Bridesmaid Dress Lengths

When deciding what length bridesmaid dress to choose for your wedding you first want to decide on the theme.  Will you be having a black tie formal event, or a backyard garden wedding?  Once you know the location and the look of your wedding you can easily pick what length bridesmaid dresses to start shopping for. For a formal wedding, you want to choose floor length dresses.   Long dresses should brush the floor and expose very little of their shoes underneath.

For a semi formal, you want to look for tea length.  Tea length dresses fall between the bottom of the knee and the bottom of the calf.

For an informal wedding, you can venture into cocktail length.  This length should hit right at or above the knee.

Even after choosing a length you might consider allowing your girls to hem their dress wherever it looks best on them.  This is a great idea if your girls have a wide range in height.  Someone who is 5”2 may feel uncomfortable wearing a tea length dress as it cuts them off and makes them look even shorter.  If allowing free reign scares you, you can always tell the girls to hem an inch or two below the knee.  This still gives the look of tea length but is not so long it looks unflattering. 

Of course I always say do what you want, because there are exceptions to the rules.  Your wedding day is all about your vision.  And there are some locations where more than one length will be appropriate.  For example, a wedding on the beach which lends itself to be more causal, if done in a light flowy fabric, like chiffon, your bridesmaids would look beautiful in floor length dresses. 

The trend Twirl has started to see within the last year are designers creating either floor or cocktail length dresses and moving away from tea length .  Overall, you want your bridesmaid dress style to complement the look and feel you are trying to achieve.