucial "life talks" with your fiance, you may way to reprioritize. Your wedding day is important, but it is not made to be the "end all, be all." It's just the beginning.

3) Take it all in. It's easy to get swept up in the madness of a wedding, but you need to make time to enjoy the day. We did this by hiring a wedding coordinator and she was a god-sent. She made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be and took the stress off of both me and my mom. We were able to take our time getting ready, take a few candid shots before the ceremony, and sit and eat a light lunch right before I walked down the aisle. It's important to make time for yourself on your special day. After all- it is about you!


Coordination: Chrystal Bentley with Divine Blooms

Photography: John Michael Laney with Images by John Michael

Videography: Joshua Ratliff with Alyson Biggs Films

Florist: Paula Stambaugh with Williams Floral

Design: Holli Tackett with HolliWood Socials

Cake: Kim's Cakes by Design

Hair: Jessica Branham Hall

Makeup: Maddie Pelphrey

Bridal Gown and Veil: Twirl Boutique

Jewelry: Southern Belle Glitz

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Kentucky Mountain Bride