It's true it's true! We are hiring!! We are sadly losing some of our beloved consultants because they're graduating college in May and are off to get some big girl jobs. We are so proud of them, are so sad to lose them, but are so excited to have the opportunity to build our team with some lovely new ladies!

We are looking for two part-time consultants who are hard-working, have a love for weddings, meaningful marriages, and celebrating people well. We have a lot of fun here at Twirl but we also work our booties off to provide the best customer experience imaginable for our brides & their family and friends. We need women who are eager to learn, ready to serve wholeheartedly, and have strong work ethics. Having a great sense of style & prior retail experience doesn't hurt either!

These positions are not just for the summer season. We are looking for women who can give us a long term commitment. The job would start mid-April and the end date would hopefully not be any time soon. ;)

If this sounds like you, please send us both a cover letter & your resume to or

We are excited to see who God puts in our path to join our Twirl family & partner with us in joyfully celebrating our brides and this sweet season of their lives. Yay!

SIDENOTE: We do not hire current or past Twirl brides. We love y'all so much but would like to keep all the magic alive for you. It's kind of like if you started working for Disney World. Being behind the scenes is so wonderful but it just makes the magic look a little different. We want to preserve your bridal bliss as much as possible if we can help it!